Who’s The Sexiest Pope?

Which Pope is hottest? Who’s the biggest stud among Holy Fathers?

Here’s one for the ladies.  Who’s the sexiest Pope in history?

Is it Ratzo?


Or would you prefer a romp with John-Paul II?


Maybe it was the murdered John-Paul I, or his predecessor, Pope Paul?



Could it have been nice old Pope John the 23rd?


Who knows?

Let’s hear it for the Popes: who floats your boat?  Who gets you wound up?  Which of these bull pontiffs makes you most hot and bothered?

Who knows – maybe you have your own Pope suggestion.



brent pope


Coming shortly.

Who’s your most shaggable Ayatollah?



20 replies on “Who’s The Sexiest Pope?”

Well, if you’re into party animals, it’s gotta be Pope Leo XIII with his fondness for cocaine-laced wine (Mariani).

Or for us hetero-dudes, the only choice is, of course, Pope Joan (c.855). Sadly, she may have been fictitious (just like Jesus).


Why is it one for the ladies?

Is it that you are so backwater that you don’t know same-sex attraction exists?

Or are you so closeted that, to contemplate it, brings on the sweats?

Personally, I’m all about the exotic forbidden fruit… so it’s Ayotollahs all the way. With a Mother Teresa thrown in for sheer durrtyness.

Oops BOCK, them Ayatollahs have huge numbers of assassins willing and able to blow you up for blasphemy; really, Ayatollahs having sex!
How could you possibly associate normal human acts with these fuckers?

Tut tut!

Leo X is off the list as he like to have naked little boys jumping out of cakes so I would haeve to choose john paul i he had a twinkle in his eye, karl was cute when he was young and had a sexy accent, and I bet ratzinger was sexy in his uniform back in the day.

Ratzinger is one ugly looking cunt I’ll give him that.

If they were all in a line up for child rape you would be hard pressed to find the pervert.

But to stick to the point it would be Pope John Paul II for me. I’d ride the holy hole off him.

Fanny and Plaster COMES into mind. Cloistered, Pampered virgins. Not if my last breath depended on it. You forgot Joe Malone, he was a deffo for Pope. x

not sure why your asking the ladies bock. don’t think either the popes or the Ayatollahs would have any interest in them. the ayatollahs i reckon ,rather than getting their rocks off with a lady,would be more inclined to throw rocks at her. and the popes may be too distracted by thoughts of the altar boys.
now which pope would perform the best fellatio is a more interesting question. iv’e heard that the white cap they wear is to cover the bald patch on their head that they received whilst giving head. friction from the hand of the recipient on the head of the performer over time caused a bald patch to appear. now this is probably not true, but lets assume it is. in that case ratzo appears to have no experience, and therefore would possibly be the worst. my moneys on pope john 23rd, even that pic of him seems to show him demonstrating his technique. you can almost imagine him as a young priest kneeling in front of his superior and getting down to business. the superior as he strokes johns hair murmuring ” nice one father john, nice one”,

oh good lord, bock, get out of my search results!

I just ran a search for “sexiest”, looking for a bit of titillation, before packing it all in and going to some sweet dreams, and this page is on the second page of results…

not that the popes aren’t sexy, of course – I’m sure under all those layers of garments, they’re veritable supermen (especially that rottweiler one…, where he’s practically supermensch)

I would have to choose john paul i he had a twinkle in his eye, karl was cute when he was young and had a sexy accent.

Really disrespectful article and question to ask especially when someone has chosen to remain celibate for life because of their beliefs something that can only be respected , is this what our culture has come to when we openly disrespect people of faith just to be controversial ? I really feel sorry for the ignorance of the article and the childish comments written underneath the article . God forgive you all.

Aw! can we have more of him please Bock?

I always pictured Pope JP2 with a cigar and a trio of nuns drinking brandy in the cistine sauna, kinda Jimmy Saville style. Is that sexy?

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