More Sharia Bullshit – Lubna Hussein to be Flogged in Sudan

Sudanese woman to be flogged for wearing trousers

Update 8th September 2009

Lubna Hussein was fined for wearing trousers.  She refused to pay and was sentenced to 30 days in jail.  The journalists union subsequently paid the fine and she was released, but she isn’t happy about it, and with good reason.

The union is controlled by the Sudanese government which is embarrassed by the international attention this case has attracted, and payment of the fine got them off the hook. The last thing the Sudanese administration needed was a journalist in prison on such a patently ludicrous charge.

Hussein points out that thousands of women are in Sudan’s prisons for breaching some insane morality law, with no-one to pay their fines.


Lubna Hussein, a Sudanese journalist, faces 40 lashes for dressing indecently.

Here’s the outfit the Sudanese police found indecent:

lubna hussein 3

The police arrested 13 women, Muslim and non-Muslim, for wearing trousers.  Ten women pleaded guilty to the crime and immediately received 10 lashes and a fine.  As far as I know, the lashes were administered by some pervert policeman getting his kicks, and I suppose he used the fine-money to buy himself a freshly-oiled boy.

Lubna Hussein and two other women asked for lawyers and now face trial with the possibility of 40 lashes.

Now look.  How can anyone take Sudanese Muslims seriously with this kind of bullshit?

They’re fucking demented.  We already had a case last year where they wanted to lash a woman for naming a teddy-bear Mohammed, and now they’re flogging women for wearing trousers.

What the fuck is wrong with these people?  In most countries, this kind of bizarre sexual obsession would be enough to justify psychiatric treatment, but in Sudan it gets you a job as a cop.

And if I tell you that I think Sharia is a despicable, mentally-deranged, sexually-deviant, perverted, life-hating ideology, some mad Muslim fucker might decide to make a complaint and get me prosecuted under our new, equally-insane blasphemy law.

Imagine that.


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42 thoughts on “More Sharia Bullshit – Lubna Hussein to be Flogged in Sudan

  1. Be not so negative about Sharia Law, think of the good things in it.
    No women drivers
    No usury (no bankers)
    Amputation for thieves
    Sharia courts (no lawyers)
    Death penalty for drug dealers
    Adultery is not a good thing in any society

  2. And stoning people to death for adultery is a good thing for society Perfidious? According to the strict interpretation for stoning, the stoners have to balance the Koran under their armpits whilst throwing the rocks at the unprotected head of a man or a woman. This way they cannot get too much leverage on their flings.How considerate. They are sick, depraved fucks.

  3. PA is being deliberately dense, as he has often done in the past. I wouldn’t take his statements too seriously.

  4. Fuck knows what the Mad Mullahs, taking a walk on the average Irish street, would make of our very own pyjama wearin’ pram-pushers……enough temptation for anyone get out a few horsewhips.

  5. I believe we could emulate them by bringing in fashion police, just do not let them be french or we will all up in the clink.

    I must say that while the idea of lashing a woman for wearing illegal clothing does rate very high on the “what the fuck” scale, is there perhaps a little merit in doing whatever it takes to dissuade women form wearing THE trousers?

  6. As a UN worker she had immunity and gave it up to stand trial.

    Now her arse is going to look like that red Michael Jackson jacket, the one with all the zippers.

    Poor old Lubna should marry whoever created that law because they are both fucking crazy.

  7. On the taste front, the brown trousers and yellow shoes wouldn’t appeal to me, at all, but if she gave up UN immunity in a country like that she is just plain crazy.


  8. For the love of Elvis on a spacehopper.The poor woman is covered up from head to toe.You’re spot on Nut with the fashion statement thing and giving up immunity,but how the fuck do these Sharia idiots expect the rest of this planet to even consider taking their mind numblingly stupid ways seriously?Sorry all but I can’t really see the humour side of this story.

  9. I’m trying very hard to find something positive to say about Sudan and its laws. It’s a wee bit like being constipated and still eating eggs.

  10. Tyrannical certainly.

    Muslims males and their perverted ways are not going to change any time soon. Any society run solely by males to the exclusion of females is not going to be go in any other direction than that which Muslims have done.

    Control and the power to control; it’s just a stone’s throw from evil.

    It’s one small stone for man, one large quarry for woman.

