Interesting Place, Belmullet

Please tell me this is a real typo.


17 thoughts on “Interesting Place, Belmullet

  1. Wish it was real… Orginally said MASSIVE BLOW FOR BELMULLET JOBS, crafty photoshopping

  2. Must be good for tourism though. Can you can fly in via Knocking Airport on Aercunni Lingus?

    Mayo……the Amsterdam of the Wehst, who’dathunkit.

  3. Is everything massive in Belmullet?
    There’s a massive sales SPLASH advertised further up the page. Is that anything to do with the blow jobs I wonder??

  4. Well spotted KB, as my eyesight is not as keen as it should be, does the text on the blue banner above the SPLASH proclaim “Everything is Stuck???”.

    What a town, everyone’s coming this weekend! Bring clean sheets.

  5. “Are you the Francis Farley I met so long ago
    In a bog down in Belmullet
    In the county of Mayo”

    The Four Farleys by Percy French.

    How things have changed. What next, George Michael using the public toilets? I blame FF, the GAA and the Catholic Church. Where is Mary Whithouse when needed?

  6. Does it matter??? aha ha ha ha……sorry, I’m deeply disturbed! but happy! lol.

  7. Yeez have all been goin blind with yer fixation on blow jobs….what about the ad above for unemployment cover?
    A bit late for those suckers now…..

  8. Hmm, that’s one I have’nt seen before! interesting’! and a bit late, some ‘crim’ cashing in on peoples problem’s, no doubt.

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