Blasphemy Law – Ireland Officially in Dark Ages

Blasphemy illegal in Ireland

The President has signed into law the Defamation Bill 2006 which contains an insane provision making it a crime to offend somebody’s religious views.


That’s it.  We fully deserve to be the laughing stock of the entire world.  Every maniac from the Scientologists to the Moonies now has carte blanche to bring private prosecutions against anyone they want to silence.  And believe me, the Scientologists will use this as will the lunatic Catholic fringe groups like Youth Defence.

Minister Dermot Ahern in his idiocy has opened the door to theocracy.

It is now a crime in Ireland to joke about any religion.

Fuck it, says Jesus.  Hitch up my chariot.  I’m outta here.

Holy Goose of Jesus in the Ben hur Chariot race, New unseen footage

41 thoughts on “Blasphemy Law – Ireland Officially in Dark Ages

  1. didnt even go past our president,she gave it the green light straight away,tis a sad day for Ireland,the loonies will sue the arse of every last one of us…push over on the chariot

  2. Well there goes the theory that yer one in the Park has a few brain cells. I am of the opinion that she has the power to fuck this nonsense out. But she inked it into law. Even the bishops didn’t want this. The boys and girls in the eeer-rock -tus, half of whom are dead but no one told em yet, spent a few hours discussing same yesterday. And why not, sure aren’t we paying them.Meantime, I imagine that our learned friends are on a permanent erection over this one at the prospect of rogering the taxpayers once again. Lads the country is fucked. Those that the Gods wish to destroy etc etc. GUBU.

  3. It is indeed a sad and bizarre day and shows Ireland in a very poor light. However, my understanding is that maniacs and Scientologists et al (my words) will not be able to bring private prosecutions, thats solely down to the DPP.

    I know it’s a small mercy on this day of total insanity.

  4. Batman — It isn’t about suing anyone. It’s worse: this is a criminal law.

    Seconds Out — On the other hand, if the Supreme Court had passed it, the law could never be challenged again.

  5. has a “reasonable person” been defined? something can only be blasphemy if considered so by a reasonable person. personally i think no one will ever be prosecuted. just another piece of nonesense legislation.

  6. I’m afraid you’re wrong there. That would be a concept relevant to civil law, not criminal.

    This law makes no mention of reasonable people, because it wasn’t devised by a reasonable person but by a gobshite, and it isn’t aimed at reasonable people either. It’s designed to appease fucking lunatics.

  7. No one can sue anyone for blasphemy, it’s a crime. There can’t be any private prosecutions either because it’s an indictable offence – only the DPP can bring cases.

    Still doesn’t make any sense though.

  8. Theocracy is such an innocent sounding word, isn’t it? I think I might try to come up with a more clearly understood word or term even.

    I mean how in the name of the fucking almighty. Oops! I mean in the name of no deity whatsoever but myself as I can now probably declare my personal beliefs to be a new religion and sue someone eventually under the terms of this new Irish lunacy.

    Incredible advantages to con men here too I think.

  9. I take back what I took back on your previous post – Mary is thinking … she has opened the door to challenges in the courts. If she hadn’t the Supreme Court could have upheld it and as you say, it could never again be challenged. Plus, she’s made it clear it’s questionable by convening a Council of State to discuss it.

  10. well on the subject of reasonable person , such a person can be used as a defence.
    It shall be a defence to proceedings for an offence under this section for the defendant to prove that a reasonable person would find genuine literary, artistic, political, scientific, or academic value in the matter to which the offence relates.

  11. Here’s a question. Is it only Irish citizens that can invoke the use of the blasphemy law or Irish residents? For example, say I’m not an Irish passport holder so not an Irish citizen but I live in Ireland so am deemed to be resident, what way does it work for someone in those circumstances?

  12. Strikes me that the Council of State discussion was prearranged and designed to pretend that our (unholy) Mary was doing right by the country. Reality is, she was just playing along and had every intention of signing the Bills into law. Power to the people, my arse.

  13. I think we should do everything in our power to insult all that we can, are they going to arrest us all???? – lets start at the stump!!!!!

  14. Kevin Myres, whilst pausing to examine what’s left of Ahern’s brain today, writes that this “laws” potency depends on
    the outrage that the remark in question might intentionally cause.

    He goes on to write that, Catholics, Christians and Jews do not call for blasphemy laws these days, only Muslims, and zealots will could use this law to impose their deranged view of society upon us – whilst the media stay silent for fear of being hauled up to court – contingent on the zealots summoning up the necessary amount of “outrage” of course.

  15. All I can suggest, Bock, is that you get yourself legally ordained a minister in the First Church of Atheism
    As such, your utterances here would automatically achieve the status of religious statements and you could demand prosecution of anyone who outraged you!

  16. Bock July 24th, 2009 8:46 am

    It says nothing about citizenship or residency.

