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Back To Business


No more slacking.

Tomorrow, it’s back to business, and I have to tell you there’s a lot of dirty business about these days.

I don’t feel like talking now, due to extreme exhaustion, so here’s a few snaps to flick through.

They don’t make much sense, but that’s normal enough these days.

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Bock I like these. In a very 1960’s sort of way. Far out Man. Keep away from the Acid. Psychedelic is back?

I’m a bit worried about him lads, was with him last nite and he’s fierce dissapointed.
Apparently, {he kept it quiet from all of us} he went in to get the ol’ lipo done, as he’d developed a fair wide load over the last month or so. An arse the size of a small estate and twice as loud, some said. Anyway, they turned him away, said he was full of shit and he’d have to get on his bike. So if you see him cycling up O’Connell st with his bum like a farm trailer behind him, give him a wave and a wide berth.

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