  11. It’s a fucked up law, look at the poor woman! Now, I wouldn’t be caught dead in the outfit , but she is covered head to toe.! Hoof ,you’re right about the pyjama wearin’ brigade, that’s for another day,but let me just say it should be banned.
    Tyrant’s, perverts who lash women because they are offended by a womans attire! For fucks sake, get a grip. We are in the 21st centuary are we not? But then again we have in Ireland just passed a bill in similar.
    What the fuckkkkkkk!

  12. A number of comments in here appear to be very interested in women either flogging themselves or being flogged. Is this a judicial thingy lads – or Freudian?

  13. It’s all about sexual sadism, the same motivation as the screwed-up clerics who impose Sharia on people.

  14. im with Nuts on the yellow shoes thing..have you actually looked at the room shes in?.Ive been in crack houses that looked better than that..and I shit you not..theres a show in this ya know..

  15. What do you expect from fucking towelheads, lets go up to south circular and burn down the mosque, preferably while full and for good measure any remaining christian bastards we come across on the way.
    If their messiah(s?) returned they’d crucify him/her/it agian by mistake. DEIST CUNTS!

  16. First post didn’t register but here is again…

    Learn more about how Islamic sharia is creeping into the US and other Western countries on a daily basis from Coke to McDonald’s to Starbucks to banks, airports, hospitals, the US Army, Congress, US schools and more… link above or search for the blog Creeping Sharia

  17. I am open to criticism of Israeli policy, I just don’t want the country to commit suicide. When people demand you be more open to criticism of Israeli policy, they often mean to bow to their already formed prejudices. Give me a topic like the extent of the 1982 invasion of Lebanon and I will disagree with Israeli decisions.

    Its fine to castigate Israel on things like settlement policy, but towards Israel’s enemies we must show a face like flint if we are democrats. Those left leaning critics should adopt the approach Orwell did during the war – rail against the British upper classes and their foibles but castigate those on the left even more when backsliding in their contempt towards fascism and reveling in British suffering and defeat

  18. These nutters are living amongst us here in Ireland, just go to SCR or Clonskeagh to see them in there full glory, and we have it shoved down our throat that these Muslims are here to enrich OUR culture, they don’t enrich me you know

  19. I presume he means the South Circular Road, where the Islamic Federation of Ireland is (opposite the disused synagogue where they scrawled anti-Israel messages on the sign outside). Clonskeagh has Ireland’s largest mosque, the only one in Ireland where they do the call to prayer from the top.

    I will say to Tony that the Muslims here are some of the only people with a moral fabric in this country and are very hospitable (I lived on the SCR for awhile) but when they get mixed up with politics it bad news.

  20. The one that forms a semi-circle around the south of Dublin city. It has a large Muslim population in parts, close to Dolphin’s Barn and Griffith College. The old Jewish area of Dublin, ‘Little Jerusalem’ shoots off the Portobello end.

  21. Sharia law is just evil. Anyone who thinks sharia law is ok seriously needs their head examined.

    I hope sharia law CEASES to exist.

  22. Just another example of fanatic muslim atrocities towards women and humanity. To call them animals would be an insult to the animal kingdom, it is painful why innocent people or people do so little wrong are always treated with such harsh punishments, punishments that often do not fit the crime. Someday and I hope soon people of the world will unite to stop such atrocities. These beasts must be stopped


  23. They shouldn’t be doing this to their own people. Everyone has a right to wear what they please and be able to do things where, for example, the US it’s normal to do and wouldn’t get lashes for

  24. Whats good about muslims? I really don’t understand their point. Some of their teachings are good but many are really horrible.

    Its know that many are scared of muslims. Some countries are even afraid of sharia laws coming to their country. If you(muslims) want to punish, keep it private and let it be a fair execution; Why make it look hell? I hate to be a muslim unless they change their laws; we need justice, woman protection, fair trial.

  25. Whats good thing about muslims? Entire world is terrorized. Just tell me what have they invented to benefit humanity? What is their major contribution to science and technology? There is nothing at all. Please muslims, change some laws.

  26. Muslims created mathematics, but that’s not something you’d understand.

    What’s good about Christians? You guys are full of shit as well.

  27. Muslim scholars from the 8th to about the 13th century were way ahead of christian Europe in the development of science, medicine and mathematics. Apparently,during this time they were more tolerant of other religions than the Christians were.
    Things are much different now though.

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