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Jul 022009

As the Bock Collective continues to grow, we’ll be seeing the occasional contribution from a few new friends and some old ones.

We are BOCK

The Geek has been throwing in stories from the quirkier end of technology, plus the odd rugby photograph, while Mr Carr provides analysis on some of the more intractable world conflicts when he isn’t out there solving the world’s problems.  Mr Carr also does sport-anorak stuff and I hope to twist his arm into providing an occasional opinion on soccer, rugby and Gaelic games.

Seconds Out will do the odd sporting post whenever he’s sober enough and the latest contributor is Mr Darwin who took time out from his night-job to contribute a recent piece on racism or something.  He writes here at his own place when he isn’t playing music and haunting filthy all-night drinking hovels.

The latest to join is Sniffle, who will be well-known to regular readers.

I, as usual, will continue to talk shite, at least until we have the obligatory split, followed by the acrimonious break-up and bitter recriminations.

It’s an Irish tradition. Long may it continue.

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    Or, As Ah said earlier Cheef,
    We Are Bock…


    Interesting evolution. There are a few blogs out there that do similar but only a few. Most are orgasnised along professional journalistic lines with giant publishing houses behind them.

    This is more like it. Well done, I hate static futures, like chasing after the feckin’ tail syndrome. This future is better.


    All wonderful Bock and friends, but how about letting us read this al in google reader? No more one liners please. Please?


    We have been assimilated and are one.


    Sorry bock, it’s been a couple of months now and I’m still trying to figure out your site.

    It’s still a bit of a dogs breakfast, too much trouble, I feel, trying to figure out what your latest post is, is it yours and why do some titles sit there for days. Move on. Get the leading edge back or perish.

    You’re now officially removed from my list of morning reads. I may, if you don’t mind, drop in once a month or so to see if you’re still motoring but the urgency has gone. More importantly the humour has gone – and seemingly exchanged for a sense of self importance.

    So I’ll be saying goodbye.




    Poor person bit of a hisseyfit? Or just thick?


    Tony — It’s a pity you feel that way, but the site has to keep evolving, and I have no doubt this isn’t the final version either.

    We took on board your earlier comments and made a lot of changes to try and accommodate them, but it doesn’t seem to have been enough.

    I’d like to go further in providing you with a comprehensive service, but this is a non-profit thing I do. It’s voluntary and I don’t make a penny from it.

    It would be nice to have fresh new titles on everything every day, but in order to do that, I’d need to employ staff, and at the moment, all my people are working on a major international assassination project.

    By the way, the latest posts are cunningly hidden under a tab marked “Recent Posts”.

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