What Would MacGyver Do?


8 thoughts on “What Would MacGyver Do?

  1. Marge’s two sisters in the Simpsons are big into MacGyver, they start drooling when he’s on the telly. One of them married a guy that was sleeping with the fishes once. Moe thought this was Mafia code for they were dead and at the bottom of a river. But it was explained to Moe, who was once a pro boxercalled, “Pretty Boy Moe, then Moe the Presentable, then just, Moe…… that the person concerned was actually sleeping with fishes…..”Why can’t he be just like MacGyver,” Marge’s sis sighed. Why can’t we all be like Angus in fact, the problems he solved with that Swiss army knife are the stuff of legend.

  2. he’d gently peel the layers of cardboard apart and use that to wipe. then he’d walk out, after using it all, and not mention that the roll needed replacing, or flush or wash his hands or turn off the light…

  3. well the toilet roll holder looks a bit like a hook; so i reckon he does whatever Abu Hamza does!

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