Speakeasy Jazz

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Jul 082009

dixiejazzleadimageHarry Hockedy and his merry band (Joe, Toni, John, Andrew, Anthony and Tom) are at the Speakeasy Jazz session next Thursday, with a happy, peppy, rip snortin’, up-tempo New Orleans jazz set.

Go along and grab a little bit of the singin’, dancin’, drinkin’ till late. Feck, it’s great, and the perfect excuse to get all glammed up retro style !!

Go for it. You know you deserve it. Down with all this misery.

According to the press release, the band will be followed by a DJ, but I don’t think that’s what they mean. There won’t be an axe-waving disc jockey trying to dismember the musicians. No. I think what will happen is that a DJ will play vinyl until somebody pulls the plug and the partying has to stop, but I don’t think that will happen too early.

It’s at Shannon Rowing Club. You know the place, on Sarsfield Bridge. July 9th.
Doors open at 9.30 and it’s €8 admission if you get in before 10pm. €10 after that.


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    This sounds like a plan!

    Let’s hope Harry isn’t wearing his bluetooth tonight.


    every murderous bone in my body was hoping for a good blood bath but sure, an aul’ dance will have to do.see ya there!

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