9-11 And The New Big Lie

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Sep 092009

9-11 wasn’t the first time an administration saw an opportunity to inflict a big lie on the American public.

The Gulf of Tonkin incident was the Big Lie that political hawks used to precipitate the disastrous Vietnam War, though it didn’t happen in a vacuum.

In 1964, the United States was involved in covert action against a country thousands of miles away, just as it has been in the Middle East in subsequent decades.  And in the very same way as today, its actions were determined by doctrines.


Belief systems named after infallible wise men like Dulles and Eisenhower.  It was quasi-religious, which isn’t too surprising in a country so fervently believing in the supernatural.

American warships were involved in an engagement with Vietnamese torpedo boats, which they damaged, though you would have to ask what these warships were doing in the waters of a country thousands of miles away.  Subsequently, when the Vietnamese attempted to recover their damaged vessels, the US navy reported in error that there had been a second fight, which had never happened.

Back in Washington, the erroneous report was seized upon by those who wished to invade this remote country on foot of Dulles’s insane domino theory.   The American people were told that their forces had been attacked, which was untrue, and so began the big push against Vietnam, a push resulting in an ignominious withdrawal, the deaths of millions, an entire generation of Americans traumatised, and an entire generation of Vietnamese people crushed or killed.

Iraq, though run by a very unpleasant dictator,  had nothing to do with the 9-11 attacks.  Afghanistan, although ruled by a very unpleasant bunch of religious fanatics, likewise had nothing to do with the 9-11 attacks.  Saudi Arabia, run by an extremely ugly dictatorship, and which supplied most of the conspirators and the funding, had everything to do with the atrocity.

So who did the United States attack in response?

Did they attack Saudi Arabia,  the country from which the attack originated?

Of course they didn’t.

First they attacked Afghanistan, and then they attacked Iraq, the cradle of western civilisation.  They sent their redneck reservist battalions in there, people with no respect for tradition or civilisation,  and they  destroyed those countries.

Of course, such a thing can’t be achieved without a Big Lie, but luckily, Cometh the Hour, Cometh the Liar.

They had Cheney, and they had Rumsfeld, two accomplished liars.  And of course, they had Bush, the idiot.

Cheney has extensive business interests in both Afghanistan and Iraq through his involvement in Halliburton.  Afghanistan is important strategically as a route for the gas pipeline, while Iraq, with its vast oil resources is Nirvana for companies like Halliburton.

And so it was that this triumvirate began to hammer home the message that Iraq and Afghanistan somehow had something to do with the 9-11 attacks.

They didn’t, but that mattered nothing to Bush’s puppet-masters who continued, in statement after statement, to mention Iraq and Afghanistan in the same sentence as the World Trade Centre attacks, reinforcing the belief among Americans that they had sonehow been involved.

This was nothing short of treason.  Even if you care nothing for all the Iraqis killed in these senseless invasions, they threw away American lives on the basis of a huge lie.

I have an American friend.  A good guy that I like very much, and an honest man.   I once asked him how many people died in the Vietnam war and he replied, Sixty thousand.

Now, of course, he reacted immediately and corrected himself, but still, it’s a salutary illustration of how easy it is for demagogues like Cheney and Rumsfeld to stir up hatred and war in the pursuit of profit.  And of course, needless to mention, neither Cheney nor Rumsfeld were sending sons or daughters to risk their lives in either invasion.

In doing what they did, by plunging Americans into two wars against countries that had never attacked them, Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, Perle, Bremer and all the rest of the filthy, dishonest, self-serving clique spat on the memory of those who had been murdered in the 9-11 attacks.

This is the legacy of the Bush years.



