Bord Snip Reports

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Jul 162009

Report of Special Group on Public Service Numbers and Expenditure Programmes

Volume 1

Volume 2

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    Well people voted for these bastards, I believe they will repeat the error. Ground hog day even!


    So the poor loses their medical cards and have to pay 5 euro per prescription thousands of jobs will be lost and for what, well its for the golden circle of developers who got bailed out along with the likes of Seanie and his cronies, the tax payer will pay for their yachts and mansions for generations, while fat Cowen and Lenihan play the fiddles as Ireland burns, I suppose you get what you vote for, Ireland will never learn.


    In a few years we will have a tribunal, about the billions salted away while we all foot the bill.
    Tax relief on intrest for investors in 2001 led to a huge increse in house prices
    Before that we had a good boom based on real growth. as demand for houses went up the government took away this tax relief, and in 2000 the property market steadied and even prices fell a little. Less money was coming into the government.
    There was hugh pressure put on from the builders, and the tax relief for investors was put back in the next budget. also tax relief for other buildings like hotels, car parks, private hospitals, was brought in.
    The next year prices went up by 15% and from then the die was cast.
    Mind you there was enough people warning about it. But the boss at the time thought they should top themselfs.


    I wonder how much money could be saved if the army was disbanded and equipment and land sold.

    Its not like we need them

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