    So then there’s nothing to stop a citizen of another country coming to live in Ireland and invoking this law by claiming they were blasphemed against.

  17. @frantheman – Good god, I’m actually thinking of becoming ordained now. And so quick too.

    Of course you realize that this makes atheism a religion now don’t you?

  18. Okay, I’m going to get me a passport and come to live in Ireland. Then, as soon as I’m established and scoped out the local pub I’m going to charge the Irish government for blaspheming against me (they offend the Church of Common Sense).

  19. Wow – not good wow… bad wow…

    I think this was asked before, but don’t recall seeing the answer: What will happen to the money which is taken off the convicted individual? In to the state coffers? Recompense for the offended?

    Here is my suggestion: we should all trawl every utterance and statement by our ‘elected officials’ for even the merest hint of something which could be deemed offensive to any religion… then call the cops, and start making complaints….

  20. It’s a farce BUT if she referred it to the Supreme Court and they deemed it Constitutional, then no further action could be taken in the future against it!! It’s a sort of ‘if in doubt let it go’ because individual cases can test it’s constitutionality later on. Hard to enforce and it’ll never happen………..


  21. Fuck, it so depressing. Fucking god-bothering cunts everywhere, making a joke of the whole country. Wake the fuck out of the terminal boredom induced by years and years of sitting obediently in the church listening to some washed-up paedo parrot out the same old shite over and over until you can’t think straight and you’d believe anything just to get some fucking air in your lungs again. Jasus, I hate to say it, I really do, but sometimes I am embarrassed to come from this pathetic little country. We deserve this, the whole lot of it – recession, blasphemy, child abuse, corruption, stupidity – for having no balls; no balls to stand up and tell the politicians that this is just not fucking good enough. We might upset the parish priest, or auntie fucking Eileen, or make a scene; so we sit deferentially in our pew and ramble back the tired old ingrained, brainwashed garbage and then we wonder how the politicians managed to trick us into accepting a police state, voting for it. We’re pathetic, dreary, sad little cowards. Time for a revolution.

  22. It’s worse than you think. This law isn’t a Catholic thing. It’s PC madness designed to appease the lunatic fringe of Islam, and all the other nuts like Scientologists, Jehovah’s Witnesses and Moonies.

  23. Well, I know you can read the PC angle into it, but I don’t buy it. Seriously, do you really think that Dermot Ahern gives a fuck about the rights of the lunatic fringe of fundamentalist Islam? Or Scientology? Dermot Ahern is an Opus Dei cocksucker. He’s trying to turn back the tide on the emergence of a secular state. He doesn’t like smart arses like you pointing out the lunacy of the catholic church, or exposing paedophile priests or mocking stump worshippers. He’s a socially conservative, backward-thinking good-ol-boy. He doesn’t want change. He wants things to be just like they used to be when Father O’Brien used to suck his alter-boy cock and nobody dared make an issue of it. Maybe he’s in denial, maybe he enjoyed it, maybe he’s confused. Who knows why he had to present this laughable piece of legislation? But let’s be honest – it’s not because he cares about the fucking muslims. Nobody cares about the fucking muslims, and frankly they don’t deserve our concern anyway. If you think this country is turning into a fucked-up theocracy, check out the muslim world. And while I feel genuinely sorry for the plight of muslim women, it’s up to those societies to fight for what they want. Just as it is up to us to fight this embarrassment of a government and kick the bums out of power. Viva la revolution.

  24. Cynical Joe — I had to block your last comment because it contained libellous allegations that could get me (not you) successfully sued.

    I suggest you read the comments policy before commenting again.

  25. Sorry, I didn’t mean for anyone to get sued. I a bit confused about what I’m allowed to say in this country anymore, what with us enjoying freedom of speech and all. I’d hate to bring down the wrath of our political rulers on Bock and his merry men (because, like Dubya used to say, they hate us for our freedoms).

    (Off topic, but can someone explain how to get my picture into the little box on the right. I’d love to identify myself so that Dermot A-Horn can send one of his toy policemen around to my house, with a home-made search warrant, and arrest me for possession of blasphemous material, like my Life of Brian dvd; or for masterminding a criminal empire or whatever ingenious new crime he thought up this afternoon while taking a piss. Come to think of it, he’d probably love to outlaw taking the piss, so I better be careful what I suggest here, because we all know that his snoopers are reading this and every other email we write.)

  26. It isn’t about the blasphemy law. It’s about your unsubstantiated allegations concerning Dermot Ahern’s younger years. You can’t be saying things like that. You’ll get me sued.

    On the other hand, he is certainly a total wanker.

  27. Is screaming the lords name in vain because you are being fucked up the ass by a pederast catholic priest considered blasphemy too. e.g. “holy lord jesus christ father don’t be fucking me up the hole in sacristy after mass!!”. Will there be lots od sodomy in heaven and does jesus take it up the ass?

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