9-11 and the World Trade Centre Attacks

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    Great great post, don’t forget the invasion of Grenada in 1983, strange timing, Reagan was resisting pressure to pull US troops out of Lebanon, on oct 23rd ’83, 271 marines were killed by insurgents in their barracks, now would’nt you think that was a whole lot for the doddery fucker to deal with, Now what with the rumour out there that the new airport being built in Grenada and partly funded by Cuba was going to facilitate Soviet Military aircraft, coupled with the execution/assasination of Grenadas Prime Minister Maurice Bishop, released from house arrest on 19th oct ’83, having just been released, he was gunned down, Reagan had a whole lot going on, So what did he do ? on Oct 25th ’83, with no authority from congress, he invaded Grenada, The body of PM Maurice Bishop was never found, 10 people were found guilty of his murder, i think they were up for release sept 2009, no end to the lies,
    In 1989 Iraq was limited by OPEC to an oil quota of 2.64 mil oil barrels per day, Kuwait was exceeding its OPEC quota, Iraq was vulnerable due to foreign debt and the 12 billion they had borrowed from Kuwait, the continued flouting of OPEC quotas by Kuwait and the UAE depressed oil prices further, at this time the US was very diplomatically active in Iraq, On july 25th ’90, American Ambassador April Glaspie was recorded at a meeting with Saddam Hussein stating “we have no opinion on arab/arab conflicts, like your border disagreements with Kuwait “it was also recorded at that time that Donald Rumsfeld instructed Saddam to pull Kuwait into line with OPEC’s quotas or oil prices would fall to an unacceptable level.
    On the invasion in Afghanistan, US property speculators immediatly bought up large areas of Kabul, knowing they were in for the long haul and plenty of profit leasing to the US and Europe, lies profit and death.


    Too true. You could also mention the US government’s foreknowledge of the attacks on Pearl Harbor. And the possibility that the Lusitania was sent into a declared war zone to provoke public reaction to its sinking. Or maybe I’ll mention it instead.



    If Bush and Co had ulterior motives for the Iraq invasion, what motives had the British, who also were part of the slaughter of the Iraq people; not to mention the rest of the coalition, Australia etc.

    Iraq was totally innocently , but Afghanistan is another matter, it openly gave safe harbour to Osama, who made video tapes bragging about his great success.
    Afghanistan was/is a rotten apple that can infect the entire barrel, Saudi Arabia on the other hand is already infected, not to mention Pakistan, Iran, Morocco; while Egypt is bursting at the seams with radicals, with the dictator Mubarak keeping a lid on it.

    Islam does not believe in freedom or democratic rights, it is a vile theocracy and the free world has to at times do whatever it can to make sure we all sleep sound in our beds, ignore radical Islam at our peril.


    When Woodrow Wilson was elected he promised not toget in volved in the escalating European conflict. The US were however involved heavily in supplying Britain, with normal exports, but also with military exports. The German consolate in the US publish advertisments in US papers warning people not to travel to Europe aboard ship transporting cargos of munitions as these were legitimate targets of war and would be sunk. When the Lusitania was sung, it’s manifest was doctored to exclude the 4,200,000 rounds of rifle cartridges, 1,250 empty shell cases, and 18 cases of non-explosive fuses which had been listed previously.
    The US public was told that a passenger ship had been sunk by those low down dirty German’s and war was the only solution.

    There’s nothing new under the sun


    In the aftermath of 9/11 the Western world threw a collective arm of condolence around Americas shoulders. We wept and mourned as one, we gave a day off in the name of national mourning. Omagh got nothing of the sort. How many days of mourning have been called for the countless victims of American foreign policy in Afghanistan, Irag or the Gaza? You won’t see America or Britain running into Zimbabwe to rescue democracy. Something to do with lack of oil? America fucks with parts of the world it doesn’t like. They get bitten, the rest of the world pays. Sounds a bit like NAMA.


    No.8, I was in NYC. We didn’t have a day of mourning so don’t take it personally. Our goal was to get back to work and back to work we did.

    America acts in it’s own self-interest, as does Ireland – please see Shannon and the US Army, Lockerbie prisoner and Britain, as do most, if not all, nations. It is very simple.


    No.8 how does Ireland pay for failed America foreign policy ?


    It’s all pretty basic textbook tactics really, I think they call it false flag terrorism.

    Disturbing to know that these are the exact same tactics used by Hitler and his regime on atleast two occasions:

    – The bombing/destruction of the Reichstag
    – The invasion of Poland where German soldiers actually disguised themselves as Polish soldiers and attacked several border posts.

    I have my deep suspicions about how much Blair and his cronies knew about the London bombings too. Apparently they were running an “anti-terrorism” security drill for the exact scenario that was about to unfold on the exact same day as the bombs went off…hm!


