Sudan Blocks Bock Shock!

Bock offends Sudanese censor

I knew it would have to happen eventually, after the terrible things I said about their teddy-bear police, or maybe it was what I said about Islamic martyrs, or it could have been because of the guy with a magnet up his arse.  Anyway, the Sudanese government have finally cracked down on me.  Hard.

A friend in Sudan has emailed me to say that this page appears when he tries to summon up Bock :

sudan bock filter 002

Isn’t that terrible?  The people of Sudan are denied the opportunity to read about the holy tree stump of Rathkeale, and Leonard Cohen, and blasphemy, and Gerry Ryan being a fat wanker.

Right then.  It’s war.

From now on, I’ll be keeping a close eye on the Sudanese government.  See how they like that!

23 thoughts on “Sudan Blocks Bock Shock!

  1. I blame that Khartoum, Gerry Ryan.

    Gotta love the box that says “If you want to block other sites, click here”. Bet that works in your favour if you have a planning application in for a teddy bear nursery.

  2. You’re pleased for now but i reckon you won’t be truly until someone issues you with a fatywa.

  3. Ah yes, Dermot Ahern’s arab cousin is on to you. I’m his collection agent for your 15 Million dinar blasphemy fine. We’ll be around later

  4. I knew there was a joke in there somewhere. How about the shi’ite muslims can you do anything with that?

  5. Jeez!! I thought the new format was going to be an up-market publication..that headline is worthy of the Daily Mail.

  6. Damien — Perhaps but it doesn’t get over the fact that the Sudanese people are shamefully denied access to their daily Bock.

    Sniffle — Oh Jesus, now I’m in trouble.

    Largeladd — It’s all a joke.

    KB — Yes. I thought it was rather good myself.

    Gerryo — From what hotel?

    Mapstew — It was all of a Sudan

    Sean — I do. Now 20% more offensive, you know?

    Shannaboley — This is relevant in what way?

    HQ — OK. You’re going to be shot for that.

  7. Bock – Well, that’s what you get for being…well…you, I suppose.

    I wouldn’t mind being blocked now that I think of it. I need to start being more offensive in my posts?

  8. Days hotel in galway (think it may have been the galway ryan, just down from flannerys). would not allow me access due to nature of the site content. was about 2 years ago, must see if its available next time i’m there.

  9. I’m with the Sudanese on this one… I’m shocked at the extra 20% of offense you have added to this blog. A total fucking disgrace! What will the pope fella think for christ sake?

  10. Gerryo — Well, in that case, I’ll have to boycott Day’s Hotel in reprisal. That should bring them to their knees.

    Jimmy — That Pope fucker will be fuckin as pissed off as a drunk Scientologist Muslim in a liquor-free pig farm.

  11. quite!

    how dare they infringe upon my reading while at work…and how dare they infringe upon the freedom of sharing your literary creative genius! :D

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