The Sun Comes Out For Limerick Gay Pride March

Euro-politicians and parading gays on a sunny day in Limerick

Wandering into town this morning I bumped into José Manuel Barroso, President of the European Commission, and the poor man wasn’t looking at all well. He’s developed a rare condition that involves Willie O’Dea’s head growing out of his shoulder.barroso

José was in the market, persuading people to vote Yes in the Lisbon Treaty referendum, but you could see it wasn’t easy for him with Willie’s little head chattering into his ear the whole time.


Come on José, there’s a woman beyond in Kilteely with a terrible pothole outside her door, and we have to go to fourteen funerals before one o’clock.


I suppose the limos should have given the game away, but there you go. Sometimes we blunder into appalling situations like meeting Willie O’Dea’s head.


Luckily, the day wasn’t all horror, and before long we were seeing more normal things, like this, for Car-free day:


And this:


It was Gay Pride march day, which means loads of over-the-top queerness, unfeasible clothing and much beer.

16 thoughts on “The Sun Comes Out For Limerick Gay Pride March

  1. What time were you at the white house. Made me way up there after that Borroso lecture out in UL and the place was still mobbed.

    Should have some video from ROAR up later.

  2. Great to see EUROPEAN CAR FREE DAY marked by the arrival of the President of the EUROPEAN Parliament in a fleet of gas-guzzling CARS! On your BIKE José!

  3. Pssshhh. Barosso is not the president of the European Parliament. If you are going to try and complain about something, at least, at the very least, get your basic facts right. He is in fact the president of the European Commission, who was elected for a second term by the European Parliament on Wednesday last.

    As for European Car Free Day, his arrival and his usage of various cars is nothing to do with him In fact, I have seen him around in Brussels with only one minder walking about 3 steps behind him – therefore that leads me to believe that the cars and cops were all for O’Dea.

    Today was car free day in Brussels. The whole city, everything inside the ring-road was without private cars from 9am to 7pm. All public transport was free within the city, and everyone was out on bikes, etc. Now that is a way to organise a European initiative – not the half-baked way Ireland has done it in the past; mid-week, with one or two streets closed.

    Take your vitriol elsewhere.

  4. Relax yourself. It isn’t vitriol. The man is pointing out a fact and I think he’s making a fair point. Barroso and his entourage arrived in a huge fleet of cars and buses.

  5. I’m delighted that car free day was marked so well in Brussels. Fair play to ye. Free public transport and a city centre devoid of private cars is definitely the way to go and certainly puts Irish efforts in the shade.

    I have no beef with Mr. Barosso, who I’m sure is a thoroughly fine chap who, for all I know, may well cycle around Brussels on a bicycle made of recycled egg boxes. But having pedaled up to the starting point of our European car free parade (admittedly a tad early) to find the spot occupied by the European presidential cavalcade, I was struck by the irony.

    Of course the President of The European Commission (got it right that time!) doesn’t chose his own transport when he’s on someone else’s patch and no, I wouldn’t expect him to turn on roller skates. But there were just a lot of cars. European cars. On European Car Free Day. Parked under a banner saying ‘Car Free Parade.’ And I just found that ironic.

    To be fair to Willie O’Dea (and it’s not often you see those words in the same sentence), he’s frequently to be seen walking around Limerick on his tod, so he’s hardly to blame.

    I just found the whole thing ironic. Like … rain on your wedding day. Or … a free ride when you’ve already paid.

    Vitriol? Hardly.

  6. Hey Bock, great pictures! ! x
    And Mike I agree with you, but we have a shitty public transport system here in “THE BANNANA REPUBLIC”. Indeed I do see Willie O Dodawday shanksmare around our city with or without his Blackburry. x

  7. Kieran & Chris — Great day is right, but I’m shattered after being away with the fairies drinking beer all day.

    Squid — I was gone out of it by 6:15, to watch the rugby.

  8. fuck me willie o dea is one ugly basterd and he has more make up on than one of the girls at a cosmetic counter in brown thomas!!!!!!!!

  9. About the same time as you took the Barosso shots I was standing across the street waiting for my chauffeur/brother in law to collect me for the long drive to Brussels/Pallasgreen and a thought struck me. Why the fuck did so many of the gay community dress up as Gardai?I have never seen so many of them in one place all doing little or fuck all.Pity you didn’t get a shot of the gobshite trying trying to put his helmet on while he still had his uniform hat on.Took him a while to figure the problem out.
    Four motorcycles,countless squad cars and a cavalcade of Mercs.Car free day my hole.On yer bike Willy.

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