    EGW, i don’t deny any nations right to act in its own best interest, I do deny them the right to invade or interfere in sovereign states to achieve them. Are the rights of the millions who died in Vietnam, Chile, Grenada worth less that the citizens of the USA? What threat did Vietnam and Chile pose to Uncle Sam? Allende was a democratically elected head of state, but that didn’t satisfy ol Sammy. So on 9/11(how apt) he had him bumped off and replaced with a teddy bear called Pinochet. Pinochet proceded to butcher his people as Sammy look on. A folk singer called Victor Jara was murdered and had his hands chopped off. His English wife and children fled to London, His traumatised children ended up in school with my wife. General P carried on unhindered until Spain tried to have him arrested for crimes against humanity while he was in London. Mrs T said he should go home as he was gravely ill and would die. Jack Straw the spinless lizard let him go back to Chile where he had a miraculous revovery. Bitains own record in Kenya is hardly any better, still the victims were only blacks. It is very simple

    Sulaman, you’re right. Ireland pays no price for American foreign policy, how stupid of me.


    The list of countries that America has destabilised is endless. Close your eyes, stick a pin in a map of Central America, South-East Asia or the Middle East and you’ll hit one.


    Hey Bock

    Largely I agree with you but gotta take issue with the “redneck reservist ” comment. I happen to manage one (Marine reserves) and know some others. The guy I manage is one of the smartest, compassionate clued in people I know. He is just back from Iraq and his version of events are clear eyed and real, and his fondess for the Iraqi people and his deep worry about what will happen when the Americans leave are very real. Same goes for the other guys I know, not a “redneck reservist” among them.


    But John, apart from people such as you describe, they did send in redneck reservists. Just look at Abu Ghraib.


    Goebbels legacy. The yanks mentioned in your post probably love him still.


    Wer’nt the Saudi royals taken care of after the 9/11 attacks because they had major business dealings with the Bush Family Dynasty? I seem to remember coming accross that while reading up on the supposed major foreign dealings in the soon to be affected US airlines shares, in the days leading up to the attacks. You know, really, with the realisations of what America has been up to in recent world history, sometimes i do think, is it any wonder that many Muslims seem to believe America is the home of true evil? Of course, we, who were born, reared, and still live in the free western world, should’nt have such unchristian thoughts. On more important matters, might see you for an eagerly awaited Savoy Pint later.


    Paulo1 The Saudi’s are a whole different ball game, All Saudi royals, of which there are so many are educated in Europe and US, they are the most proficient businessmen in the world, their business interests are global, but don’t forget the US military base in Saudi,
    In the west we are fed a load of tripe about the middle east in general, the reality is very very different.
    Unchristian thoughts ? A whole lot of christians out there with some very bad thoughts ! ie Mr Christian himself old dubya.


    This is exactly what I was afraid of ! Paulo1i leaves a comment and I, the one and only paulo1 , get taken out to the woodshed. Not fair. It’s like having an evil twin.


    No.8 I didn’t say Ireland doesn’t pay a price for American foreign policy…….I simply asked you how they pay……I don’t live in Ireland and haven’t done so for over 25 yrs so I don’t know how any policy foreign or domestic really affects the country.
    If you are aware of things that back up your opinion then stupidity doesn’t really come into it.


    Sula Man perhaps you should read a paper or two. Because Uncle Sam sponsors Israel for the Jewish vote, the Israelis think it’s ok to blow the shit out of their Palestinian neighbours. So they do. Then they build a rather large wall effectively trapping a few million people between it and the sea. Result, some very poor Palestinians who need our help. Try here for some analysis. http://www.irishaid.gov.ie/palestine.asp If the Yanks didn’t bankroll the Jews in an effort to “stabalise” the region we wouldn’t be forking out €millions. Get it?


    And the price of oil when they are shocking and awing oil producing countries or making threats against them.When they occupied bagdad the only building they guarded was the oil ministry.They done nothing to protect the museum and the nations and humanities historic treasures from looting.Hell they even shot a poor defenceless Tiger at Bagdad zoo (no doubt they thought he had something to do with 9/11 as well).Not to mention all the people they snuffed around the streets as ‘payback’ for being Arabs


    No.8 I remember you calling me defensive awhile back……..re-read your comment and tell me you’re not being defensive.
    I asked a simple question and I asked it without hostility.

    I do read newspapers from time to time mostly the Jakarta Post and Bola News and the article about Irish Aid was in neither so I missed that.

