NAMA and Social Housing

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Jul 272009

Now look. Anyone who’s been reading this site for a while will know that I’m a complete fucking idiot, and I know nothing about anything. You know that. I know that. Everyone else knows it too.

So just be a bit patient with me when I ask you this next question, me being a complete fucking idiot and everything.

NAMA. The national bad bank. It’s going to buy responsibility for a whole heap of unviable property developments from the banks. Ill-considered housing projects and the like. Bad plans. Stupid ego-driven zombie housing estates.

Yeah? Isn’t that right?

It is.

And what is NAMA going to do with these stupid, ego-driven zombie developments?

That’s right. Nothing! Because nobody wants them.

So NAMA will sit on these bad houses for decades, while they fall apart, until the market improves somewhat.

Now, stop me any time you think I’m going wrong here. Just jump in and say Bock, you’re talking bollocks. Feel free.

NAMA is going to control a huge heap of property up and down the country that no-one will ever live in. Houses that will fall to pieces or get taken over by junkies and failed politicians.

Meanwhile, another arm of the State continues to buy up accommodation at full market price to house people on the housing list.

Isn’t that correct?

So what would be wrong with offering NAMA houses to people in dire need of a roof over their heads? After all, we’re getting them at a discount, and I know that if I was that desperate I’d be delighted to take up the offer.


Something wrong with this picture?

Well, what exactly is wrong with the idea at a time when the country is broke?

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    Yes, you would be correct if they were working from the same legal concept.
    When these assets are in NAMA it will be a different story. Then they will be the outright property of the State. Until then the actual ownership is in conflict.
    As it is at the moment it seems that People* have sectioned assets, gone to banks and got money. But some of the sections overlap. Sometimes the sections are collateral for the loans to other sections, while these sections are borrowed to the Green River.
    But what is the betting that when they cut and paste the Act for NAMA they will miss some concept which will be fundamentally repugnant .
    However all in all, I am happier camper this year than in many a long year.


    I don’t perceive anything wrong with the concept but I don’t know that anything to do with the Irish Government is ever straight and honest. Quite the opposite I would say.

    So unless there are underhanded, dishonest and even criminal considerations first in place then your idea will not be given any legs.

    Well spotted though.


    Rather than continue with the regeneration scheme vast swathes of empty properties could be bought to house people. Then just level the older estates. Save billions.


    I’m sure that as soon as some suited scumbag figures out how to get rich from of a scheme like this, that it will happen.


    The problem with social housing is not the houses, it’s the anti-social lowlifes that qualify. Anti-social housing would be a better name for it. The theory is that every developer on domestically-zoned land accommodates those low-lifes who couldn’t be arsed to house themselves through legitimate endeavours. It began with the Bacon report and was legitimised by the 2000 Planning & Development Act, which in turn was bounced through the Supreme Court on a presidential referral. Interestingly, the 2002 Act amended the 2000 Act, and nobody knows if the act ‘as amended’ is now open to challenge. That won’t be resolved until the ideal client with the ideal case briefs the ideal senior counsel, and he has written a text book about it all.
    In rural West Limerick, one or two problem families are causing havoc, having been parachuted in with covert public-body assistance. For example, the recent spate of crime in Abbeyfeale. On the Ballysimon Road, the Collopys were recently found by CAB with hot money, read about it here:
    They regularly make the intercity Limerick-Waterford N24 a no-go area with sulky racing.

    Peter Bacon should be made live alongside one of those ‘social housing ‘ fuckers to learn the error of his ways.



    Eh NAMA is run by lawyers who have been spoonfed law by judges who were bribed by developers through liam lawlor…

    … On and Fianna Fail are borderline fascists who should have been banned under the same legislation as the RA were

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