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The Viral Tennessee Waltz Worldwide Appeal

Sometimes a song just gets stuck in your head.  Did that ever happen to you?  You just can’t get it out of your brain, no matter what you do, and then a new thing happens, every now and then.

An evil thing.

What’s that, you ask?

Well, you decide to implant the goddamn song in all your friends’ heads, which is what I did over the weekend, by constantly singing the Tennessee Waltz wherever I went.

Now, there’s a nice symmetry in here, and an example of the interconnected nature of life.  You see, with all this internetty stuff, it seems only right to me that I should try and embed this song in your head as well, and so, with the special weekend approaching, what about combining two things?

Next weekend, I go to Dublin again, with my beloved daughter, to hear the sublime Leonard Cohen, just as I did a year ago, and therefore here’s Lenny, singing the Tennessee Waltz.  I keep telling you he’s a country singer at heart and no-one will listen to me.

Enjoy, hum it and plant it in the heads of all your friends.  Soon the entire world will be singing the goddamn Tennessee Waltz.  It’ll be like a chain letter, or a pyramid scheme, except there’s no prayer and nobody goes broke.


Of course, Darwin has just submitted a comment reminding me of a recent conversation where I was trying to persuade him that the Tennessee Waltz is only the earlier part of the evening, and Mr Brightside is later, after the guy has had a few drinks.

So here we go with the Killers to balance things up.



Leonard Cohen in Dublin

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