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Rody Molloy is no King Arthur and Fás is no Camelot, except in its shiny-trousered imagination, but Rody lived like a king, and his rusty band of knightlets lived high on the hog from his largesse.

Fás executives traversed the planet, travelling first-class, living in top-class hotels at public expense, playing vitally-important rounds of golf in Florida and partying like there was no tomorrow.

280px-MorganlfayTheir leathery old wives are no Guineveres either, nor was any of them a bewitching Morgana.  No indeed.  I’m afraid these ladies learned their table manners and their accents in a tanning salon.  And yet, their presence was deemed so vital to Ireland’s interests that they toured the world on the arm of their gallant, baggy-suited knights at great cost to the public purse.

When his dishonour became known, Rody departed to his own personal Avalon, and we all applauded.  In the end, this very perfect, gentle knight had done the right thing as any high-born noble might and summoned Bedivere: take Excalibur and fling him in the middle mere.

Or so we all thought, but no indeed.  No Lady of the Lake reached out to grasp Excalibur and return him to the deep.

Rody cared nothing for the ripple washing in the reeds or the wild water lapping on the crag.

250px-BedivereGood King  Rody didn’t just quit in shame when he was exposed as a freeloading chancer quite unsuitable to head a billion-euro State agency, despite what we all believed.

In my innocence, I thought he said to himself, Fuck, they got me.  I’d better fuck off while I still can.

But no.  No indeed.  Instead of slinking off into the darkness, as he should have, old Rody threatened to issue legal proceedings, and for his trouble he was awarded as follows:

Pension  – €111,243,50 a year.

Lump sum (tax free) – €333,732.

Ex-gratia payment(taxable)  –  €111,243.50.

Got that?

All Rody had to do was threaten to sue, and they gave him a big ball of money.

Rod is the guy who presided over the great Fás money-siphon, in which a state-funded training agency spent a billion euros a year while at the same time he  and his pals lived like kings.

What was Fás doing?  Creating jobs at a time of full employment.

But I already have a job.

Have another one!  How would you like to be a bricklayer?

I’m a brain surgeon.

How would you like to be a plumber?  Look.  Shove this plastic pipe into this one.  See?  Now you’re a plumber.


Oh look!  There’s my limousine to the airport.  I’m flying to New York first fucking class with the missus and fourteen gobshites from the office to watch a game of football.  It’s a prize I win every time I persuade a brain surgeon to become a plumber.

Molloy is the same individual who defended his wife’s free transatlantic trips, at public expense, by saying he was entitled to travel first class, and therefore if he swapped one first-class ticket for two regular seats, it made no difference in the end.

Here’s the logic:

I won’t live like a king.  I’ll live like a two-bit mobster instead and you can fuck off if you don’t like it.

Molloy presided over an organisation where invoices were routinely split  into multiple  smaller bills so that no individual payment would exceed limits requiring more rigorous scrutiny.

This is the organisation that commissioned a TV ad costing 600,000 euros, but which was never screened.

January 2007, they spent €36,000 in one month on five flights to Orlando by Fás officials and board members, including Rody.

They spent €28,000 for two weeks on a room in a  Dublin hotel, but in fairness to them, the room wasn’t that expensive.  The bill includes two banquets on the same day.  One  cost €8,000 and the other cost €9,000.

They spent €12,000 on a worldwide trip for an executive, who was shortly due to retire, accompanied by his wife.

This organisation was both incompetent and insane under the leadership of Rody Molloy, who now walks away with a very large lump of money and a fine handsome pension that most people couldn’t dream of earning as a salary.

Some cynics are suggesting that Brian Cowen stepped in behind the scenes to offer Molloy a quick deal so he’d go away, but that’s very mean-spirited of them.

According to Cowen at the time of Molloy’s resignation: I know him personally.

He went on to say : … he has been an excellent public servant and I have every confidence in him. That confidence was justified.

He is an honourable public servant and he did the honourable thing on behalf of the organisation that he led and tendered his resignation to the board of that organisation.  I commend him for that.

So there you go.  Cowen’s confidence was justified.  Of course we know now that Molloy refused to resign unless he got his financial sweetener, of which Brian Cowen must also have been aware.

Now look.  Just because Molloy and Cowen are from the same locality and know each other personally as Cowen confirmed, it doesn’t mean that Cowen did him any favours.  Certainly not.

Very unfair.  Very hurtful.

Nevertheless, this was a very shabby Camelot indeed and a very scruffy bunch of knights.  There was no Avalon, no Merlin and precious little honour.

Not for these unlettered clowns the long glories of the winter’s moon.

