Canon G11

The only camera you need

I’m looking forward to getting my new camera next week.

It’s a Canon G11 and, all going well, I should have it on Monday or Tuesday.


Now, if you’re not that interested in taking pictures, you mightn’t think the Canon G11 amounts to a hill of wombat shit, but in my little world, it’s great news.

I use two cameras: a Canon 40D, which is a big artillery piece with a fuck-off zoom lens that freaks the shit out of people when you point it at them, and a Canon G9, that looks like your average tourist point-and-shoot, but isn’t.


I like that.  The G9 is a serious piece of photographic hardware but it doesn’t disturb people, unlike the other thing.


Professional photographers have told me that on a paid shoot they bring along all the impressive stuff.  Tripods, umbrellas, lights, big serious SLR cameras with three-foot-long lenses, and when the client goes away, they shoot the whole thing with the G9.

I can believe it.  The G9 is a very good camera indeed, with a build quality that might have been specified by the Fifth Panzer Division.  It’s a little brick.

This is why I await, with drooling tongue, the arrival of my new G11.  It has a wide angle, an image stabiliser and great noise reduction.  You can shoot in the dark without a flash.  It shoots fast and accurate.

This is a professional camera for places where an SLR would be too much.

I can’t wait to try it out.

Some people like toy trains, but hey!  That’s just  me.



It’s arrived and initial impressions are very good indeed.  The camera’s low-light capabilities are first class and the image stabilisation really does work.  On the downside, the display is smaller, and the viewfinder is a bit awkward to use, but since I rarely use the viewfinder, that doesn’t bother me too much.  The decision to reduce the megapixels from 14.7 to 10 is long overdue, and indicates a decision to go for image quality. I constantly hear people asking how many megapixels a camera has, as if it makes the slightest difference, unless your picture is going to end up on the side of a bus.

I can’t wait to get out and start shooting with this nice machine.

Here it is, saying hello to its cousin.  The G11 is slightly chunkier, and it’s true that you won’t slip it into your dinner-jacket without security noticing, but for the money you get a professional-quality camera tucked into a tourist-camera casing.  This is a very good thing if you don’t want to be pointing  a serious-looking torpedo of a lens at people, making them edgy and uncomfortable when you want natural-looking shots.

canon g9 g11



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29 thoughts on “Canon G11

  1. Nice one centurian! check out the new Nikon D3’s…they got an ISO of, wait for it, over a million!!! Savage piece of gear altogether. Cost the price of a small car tho…

  2. I’m looking to get a new digital camera afetr breaking the lense on my old digital camera.
    Are your photos taken on a Canon G9?

  3. Some are G9 and some are 40D.

    It depends what you’re looking for, but given a hard choice, I’d go for the G-series.

  4. Nice one,

    I’ll be getting one eventually. My card is maxed out from over use so I’ll have to sort that first. Could take a few weeks I think.

  5. Bock I needed a new compact as my old Nikon is falling apart and battery flap only closes with masking tape. On your recommendation I checked this out and have happily ordered one online – expected Monday depending on postal strikes. Reviews look good can’t wait to try it out. Have an EOS 400D with a speedlite that can also be used on G11. Will compare and contrast and post you my thoughts.

  6. Wasn’t at Ravenhill tonight but good close win by Ulster against Leinster, should be some fun at Thormond next week. May the best team win, but as my dad & grandfather always used to say when we lost “it matters not if you win or loose but how you played the game”

  7. Looking at getting the G10 instead.
    Not sure if the flip out monitor on the G11 is useful or likely to break.
    The G10 seems to also be an excellent camera and can be purchased secondhand for much less.

    In any event, look forward to seeing your photos.

  8. I know what yo mean about the flip-out screen, but it can be handy at times. Especially in strong sunlight or where you have to hold the camera above your head. You’re right about the G10, though. It’s a fine camera.

  9. Importing from US you may incur duties and VAt as well as shipping costs adding another $240 approx to purchase price.

  10. Just got my G11 this afternoon, charged battery and tried a few dozen shots. Extremely pleased with detail & colour & ease of use but got slightly annoyed with my thumb always hitting the 3 buttons (ae, metering light & af frame selector) placed right where my thumb automatically sits. Viewfinder dreadful, shots totally different to what was seen through it. Using display makes framing perfect. Hour or two later and getting used to it and avoiding accidently hitting buttons and starting to see reason for placing the buttons there, it’s growing on me. Camera way bigger and heavier than I thought it would be but solid as a rock and inspires confidence. All controls needed are just there, this is a serious bit of kit. Off work tomorrow so will be taking some fun photos of the family, the garden, the slugs & snails and the animals!

  11. It is one serious item, but I agree with you about the controls. They’re a bit fiddly and the viewfinder is like something from a 2-Euro shop. Nevertheless, the package is top class and we’ll get over the problem of the design details.

    Let us know how you get on with the pics and maybe send in one or two if you feel inclined.

  12. These pics were taken at ISO 80. I’d like to see some sample images taken at ISO 400 or above, but having tried the thing for a few days now, they seem to have the noise problem sorted.

  13. Hi Bock wanted your opinion on a Panasonic DMC FZ38, you being the man I thought I might ask. I don’t mean your gun ain’t better but wondered if you had checked it out.
    Thanks Doc

  14. Nice camera that.(The Panasonic). Its previous model won loads of awards last year. Theres loads of reviews of it on line and everyone thinks its the job. Reasonable price too. Go for it.

  15. Hi jim. I have a Panasonic DMC FZ28. Bought it just over 1 year ago from warehouse express in uk. It cost me €334 including p+p. I wanted to buy here in Ireland but the price in all the shops was €475. I asked them all would they match the UK price but i was told the importers fix the price here and they were not allowed to discount. Rip off ireland again.
    The camera is excellent. 18x optical zoom, Leica lens quality. Digital zoom up to 138x. Large screen. Up to 10 megapixels. Too many features to list.
    On the down side, I would prefer a ring on the lens to operate the zoom. And of course it wont fit in your pocket, But then dont we all have good camera phones now.

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