Limerick Pictures – This Is Where We Live

The weather is so nice I had to get out and take a few pics.

So here you go.  This is the town where we live.


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22 thoughts on “Limerick Pictures – This Is Where We Live

  1. I may not always be civil, however you define that, but I yam what I yam and I think that I have always respected your comment code. Thanks for the info anyway. Is that model anything like an Eos. They’re the hottest thing on two wheels over here.

  2. “Sorry, I thought you were the other bollocks”
    Which makes me the first bollocks to which somebody else is the “other” Not flattered.

  3. Well anyway, about the photos. They’re exactly as Unstranger says. I spent three of the most formative of my years in Limerick, and there’s a yearn in me yet for that place. I’ve never dared to give in to it, because it wasn’t just a place: it was a time, and it was le slua daoine eile, ach ag an ám cheana when I see these fabulous pictures I get to thinking that maybe a good part of it is still there. Nicely shot, young sir.

  4. All Irish political uproar aside, that looks like a pretty fine place to live. Seemed like it was a fairly warm day too, something that’s rapidly disappearing over here in the Northeast Kingdom as it usually does this time of year. The “farmers market” pic with the vegetable stand especially caught my eye (man, they looked good) since those type of veg have gone by here already.

    I’m getting too old to be cold. Can I bring myself and my wife over there for the winter?

  5. Bock you make Limerick look the lady she truly is. Well done. I like Limerick a lot and have always enjoyed our visits.

  6. Hi Kirk, If you’re too old to be cold, definitely don’t bring yourself and your wife here for the winter! Take yourself to some sunnier climes and come here for the summer(!) and the craic. Winters here are dark, cold, wet, miserable but still we’re happy. I like the winters here – you can vegetate, watch tv conscience free because the weather is too bad to do anything else. Although I love a cold, crisp sunny November day to go fora walk. This is a great country, great people who can always see the funny side of any situation. Even funerals here can be a celebration of a persons life rather than mourning a death (depending on the age of the deceased, of course). Ya, I love this country. I have just spent the last 10 hours at my neighbours house celebrating their son’s 21st birthday. It was a great day with a large, jovial extended family and brilliant neighbours as well. You just can’t buy that sort of enjoyment . We have great community spirit in my neck of the woods where people really care for each other and material goods really don’t matter. Don’t come here for the weather or you will be really dissapointed. Just come here for the people – the ordinary, everyday Joe Soaps who will gladly welcome you .

  7. Kirk — You’d find the Irish winter pretty dreary . At least you get a proper winter with snow and stuff, followed by a decent summmer.

    Over here, we get a rainy winter followed by rain.

  8. Beautiful pics on a beautiful day, if only we could get three months of continuous sunshine ….even two months…..alright a month when we could explore this lovely city without the possibility of contracting hypothermia.

    For intending visitors, it seems the months of May and September now constitute our summer, with June, July and August fast turning into an Irish Monsoon period.

    Anyway. Thanks Bock, for once again showing the good side of this town.

  9. According to the Limerick Leader, the Opera Centre may not be going ahead. Has anyone heard what may go there instead? I would think something needs to happen fast, Rutland Street bears more resemblance to a jungle each time I walk past. A great shame to see a lovely part of our city falling down in this way, and not a good reflection on our city planners.

  10. That shopping centre idea was bullshit from the start. Rutland Street is a beautiful area, now threatened by Greed Blight.

    Opera Centre my arse. What a stupid name, dictated by morons with access to too much credit and not enough education.

    Combine that with the fact that planners nationally are severely limited people and you have a recipe for the destruction of our built heritage.

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