Nama Illegal Says Law Firm

McGarr Solicitors have argued cogently why Nama is in breach of the EU Treaty and therefore unlawful.

Read what they say HERE.

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Just like the suicidal scorpion, this government is compelled to obey intuitional allegiances, whether bank or church and regardless of consequence . It is not a people’s government now and arguably, has never been. These allegiances are ties that have bound generations of FF politicians to power. Brian Lenihan could no more deny Anglo Irish Bank then he could voluntarily allow one of his children to die, neither could Brian Cowen or Mary Coughlin. They will bankrupt the country, of that there is no denying, but it will not be their fault for it is in their genes to comply with and conform to the intuitions.

Forgive them Lord for they know not what that do.

And in the meantime, there appears to be no alternative then to man the barricades and break out the cocktails.

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