Give Back Mother Teresa, Says Albania

Give up your old nuns

Give us back our old nun, demanded Albania.  Dig her up and send her back.

No, said India.  She’s our old nun, not yours.

And you know, come to think of it, they have a point.

barney003After all, Mother Teresa was an Indian citizen.  It wasn’t in Albania that Mother Teresa based her worldwide scam, and in fairness to India, if their poor people were the ones used to raise cash for Mother Teresa’s dishonest fortune, at the very the least they should be able to keep the body.

Why should a crowd of ex-communists own the holy bones when they didn’t buy into the Teresa scam?  Incidentally, MT was born in Skopje, so if anyone else could demand the blessed remnants, it would be FYR Macedonia.

Anyway, I don’t think the Indians are going to buckle under Albanian threats to unleash total war on them.  What do you reckon?

Personally, I think if anyone has the right to demand the body of the old scam-artist, it should be either the UK, to stand trial for murdering Princess Diana. or the US for stealing the life savings of thousands of old people.

You can try old con-artists for being crooks, can’t you?

4 thoughts on “Give Back Mother Teresa, Says Albania

  1. It makes sound economic sense to get your hands on Mama T’s remains.Dem bones are going to be ferried past every devout idiot on the planet, at great cost to aforementioned idiots.
    Ireland demands the return of Mathair Teresa.Now!

  2. Bock, you are just now one of my favourite persons on this planet.I must admit to having a great laught at the shenanigans ( a word I aquired from a bogman) and her capers ( borrowed from “At swim to birds”). Imagine being sent to an island with that hag. I would stone myself to death. Credit to the judge or whoever it was to reply in such an admonishing tone, i.e. “give back the fecken money you hypocrit”. Bock I see the Dublin report is on it,s way to the Irish populace. It might be a memorable week for all the wrong reasons.Temperature here is minus 5.

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