Swedish MP Complains to European Commission About Irish Blasphemy Law

The grown-ups take charge.


How to lodge a complaint with the EU


A Swedish MP, Karl Sigfrid, has lodged a complaint with the European Commission about our ludicrous new anti-blasphemy law.

Writing in the EU Observer, Sigfrid cogently makes the case against this law, pointing out that it amounts to  a mandatory obligation on people to practise a religion even if they don’t want to.

As he puts it, a law against blasphemy is an obligation to live your life according to the religious beliefs of others.

He’s right, and though he may express himself in more polite terms, he’s saying exactly what I pointed out in previous posts: this law is a charter for religious extremists to impose their insane will on anyone they don’t like.

As Sigfrid warns, statements threatening the power of religious leaders will awaken the strongest reactions and therefore be considered the most offensive ones, resulting in punishment by the state.

Now look.  It’s taken a Swedish member of parliament to make the first official complaint.  Isn’t it about time we took responsibility for the ridiculous state of our country?  Let’s see if we can follow his example and sidestep the deadwood that passes for politicians in this country.

Let’s all lodge formal complaints with the European Commission.

How about it?

I sent Karl a message and we’re now Facebook friends. Since we don’t have any grown-up politicians in Ireland, why not adopt a Swedish one instead?

Look him up and say hello, why don’t you? He seems like a decent guy. Better than our boneheads anyway.

Karl Sigfrid

karl sigfrid
Karl Sigfrid. Hero.


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23 thoughts on “Swedish MP Complains to European Commission About Irish Blasphemy Law

  1. The only way forward is to make a complete mockery of this inane law. Start publishing statements saying, for example:

    1. That there is no god.
    2. That religion is just childish, superstitious nonsense.
    3. That Jesus, if he existed at all, was a delusional fool.
    4. That his mother was not a virgin, far from it.
    5. That there is no heaven. When you die, your clock stops. So stop acting like a prat and enjoy your life.
    6. That Muhommed was an ignorant and illiterate goat herder, and that his religion belongs in the dark ages.
    7. That different religions, by definition, disagree with each other. But they all make truth claims. Therefore, most (or all) of them must be wrong. Basic logic, innit?

    I know that posting this puts Bock at legal risk. It’s just so pathetic. But someone has to stand up for the right to tell the truth. Bock, I promise, if you get arrested, I’ll stump up some cash for your defence. You’ll be a hero.

  2. Off you go then. 50,000 names will give you public challenge to the thing. Then there sure as hell will be someone in the kings inns with a greedy Napoleon complex who will carry it to the High through to the Supreme and thence to Europe. Who will fuck the thing back at the speed of light.
    This thing is a sop to the ultra gobshite within the churches and after the Lisbon2 referendum will be quietly dismantled in one sentence attached to the next legislation for a waste treatment plant. But even if it is not Lisbon2 will destroy it.

  3. Vincent:

    Jaysus, you’re even more cynical than me, and it’s not often I say that. But even if you’re right that Lisbon 2 and the waste treatment plant will flush out this legislation (which I’d love, but am not confident about), this would be a sad state of affairs. A real paddy solution, cute hoors in Leinster House shifting the goalposts without their consitutents noticing, all the usual gombeen political bullshit. Why can’t we just have one politician, just one, stand up as a matter of principle and address this thing head on and say “This is not the sort of country we want to build”. Someone with a fucking milligram of integrity. Other than some dodgy senators, who has done this? Not one miserable little shit in the entire house, as far as I’m aware. Imagine, for a moment, someone like Boris Johnson getting his teeth into this legislation. Are we saying we don’t have one politician, even a opposition politician, with enough guts to tell the truth? Isn’t that what opposition is supposed to be about?

    Man, it’s driving me mad. Put me down as 49,997.

  4. We don’t Cynical Joe, don’t even bother looking for one. Good post though let me add.

    In the meantime. Thank fuck for the sensible Swedes.

    I suppose the “no to you-rope” people of will pounce on this as forrin’ interference in our sacred ways. Cue Justin Barrett’s resurrection from his crypt with, what’s it, 46 days to go?

    … no. 49996.

