Rod Stewart in Limerick

Rod Stewart is playing here in Limerick tonight, and somebody offered me a ticket, but I couldn’t accept because I was going to a family thing.  The dreaded Significant Birthday.


But why, perhaps you’re wondering.  Why might you be thinking of attending a Rod Stewart concert?

To which I might answer, Because he’s fucking great.

Because Rod Stewart has credibility going all the way back as far as The Faces and Jeff Beck.  Because this guy was instrumental in the creation of  blues-rock.  Because he has a voice as raw and dirty as anything you’ve ever heard and because he lives and breathes rock and roll.

This guy is the fucking business.  The real deal.

And you know, people try to sneer at him, but Rod has been there and done that.  He’s the genuine article.  This fella has played with Long John Baldry, Brian Auger, Julie Christie, the Stones and the Walker Brothers.  He played with Peter Green and Ronnie Wood.

Jesus Christ, how much credibility does one man need?

I’m as pissed off as one human being can be that I can’t blunder out to Thomond Park and listen to the great Rod Stewart singing Gasoline Alley and The  Killing of Georgie.

I don’t wanna talk about it …

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I remember hearing stay with me while in a taxi and thought it was new so i asked the driver who it was, at the time i hadn’t a clue who the faces were but by the end of the journey i had gotten a history lesson on them. I still can’t believe how fresh that song sounded when i first heard it and was shocked it was rod singing he sound very different.

In 1975 Lester Bangs wrote “In the history of rock n’ roll, no artist has squandered his talent so completely as Rod Stewart.” . Sadly Lester’s opininion was spot-on the money. Most of what Rod the Mod had recorded up to that was wonderful, exhilarating, good-time white-boy rock’n’soul. But in 1975 he left the Faces and the Mercury label, followed Brit Ekland to America, signed with Atlantic and released Atlantic Crossing. It was all down hill from there. My advice to anyone who would like to verify Lester’s infamous comment is to check out anything by the Faces and the first four Mercury albums. Everything else is music for housewives.

Hot legs (or whatever..) Do you think I’m sexy…the unmitigated murder of TomWaits ‘downtown train’…(also the very galling fact that half the world(the younger half..) now thinks he wrote it)…plus other musical abominations too numerous to mention…..fraid it all adds up to a very damning endorsment of the views of one wrinkly joe…and lester bangs….but one thing I will give him: He’s living testimony to the pulling power of too much money….the wrinkly old bollix….conclusion of the feregoing.

Must say it strikes me as musical snobbery. You can say the same for any cover version. From Springsteens version of Jersey Girl, to Manfred Manns version of Blinded by the Light, the Byrds Mr. Tambourine Man, Hendrix with All Along the Watchtower the list goes on. It just a matter of taste. I wasn’t at the gig on Saturday, but all accounts testify to a fantastic night out. There’s nowt so queer as folk.

Rod Stewart’s take on The First Cut is the deepest beats several types of crap out of the original by Cat stevens or whatever he calls himself these days.So there.

Ah lads, ye missed a dinger of a gig from Rod de Mod on saturday. well enjoyed by the many thousands that were there inc. myself, my fab bird, her brother and his fab bird. [her brother is fab too but i cant check out his arse]. he was the bees knee’s [do bees have knee’s?] Rod that is, not my fab birds brother, Anyhoo, none of his albums are in my collection but that did’nt stop me from bopping away to his music like everyone else there. brought back great memories of my time as a teenager in london and manchester during the 70’s when everyone seemed to be into him. Unstranger will probably remember those heady days [well, everyone called each other Head in those days] I was pretty pissed off when i had to leave 30min before he finished as had my own gig to do which i was late for and poclespaul was getting, ahem, anxious about. Well done Rod and fuck the begrudgers. ‘if u think i’m dislexy, and u want my noddy da da da da daa’

All this “he was good up until 1975 stuff is rubbish put about by ignorant (and sometimes) jealous idiots with no taste. A real shame, as he made some cracking albums from 1975 to 1998 that get overlooked as detractors like Lester Bangs peddle their myth.

Rod is the essence of rock ‘n’ roll. Copied by so many, but never ever equalled.

With Jeff Beck he virtually invented Heavy Metal. He inspired both the Clash and the Pistols. Punk would have not happened without Rod Stewart’s positive and negative influences.

Most of his covers from 1969?s Street Fighting Man (Stones) to 1998?s Cigarettes and Alcohol (Oasis), rip the originals to pieces, as do ALL THREE of his brilliant takes on Tom Waites.

Referring to Rod, Bob Dylan once said “There is only one person who can cover my songs.

When Chuck Berry first heard him he said “No way is this guy white.

And Little Richard once told him “You sound more like a black man than me!

He has worked with Keith Richards, Bobby Womack, Lou Reed, Robert Plant, Dave Gilmour, Jeff Beck, Slash. And he doesn’t give a stuff what anyone thinks. He just gets on with it touring year after year, recording exactly what he wants to, with the minimum of fuss – Mr Credibility himself.

The truth of the matter is the Mercury albums were brilliant – but the works that followed without the Faces on Warner Brothers were not that different and stayed completely true to his R’n’B roots.

Rock on Rod!

Was at Thomond Park in July – Rod was absolutely fantastic. So happy he’s coming back to Ireland in 2010 – will be there in the O2 to see him and Belfast, can’t get enough of that man! Artyeva, if you ever get 2 free tickets for Rod again, let me know, I’ll gladly take them off your hands, no problem. You could never tire of Rod.

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