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Riding the Tsunama

Did I detect a faint hint of flexibility in the things Lenihan was saying over the weekend, or was I just imagining it?

Did he sound a tiny bit less dogmatic?  A fraction more open to compromise? I nearly cried at the hurt in his voice as he spoke about the Fine Gael plan for a Good Bank.  We’ll talk to everyone, he said.  We’ll listen.

They’ll talk to everyone which I suppose that makes a change from their old way of talking to everyone.  Everyone with a baggy suit and a brown envelope on the seat of their helicopter.

So maybe they’re learning after all or perhaps it’s just that these bozos have finally realised how dangerous things might get when people realise exactly what this government has done to the country.


I’d like to think Lenihan is looking for consensus, but I’m afraid it’s just the old Fianna Fáil primordial fish-brain thrashing around in the prehistoric murk, looking for a way out.



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Like unstranger said.

I always think of a lamped rabbit looking at Mary’s nephew, the mad staring eyes like Loughnane’s, waiting to jump on a contradiction. He needs a hug Bock, deserves sixteen billion digs though.

Right. You’ve already posted this link on another post.

Now you’re spamming.

Looking at the video, you seem to be the idtiot children of rich gobshite developers facing jail time.

Both posts deleted.


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