    The news link you provided totals 7.5 million euros in actual aid and a promise of $40 million more, so a total of 47.5 million in aid to the Palestinians is what you meant by Ireland paying for American foreign policy ?

    Thank you for answering the question and in answer to yours….no I don’t “get it”, because I believe it will do nothing to increase stability in that region if “the yanks stop bank rolling the jews”…….if the other neighbours in the region got even a whiff of the idea that America was going to withdraw its financial and military support for Israel they would be piled on the Israeli border and what we would watch live on Al Jazzera would make anything we’ve seen previously in the west bank or gaza pale in comparison as the Iranians live up to their long held promise.


    Sulaman, my apologies for being defensive and aggressive, not intended. But do you honestly believe that the American support of Israel has nothing to do with upheaval in the Middle East? In the last days of George W the Isrealis bombarded Palestine, the world was appalled, the US was silent. What do you think rings loudest in the Arab ear, international condemnation or silence from the White House?

    I do not condone any acts of violence or terrorism from either side, but with America holding their current view point these acts are going to happen.

    As for the €47m, that money would be better spent in parts of the world that needs it or spent at home in the current economic climate. But until America flexes its muscles fairly it’s going to the Palestinians.


    No.8 Fair enough apology accepted.

    I live in the most populace muslim country on the planet and deal will muslim people on any everyday basis, half my staff are muslim,my girlfriend is an Israeli national traveling on a Canadian passport….so believe me when I say I get two very different sides to the same story.

    I am well aware that American foreign policy has had massive affect on the middle east and others parts of the world, its not all bad though.
    For example when the ’04 tsunami hit Sumatra, the devastation was something straight out of a horror movie. The majority of foreign aid came in from the states, the response was very quick and they even sent in military personnel to help with the victims.
    People who had previously been led to believe that American troops were two headed monsters that would eat their children saw them jumping out of helicopters to bring food,water and medical help……….it has done wonders for the perception of Americans in this part of the world.

    By the way…..if the girlfriend knew I mentioned anything about her on an internet blog I would find myself wrapped in an Israeli army headlock in seconds……….and there would be no fucking romance in it.


    A friend of mine works as a aid relief worker. He has seen “action ” all over the world including Afghanistan and Iraq. He is of the opinion the the USA have the wherewithal to put an end to most of the worlds conflicts and deprivation if they want. But they don’t seem to want to. America is or has been run by an inner cabal who use the world for personal gain. I thought you could box?


    Norma: I was’nt really saying anything about the Saudi royals except that they were looked after by their pals, the Bushes, {planted by God no doubt} by being flown home in the only non military aircraft allowed in the sky that day. In fact i was too busy castigating the american government i thought. But, seeing as you brought them up… The Saudi royals may be the bees knees in global business circles, but the honey they make with America is a firm foundation for the instability in the whole of the middle eastern region. The fundamentalists in their backyard dont just post a derogatory comment on a blog site, They blow your world up. As is what happened.
    By the way, usually love your comments.
    Paulo1: Sorry buddy, i did’nt look to see if i was stepping into anyones shoes when i changed my moniker from 1eyedlespaul to the less naff paulo1i. o1i being short for O’ Suilleabhain of course. Could always put “The Piss artist formerly known as…” before it. Nah, We’ll have to share.


    Paulo1i I was agreeing with you but i appreciate that sometimes i just make statement type comments, the paulo1i was a bit confusing so apologies also to Paulo1, although the woodshed isn’t the worst place, providing you leave the door open !


    No.8 Boxing wouldn’t help against the stuff she learned in the Israeli army.

    Anyway, more to the topic, the current American leadership is making nearly all the right moves in terms of getting their foreign policy to make sense…………I, like many people around the world, have high hopes and expectations for Mr.Obama


    No worries Norma, possible my Huh! was a bit fast anyway. Wide open door on a sizzler of a sunny day would be good.

    Paulo1, it Was actually paulodadiddlyeyedi but i was Langersed and a One must have slipped in there as i deleted most of the rest when i was slipping off the stool, when i woke up it looked ‘Faaaacking k to me’ so off it went into the annals of bock folklore.

    Good post Bock, interesting too the comments. So much bad history in such a small space on a blog says it all.

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