  5. Please be aware that here in Sweden we have older than christian relegions, such as The heathen gods Thor and Freja and Oden and my favouite Oden (the ugly bastard with the raven on his shoulder) I would welcome blasphemy against them, nothing like a good old row about which god is true. The last person to be charged with blasphemy here was August Strindberg and he made mince meat of the court, and that was a hundred years ago.By Oden you guys within the Irish parlament are an embarrasment to me, have you not more urgent buisness to do like bringing the Roman church to court for running child rape camps.What is it with Ireland that makes it want to be the laughting stock of Europe. Where is Irelands August Strindberg?.

  6. And if any of you think you can get away by insulting Oden (the ugly bastard with the raven on his shoulder ) then you are perfectly right. I suggest that a new department witin the goverment “The department of Gods” be established. And I want Thor and Freja and Loke and Oden (the ugly bastard with a raven on his shoulder) registered.

  7. 49995, staggered at these laws, f..kin’ unbelievable, goin; backwards at a great pace, get the f,,k rid of these clowns before they take yas down completely! (easier said than done, I realise)

  8. You know, we’ve had our fun with the blasphemy law. Yes, it was laughable at first, then quite annoying, then completely outrageous and now finally embarrassing.

    Somehow reading a Swedish person’s account of the very same arguments we’re already hoarse from reciting, makes this whole shabby business utterly mortifying.

    Hang your head in shame, Ireland.

    (Also, I wonder if Waco Jesus album covers are banned here? Although that probably wouldn’t be a bad thing. Do not search.)

  9. Seriously, Bock. Why not start an online petition here on this site. It would go viral. You’d be a hero.

    I’ll even draft it for you.

  10. OK, here’s a draft. Might need some edits and suggestions:

    To: The Government of Ireland
    From: The Undersigned

    We, the undersigned, hereby petition the Government to repeal the sections of the Defamation Act 2009 that define the act of ‘publishing or uttering blasphemous material’ as an offence. We believe that this new legislation is unsound because it restricts the freedom of speech of people of all religious persuasions; discriminates against people who do not hold religious beliefs; is vague and unenforceable in law, thereby undermining the rule of law itself; and is out of step with the prevailing sentiment of the public regarding freedom of expression in matters of religion.

    To the extent that Constitution requires laws to be enacted to define blasphemy as an offence, we propose that the Constitution should be amended by referendum to remove this requirement. We reject the Government’s unfounded explanation that a referendum would be too expensive; the right of the people of Ireland to freedom of expression should not be restricted by mere budgetary constraints.

  11. I did write to dermot ahern about this and this was his response.

    Dear Mr. X

    I write to acknowledge receipt of your e mail message of 29 April, 2009 on
    the treatment in our law of the matter of blasphemous libel which has
    arisen in the context of reform of defamation law.

    The Minister for Justice,Equality and Law Reform has asked me to draw your
    attention to the attached article which he provided to the Irish Times
    newspaper for publication on 1 May. The article sets the key point involved
    here, namely that of the constitutional obligation on the Minister.


  12. A very serious and good post bock, count me in. Online petition sounds good. Maybe even a gathering of the Blogs, nationwide. A concentrated effort by everyone at the same time, or, you lead and see who follows. On a lighter note, We could even have it delivered by 20 sing&danceagrams dressed as bishops, priests & nuns, all of them belting out that favourite little ditty, Ah shura go-on, you’re only joking, Shura go-on you’re pulling me leg.

  13. Count me in as well for that petition as well. Someone has got to take action over this sorry country called Ireland.

    I am embarrased to be an irish man.

  14. eyh, put me down for a signature as long as all the anti-religion people stay out of it – I can’t help feeling that a lot will jump on this bandwagon just to have the chance to poke fun at my beliefs.

    This is not about religion. If this law stands, its going to open up the way for facism.

  15. Count me in. Circulate it on all irish web sites, most of which I imagine would be supportive. For what it’s worth I’d say fear of the Religion of Peace is what’s behind this law, or the promise of some Saudi money, or something like that, rather than our own Legion of the Rearguard.

  16. Would Life of Brian be covered by the blasphemy law?

    Um, don’t tell me this is still banned in Ireland….

  17. It was banned in Norway, where there are allso relegious nut cases. Come to think of it the new law will certainly be wellcomed by many a nut case not just in Ireland. An atheist has much to fear by his atheismen in so far that it constitutes a denial of the existence of gods , this is in it,s self blasphemous. Off to the God Court with them.

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