Alan Shearer to Coach Munster Rugby?

I hear rumours that Alan Shearer is coming to Munster as part of the coaching team.

On the face of it, this sounds crazy, but maybe it isn’t as bonkers as you might imagine.  After all, Shearer has a lot in common with the Munster ethos, sticking with Newcastle throughout his career and remaining largely unaffected by the bullshit surrounding his celebrity.

Apart from that, he’s a fucking great player and he knows a bit about motivation which is what drives Munster. So maybe his coaching will be in the head rather than on the field.

Donj’t forget, Roy Keane delivered a dressing-room team talk before the Heineken Cup final in 2006, and look what happened after that!

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“After all, Shearer has a lot in common with the Munster ethos, sticking with Newcastle throughout his career”

Apart from the 10 years he spent at Southampton and Blackburn Rovers where he won a premiership under Kenny Dalgish. Moved to Newcastle in 1996.

didn’t roy keane speak to the cork senior hurlers as well. they haven’t stopped complaining since.

Did you notice me claiming to know much about soccer?

If so, please point out where.

Incidentally, I don’t know of a place called Scunthrope. Where’s that?

Wouldn’t surprise me one bit if he did arrive, just think, what if he could influence the jersey designers to stop fucking about; perhaps they’d even listen up and smell the real red of Munster.

Don’t be so defensive mate, I just found it funny that you admitted knowing nothing about soccer and I suppose I can’t get the spelling of Scunthrope right because it just isn’t important to me.

Sula Man, why are all your postings so confrontational and aggressive? This article is lighthearted and unimportant, go with the flow.

No.8 a bit of a stretch I think to see those two short comments as confrontational or aggressive…..even more of a stretch to see them as both.

I did think it funny that the man said he knew fuck all about soccer, funny in an honest kind of way….his honesty not mine.

I could suggest you not be so sensitive but then I would be back up on confrontational and/or aggressive charges again.

Peace dude.

Sula Man, read your back catalogue. Ever since the Irl v Aus footy game you’ve had issues. Rugby, gay sex, your own homosexuality, just about everything really.

Sulaman….obviously you’re not the first aggresive Millwall fan and your (soccer)supporter’s behaviour last week would lead me to think you will certainly not be the last.
The notion of Shearer coming to Munster is not that outlandish at all,look at Roy Keane who spent time with the all blacks’ coaching set up or the other way where Woodward spent time with some soccer club I cant recall the name of right now,
Tend to agree with you there no.8 on the aggresive and confrontational demeanour of messr. sula,but then again as revealed in an insight into his past he is a man who who was battered around the ring!

Sticks and stones lads……

I haven’t been to the den for awhile, bit geographically challenging right now, I was at wembley to see them lose to scunthrope in the play off finals…..great day out all the same…..

You’re back in the snobby seats again I think with you’re aggressive Millwall jibes but like the song says…..”No likes us we don’t care”

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