Liam Carroll’s Zoe Group Collapses

The Supreme Court has decided that Liam Carroll and his web of interdependent companies are not entitled to protection.

The court also stated that Carroll’s second attempt to apply for protection was an abuse of process.  This second attempt was based on evidence which Zoe Group had consciously and deliberately chosen not to put before the courts in the first application for protection.  This was in spite of the fact that Zoe had certain  information available to it that would have materially affected the court’s decision.

They didn’t come clean with the court, and now they’ve been told to stop wriggling.

The game is up.  They’re bust.

The application for protection was brought by Vantive Holdings, Morsten Investments, Villeer Developments, Peytor Developments,  Carragh Enterprises Ltd, Parlez International Ltd and Royceton.

These companies are collectively known as the Zoe Group and are structured in such a way as to make it almost impossible to figure out who owns what.

Gavin Sheridan has constructed a spreadsheet here showing how the various companies relate to each other.

Smoke and mirrors.



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Common sense prevails at last.

I wonder how this will affect NAMA? Probably not at all I suppose.

Even though the Dáil NAMA debate isn’t over and is unlikely to be this side of Christmas, I hear some bank staff have already been seconded to NAMA and are busy working away already.

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