Magic Solution To Irish Budget Problem

I’m a genius.

I’ve just come up with the answer to all our budgetary problems, and how often does that happen?  How often does a private citizen solve the entire fiscal difficulties of a small country?

Rarely, you might suggest.  Very rarely indeed, but here it is.

The government is preparing the Budget from Hell.  They’re going to cut 4 bilion this year, 4 billion the year after, 4 billion the year after that and 2 billion in the final year.

Savage cuts for a small country.  Cuts that could well provoke a breakdown in civil society, with the army on  the streets and protesters interned.  Water cannon.  Molotov cocktails.

You don’t believe me?

Right.  Well, let’s wait and see.  If I were you, I’d have Plan B ready, involving a rapid midnight flight to the nearest uninvolved jurisdiction.

But happily, none of that needs to happen, because I’ve identified a source of all the money we need to save Ireland, and it’s right here on our doorstep.

You see, according to the most recent estimates, we have 14 billion euros worth of natural gas under the sea in the Corrib gas field, so we can use that to pay off our debts, can’t we?

Well no, actually, because Bertie Ahern and Ray Burke signed a deal handing the whole fucking lot to a  Dutch and a  Norwegian company, while giving the Irish taxpayer precisely nothing in return.

Wasn’t that smart of clever old Bertie and crooked old Ray?

Not a single penny for all our gas.  Not even a guarantee that we get first call on it.

Watch as our gas is taken from the ground, protected by policemen paid for by your taxes, and sent to Russia.

Watch as old-age pensioners carry the burden of the bank bailout while thousands of millions of our natural resources are given away for nothing to a vast multinational energy consortium.

How will you feel about that as you lie on your hospital trolley when there’s no money for a bed in a ward or a doctor to treat you?

Will you feel proud to be Irish?


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Howard excellent piece of detective work. Bertie, the Republican, Socialist. Holy God , a Knight of the Sacred Military Order of Saint George . My mind boggles.

Bock the solution to the financial problems is inspired. However the horse is long gone. Even if that were not the case, this Government would not be capable of bolting the barn door. Besides they have handed the barn over to Shell and Co.

they had a leaflet with much the same sentiment at the NAMA march i was at recently.

however this country is full of mongs and they’ll probably vote for FF again.

And then i’ll emigrate, as will everyone else with a brain and no ties.

Howard — Fascinating. That would help to explain why Ahern gave a bilion to the religious orders to bail them out of the child-abuse problem, and why he arranged to give the new national children’s hospital to an order of nuns.

Gary — Why is it not possible to change this now?

Morgor — Most people have ties.

Howard – excellent find. Another poxy Ancient Order… THe Ancient Order of Crooks and Cronies and Back-room Dealings. Seems Bertie knew which side he was playing for all along. Cunt.

Bock – While I am 100% with you on the Corrib field, I think we should use the opportunity to legalise cannabis. Tax it, regulate it and take the business out of the hands of the gangs. Of course that will never happen, but it would be a lucrative tax recolt. And think of the boom for the fast food industry. As Bill Hicks said;
“The highways will be full of Dominos pizza trucks. Let them get stuck in traffic, all our pizzas will be free!”

I remember the Saudis nationalising their oil and gas resources in the 70’s to tremendous international uproar. Everyone said they would be pariahed to death, but lookit the Saudi Princes now, prancing round Kildare and Tipperary on their stallions. I think we should nationalise the Corrib Gas field now and any other fields that Nama don’t own already. Speaking of bad Banks, we ought to rescind the deals done for the various exploration grid slots across the Porcupine Bank and then let the oil co’s re-bid for the rights to drill them for us…not for the Shell’s of this world! We already have a bad name internationally…how much worse would t be if we took a leaf from Saudi’s book?

Bock, should the worst come to the worst then I can assure you that should it be neccessary then come to me. We can take to the forests as partisans. I hope you are joking about the black scenario when Nama is up and running. I would allso vote yes to Lissabon as the alternative seems worse if not dangerous. I hate to admit it but something tells me you are not joking. Please say you are joking or at least ranting otherwise I will put my Primus stove in action readey for the winter campaign.


I think you’re wrong about civil unrest. There won’t be fuck all. Most people will whinge down the pub or on liveline but that’ll be it. Now if we were any country with a sense of civic responsibility or pride there would already have been mass protests that would have thrown this corrupt regime out on its ear. The same way that eastern bloc countries did after the fall of the communism.

But this is Ireland.

I never thought you were joking, and you may well be a genius, but but but ! Where do you take it

I never thought you were joking, and you may well be a genius, But but but Sir, where do you take it ? Only way is to the people, but be assured that package was sold off in iron cladding, to backtrack would probably bankrupt, oops no we are already there, so whats to lose, at least get the attention of the public and let it roll.
Myles; Great point about the Saudi’s, every single Saudi citizen is a beneficiary of the Kingdoms natural resources. Also though, the fact that The Saudi Princes and other Arab Royals invested heavily in the Bloodstock business in Ireland, UK and Europe has been a huge source of jobs and trade, in fact the entire industry would most likely have fallen on it’s knees without them, and thats with or without their tax free status, which has been withdrawn.
C’est; Also great point, definitly legalise cannabis, have been saying it for years, and may i state now that i am not in any shape or form an imbiber of said substance, in fact i dispise it personally for it’s blinkered tunnel vision producing mind set which it delivers unfailingly.
However, if said cannabis dealers and producers had to come into the system and pay, tax,vat, rent rates etc, it could well contribute to the required revenue and produce a whole different system, Its sale is not going away anytime soon and the people involved in its trade and distribution will continue to reap their tax free status in their hidden world.
As an aside before i get walloped with the benefits of ” cannabis sativa ” I am aware of the medicines produced from this and other plants which are of great benefit to people suffering from life long illness and who are castigated due to ludicrous rulings by EU on the import of certain medicines.

