Nama for Mister-Men

Nama for pre-schoolers

nama men

Hello Mr Bank! You look sad.

Hello Mr Nama! I feel very sad.

Why are you so sad, Mr Bank?

Because I did a swap, Mr Nama.

A swap!  Oh, I like swaps!

I like swaps too, Mr Nama.  I swapped 100 jellybeans for this box of broken  Lego.

Ooh, that’s a lot of jellybeans, isn’t it, Mr Bank?

Yes, Mr Nama. It certainly is.  I want my jellybeans back.

I have an idea, Mr Bank.  Why don’t you swap again?

I tried that, Mr Nama, but nobody wants to swap 100 jellybeans for a box of broken Lego.  All I can get is 30 jellybeans.

That’s not many jellybeans, is it Mr Bank?

It certainly isn’t, Mr Nama.  I’ve lost 70 jellybeans and all I have is a box of broken Lego.

Never mind, Mr Bank.  I have an idea.

What’s that, Mr Nama?

Well, I can’t give you 100 jellybeans for your box of broken Lego, but I can swap you 70 jellybeans.

Thanks very much Mr Nama. I didn’t know you had so many jellybeans.

I haven’t, Mr Bank.  I’ll take them from Mr Gobshite when he’s not looking.

But Mr Nama, how will you give Mr Gobshite his jellybeans back?

I’ll tell him we can swap the broken Lego for 100 jellybeans next year.

Yuk yuk yuk, Mr Nama.

Yuk yuk yuk, Mr Bank.  Game of golf?

Certainly, Mr Nama.  Yuk yuk yuk.




McWilliams explains it his way.

24 thoughts on “Nama for Mister-Men

  1. That post should be published and put through every post box in the country, thats it plain and simple, sums it all up.
    I’m reminded years ago about the referendum on abortion, basically it was to maintain it’s illegality or make it even more illegal, I met an elderly lady who had just posted her vote, i asked her how she voted, she replied ” i just wrote fuck off on my ballot sheet, because thats all i could honestly say ” well at least they had a referendum so the taxpayer could at least see where their money was going.

  2. Bock spot on old boy. Care for a round of Golf in the K club? I can send the chopper down to collect you. Not to worry about the neighbours . My people will deal with them.

  3. Explained logically at last……and we’re not even going to get the broken Lego either are we?

    Make you feel like digging a hole and putting a golfer in there.

  4. Fantastic!

    But is is so sad… especially that whatever we think, whatever public opinion on this idea… it will go ahead anyway…

  5. breaking news……Liam Carroll has lost his court case. We might just get to see exactly how much over the odds we’re going to pay for these dodgy loans.

  6. Excellent! I’d love one of those shitty apartments IF they were going to be sold off at a proper market rate.

  7. Fantastic
    Thats it in a nutshell. Definately should be printed and posted through every post box in the country!

  8. One of these developers (from Limerick) recently called on the Government to reduce the minimum wage.Some fucking neck eh? And half the country flooded because of the indiscriminate building by these pricks aided and abetted by their contacts in local authorities. The “nod and wink,dont forget that envelope for me” brigade.

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