Limerick Music — Na Trócairí Beaga

Out on the town

I stumbled across these guys last week while trying to negotiate a drink from Bill, the kindly old proprietor of Foleys fine music and drinking  emporium.

bill 001

Bill did a nice job on the old place, taking down the horrible barricade and making a bit of a stage in the corner, so that bands no longer have to stand on the same level as the patrons.  This is a great thing for the musicians’ teeth and knuckles.

(Teeth because drunken bastards kept bumping into the microphones and knuckles because drunken bastards kept bumping into the microphones).

It’s good.


These fellas have been around for ages in various guises, combinations, permutations and associations. They’ve been calling themselves the Small Mercies lately but I think they might be about to change that again because there’s some Australian band of the same name, who might come around and break their legs

Or drink them senseless.


Anyway, for now we’ll keep them incognito.  Na Trócairí Beaga seems like a good codename.  What do you think?

I’m having a bit of trouble with the video camera at the moment.  It keeps cutting out if it thinks the music is too loud, due to a safety feature.  A safety feature?  How safe is it for a camera to be tossed into a river?

Anyway, I’m casting around for solutions, and meanwhile, here’s a song I managed to get (most) of. It cuts off a bit abruptly at the end which is a bigger pain in the arse for me than for you, but I apologise in advance anyway.

One of their own: Dry Land.



Graffiti spotted on the condom machine in Foleys.

condom machine 001

7 thoughts on “Limerick Music — Na Trócairí Beaga

  1. The photos are great Bock.Really good.Nothing wrong with the video either.Are The Merciless Scoundrels a regular occurence in Foley’s?I’m a bit out of touch at the moment.

  2. Methinks Johnny & the Fallopian Tubes are back on the 18th but don’t hold me to it. Yeah a real nice gig by Mikey & The Clits that nite, had’nt seen them for awhile and the new material is really good.
    We’re on this sun and looking forward to checking out the new spot.
    Re the teeth bashing, i, tongue in cheekily, invited people to get up dancing in front of us a few weeks ago, and one of the swingerabouters ended up all over us like a cheap suit. Where we were, one of us could’ve ended up being sent flying through main window behind us. With the new set-up, people can now jump and frolic about with gay abandon and it wont knock a bother out of us.
    Thats a lovely irish saying is’nt it, knock a bother.

  3. Great pics and a fine’s stopped.. see what you mean, but it was fine up ’til now. Good sound. The place does look better, and better for the Smelly Mercs too I bet.

  4. Nice one , I enjoyed the tremendous hanger on monday after last sunday Mr Bock ;-)
    must do it again , now to read the rest of the site..

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