Don’t know about the Mark. Someone threw a petrol bomb (apparently) at the Deptartement of Finance. People, even sluggish Irish pissers and moaners, all have a limit to the shite they’ll endure.

It looks very much now like this present Gov know they are totally fucked, I think civil unrest may not be too far away, but it seems like the Gov are just blindly pushing forward their agenda, no realistic long term plan, less short term plan, but hanging on to their job’s and pensions like everyone else but with more B’s There is no way that our children would remember Brian Cowan and his crew except for the biffo legacy of Bullying, Brashness Berating and BANKRUPTCY, hence the B’s.
Howard; thanks for that link, fascinating………….and very disturbing.
If they are allowed to continue we could be looking at a severly reduced and handicapped Health system, as if it was’nt bad enough, A drastically reduced Gardai force, We will be saturated by the crippling expense of redundant civil servants, Co Councillors what qualifies the majority of these people for the job they are given ? (co councillors) whatever about replacing present Government, and who with ? We really need to introduce a system whereby a person aquiring the job of Minister of a specific dept in Government should have the necessary qualifications for the job, We just blindly accept that some Teacher, Solicitor Auctioneer is qualified to run a country, It’s madness. if people with actual and real experience were employed, there might be a small chance of our natural resources not been given away again.

Bock, if you are not joking about the Black scenario of civil unrest and the use of totalitarian force to quell the citizenery what does that make Ireland?. Surely a yes to Lisabon can,t make conditions worse. There is the hope of the EU placing Ireland under it,s controll and appointing a guardian. Could Berlin and Paris and Brussels make a worse job of it?.

as far as i know, several countries have told shell and other oil explorers to go fuck themselves and renegotiated contracts for drilling and production of oilfields. russia and south africa come to mind. for us to do this would be nothing new in the energy market. we do not even need to nationalize the fields, simply increase the tax rate from 0% to around 95%. we’d also need to look at what they are allowed to write of as expenses.
we should also look at these rich oil princes. these guys would be ideal potential buyers for a lot of the assets NAMA controls. a lot of these guys were outbid by irish speculators for property in london, property which the state now owns. if they are willing to shell out half a billion for a soccer side ( club plus new players) perhaps they could be persuaded to buy a housing estate in longford. we could always throw in a few passports as a sweetener.

I did,nt know Ireland had that type of resources, and I,m not sure the Irish people know either. Difficult to understand it all being allowed to slip away and not benifiting the populace. The Black Scenario is more credibale given the wealth the elite posses and this increases their determination to protect it at any costs. How come no party uses this theft as a question of national inportance. Is there a consensus among the parties that Ireland natural resources are of no relevance to the citizenry?.

Bock, today has been heavey , Your enlightenment has depressed me. I,m of to the mountains again to recuperate and dwell on the woes of that fair land Ireland. With me I will take a bottle of Bushmills and a copy of Flann O’Brien,s “The Poor Mouth”.

It is to the fjords I will travell by way of Hardangervidda. Check the map of central Norway. It,s a completley emty plateou and snow is already there. I will be in mourning for Ireland. When I see a Statoil station I shall mutter a curse and tell them that Bock is on to them and things may change. It is with sadness I withdraw, hold out Bock,

One last thing Bock, if you ever make it over to us on that mid-night flight (plan b) you will see what a country can do with oil money. I only have to say one word ” iNFRASTRUKTUR”.

Finaly Bock Norway has no foreign debt. none at all. Norway has assets from oil that mean they will never need to create anything like NAMA. I now know some of those assets are from Ireland.

fine find Howard,how is it possible to get that info into the mainstream?’I’d say the Mail would happily take that of you and run it……worth a try..

bertie and anyone responible for this should hanging from lampposts outside the dail.same with the banking is the one thing i might see eye to eye with the chinese on.
where else would you get a contract negotiated like this? Not a bean to the tax payer?? ffs
whats the story if we marched into the corrib and shut it down, reclaiming it as our own.fuck the agreement, our country is in tatters?we could maybe throw them off site oin environmental grounds or something….
how badly would norway and whoever bitchslap us around?
hardly much worse than the dry assfuck we’re being treated to now and for foreseeable future

Bock I am packing my Primus stove model 1942 and leaving for a raid in the mountains of Hardangervidda. I realy need to digest what you have written about the theft of Irelands natural resources by the Norwegians assisted by elements of the indigenous maffia. Real sad reading.

According to recent opinion polls,support for FF is going up again!!.Never underestimate the stupidity of the gobshite gombeen electorate in Ireland.It will always be ground hog day here.

I have the solution to the budget problem!
A quick calculation reveals that if we all donate a kidney I reckon we could get ~22 billion in the black market. (@ €5000 per kidney). Everyone would share the pain! And our politicians could donate 2…. :-)

Kevin the only problem with that idea is four Million Kidneys would flood the market. Kidneys, flood get it? Oh! Alright I never could tell jokes,

We would “flood” the market but could we get NAMA to buy them at 88% discount.
[now if I could only find and apt and fillting new definition for NAMA!].

Yes we are taking the piss and bottling it. That was part of the expansion of that bottling co. in clare. It will be revealed by Mary Coughlan in the next budget!!!

What has been given away in our name is gone. The recipients will hold on to it tenaciously and our Government will ensure that we do nothing to interfere with the sweet deal.

And we still call them politicians!

we could just invade norway to get our gas back, theyre not even in the EU, so who’s gonna protect them. take back wats ours a la 1922. or make that statoil contract ‘vanish’

But the problem with invading Norway is that we have no ships. We’ll have to wait until Ryanair make a special offer to invading armies.

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