No indeed.  These gentle knights dined at no round table but snout first in a pig trough.

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    I wonder how many pieces of silver were in that bag?

    30 perhaps?

    And I bet that this is just the beginning, more head will roll…


    Fas had it made in the boom years. In the 80’s, AnCo and National Manpower became Fas. It was funded by a levy on big employers called the Fas levy – something like 3% of the emoluments – ie wages plus salaries – if your payroll was over a million. So, for every million paid in salaries, fas got thirty grand. There was a bit of a loophole – if you had an approved training programme, you could offset training expenditure, but otherwise Fas got the levy. As the economy took off, the income to Fas followed – 3% of everything. Imagine getting 3% of the payroll of the banks alone at that time, and the Zoes and all the others. So, to lay off all this cash that was literally sloshing about, they grew to like the lifestyle. Old-fashioned Fas schemes became redundant, becasue everybody who could work or even wanted to work was working. All that was left were the useless gobshites and alcoholics who pottered round and built stone walls for tidy towns committees.
    A whole industry of training consultants grew up, training people to do all kinds of shit, just to get rid of the money. Even the GAA got hurling training out of it. Traveller women were given healthy living training. They were paid to go for walks and swims – on the walks, they noted houses that were vacant all day, and when they swam, they closed swimming pools.- eg Newcastlwest community pool.

    The best part is, Roddy Molloy is still chairman of the Institute for Public Administration, according to Dick Roche on RTE tonight. So he’s the shining exemplar of how public servants should spend taxpayer’s money.

    My favourite joke about the bould Roddy is the one about his memoirs – Fiche Blian Ag Fas….



    Agus cé mhéid bliain ag laghdaigh, an meas tú?


    he threatened to sue so they gave him an even bigger ball of cash than he had already reached into the taxpayers pockets to pilfer…. and they never even bothered to get legal advice….

    is it any wonder there’s a hole in the wall behind the kitchen door where i keep banging my head off it in sheer disbelief at this country sometimes…. ;-D


    How can I go about applying for a knighthood in Camelot?
    How much more dirt is there in this ransacked shithole?
    I’m off to toast Arthur again and again and again.


    The “celtic tiger” has gone but the corruption, Gombeenism.stupidity and incompetence rolls on.It must be a genetic thing in this little crap country.A fucking mutated gene is the cause of Irelands woes I reckon.Its not economists we need to solve the problems here its genetic scientists!!.


    Ah will you look at his face! The sheer oppeness of it. That man is a horse dealer.


    Bolted Nut,

    No he’s not. He’s just resigned as head of the Institute of Public Administration.

    I wonder did he threaten to sue them too?


    I predict that this is merely the tip of the ice berg.

    ‘Asleep At The Wheel’ were a good band and I don’t mean to disparage them in any way but ‘asleep at the wheel’ is how Fianna Fáil drove this country into the gutter because they truly believe that we are all; all of us, idiots and therefore incapable of doing anything about their incompetence and criminality. The idiots fandango!

    That’s probably why they have ALL been doing all this thieving for so many years.


    Unstranger Believe it or not they were and it seems shall be correct. They shall be defeated at the next election and F.G. and Lab shall clean up the shit. At the cost of screwing Sean Citizen witless with Tax. Then the real Rulers shall return. In Triumph as usual”. At the next election. The “good o’ l boy’s “shall be back at the next election back in Business as usual. All shall be well with the World . Why? Because they are worth it and because “well me Farther an me Grandfathers always voted F.F. an me son will too “ . I am of the opinion that the only thing wrong with the Irish Psyche is the adoration of Cretans . Just an opinion.


    is it true roddy molloy is brian cowans brother in law?


    just to think that a crooks who have screwed this country and contributed to its economic disaster have the brass neck to arrogantly demand a reward is mind boggling enough,but the fact that they get that reward is..well its..its.ahmmm..oh fuck there is no word in English or slang to describe it,The strongest words are just way too mild.Time to be considering buying a one way plane ticket out of this rats nest methinks


    Mark – check dates and times on my comment and yours. He was Ch/IPA when I posted.



    How does that song go again? Oh yea!
    “Theres’ nobody here but us chickens, theres’ nobody here at all.

    Great song . X


    By the way it’s Asleep At The Wheel who sang the above mentioned song,. …..


    Don’t forget King Rody was moving FAS to Offaly, I think there’s some FAS folks sitting in Offaly waiting for the rest of the organisation to turn up. I wonder what the rent is costing us?


    Ah, great wisdom and clarity from the landof Bock.

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