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Satan or Jesus?

Here’s a simple question, and I’m interested in finding out what you think, so please let me know.

If you were organising  a big party — maybe a wedding or a significant birthday or the funeral of a hated but rich relative —  would you hire Jesus or the Devil to play the music?

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At a wedding in the not too distant past I saw a bunch of well known Limerick musicians deliver a cracking rendition of Princes Sexy Motherfucker,which horrified all the grannies,aunties and hotel staff present.Twas
excellent.The devil every time Bock.
The groom played drums.

Satan, for sure, can’t abide all that hymnin’ and stuff! I’d like to see him doing a version of ‘Drop kick me Jesus thru the goalposts of life’……..!

Would have to go for the horny one.
Billy Connolly thinks Christian Rock is the way to go……not!
Have a look

would have to be Satan. I hear he’s a mean fiddler.

Never heard anything musical about Jesus. I imagine he’d keep the volume down so no-one would be upset; thereby upsetting everyone in the party.

Aversion to parties, but compiled a funeral cd once in utter boredom and futility, some sentiment, some memorable, but threw in ” sexual healing ” for the discomfort factor, whereas one of my daughters placed “superfreak ” Rick James as her ” wedding song ” Jesus or Devil, don’t know but i have an idea what it says about us.

Why even ask?. God was created by ancient people who wanted a reason to believe why they were on Earth. The Devil was created to scare small minded people into toeing the Christian line.

As Denis Diderot said back in 1571 ” Man will never be free until the last king is strangled with the entrails of the last priest”

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