Jul 132009

With the Virgin Mary popping up all over the place these days, Bock was starting to get worried.

Jesus, Geek, he said, they’re everywhere.  Medugorje.  Fatima.  Lourdes.  Knock.  And now the latest thing is the Virgin Mary appearing in a fucking Rathkeale tree stump.  I don’t like it, I tell you.  You can’t turn around without another Virgin Mary jumping up and biting you on the arse.

Bock can get very excited sometimes.

Calm down, I tried to tell him.  Calm down there Boss and toughen.

Bock was having none of it.

What the fuck are you talkin about? he screamed at me.  Don’t you realise this is going to make us all rich, and that mostly means you.


You, he shouted. Get down to our vast  underground workshop and develop a game suitable for Virgin Marys popping up everywhere.  Don’t come back till you have it.

That was why I spent the next week working on my latest project, the Whack-A-Mary, appearing soon at a carnival near you.

The Coin operated Arcade Version

Bock is a generous employer and he paid me handsomely for my work, but not richly enough for my other invention.  I’m going to sell this out of the back of a van.  The Whack-A-Mary USB version. You can play it on the netbook next  time you’re on a plane.  I think it’s going to be huge.

The USB Desktop Version of the new game

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    The catholic church may pop up with a blustering dispute claiming that the image used here is within their copy-write control and then demand payment of all profits made by selling the stuff!



    The usb Whack-A-Mary! such inventiveness, absolutely brilliant.
    More worryingly perhaps is the possibility that it would sell like hot cakes.
    Still, Bock, I don my hat to you and wonder how you find so much time for this, maybe you have a fertile mind, maybe you use all the right drugs, maybe it’s the demon drink or maybe you can just touch-type at the speed of thought.
    In any case you are the voice of reason in a world going mad.

    Shame on you though for calling Pastafarianism a spurious religion, in the interest of fairness I must ask is believing in a flying spaghetti monster more spurious than believing that some bearded, mis-directed, delusional hippy type could walk on water?

    Otherwise, bravo!


    Sincerest apologies, methought this piece was from the mind of Bock.
    Though I must only rescind the last bit about Pastafarianism as these were not The Geeks thoughts, for all else where I wrote; read Geek for Bock.

    Still, great minds think alike and so on and so forth ad infinitum ad nauseum.

    Goodnight to you all, I have a hangover to concentrate on.


    You have to read the comment about Pastafarianism in the context of where it was expressed and what kind of response I was looking for.


    Did “concentrate” mean yae were goin tae make one or were sufferin one., Ah find that Glenfiddich or a wee drop of Drambuie with crushed ayce is a wonder cure frae such tings. Either makin or curin :-)

    P.S. one gets tae thinkin fair fast on yer feet when dealin with the Boss.


    I’m currently working on a bluetooth whack-a-mary for mobiles, so you can whack-a-mary while driving etc.
    But, please don’t tell anyone.


    @ Bock I know that Bock, I was just being flippant in my inebriated state. I’ll look forward to the reply from our Guardians of the Peace should one be forthcoming.

    @ The Geek. Pardon the confusion Mr Geek, I had done the first and most important bit by consuming far too much alcohol. I was then concentrating on the hangover by staying up too late admiring your inventiveness instead of trying to sleep it off.
    I cannot speak of Drambuie as I have never tasted a drop but must agree with you on the Glenfiddich, a lovely sup indeed and best not corrupted by ice or anything else.
    You should patent that usb Whack-A-Mary before someone steals the idea.
    Keep up the good work!


    I expect an iphone app will be following shortly?


    I think you are about to be struck by lightning! LOL!


    I don’t know anything about these fucking apps. I’m too old. Maybe the geek knows what the fuck they are, but I don’t. I’m still playing Commander Keen and Doom I.

    Mad Dog, that’s a strong possibility. JC has already sent me a plague of wasps. And crabs.


    I’m working on it chief, I’m workin on it, it’ll nae be ready afore toosday, that’s if’n I can keep jonesy off de bloody drink, he’s broke intae the stores again, and fried all the electrics when he tried tae fir up tha flashifier.. PUT THAT DOON JONESY…

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