Limerick FC vs Liverpool

Home town to play football giants.

SINCE when did Phil Babb become a Liverpool legend?Limerick FC meet Liverpool Legends on Sunday November 1st

Limerick FC are due to play Liverpool Legends, a selection of ex-Anfield greats and borderline alcoholics in an exhibition game at Jackman Park next month

I’m all for it and I would urge all sports fans to come along and support Lims in their attempts to raise a few bob in these straitened times.

The club, like numerous rugby clubs in this town, are surviving on a shoestring budget whilst sports fans flock to genuflect at the great Cathedral on the North side.

Limerick FC will meet Liverpool Legends on Sunday November 1st. Kick off is at 5pm.

However, the organisers, who have named Babb on the team of “Liverpool Legends” are treading on thin ice when they start insulting the sporting intelligence of the Limerick public.  Babb made his name in the 1994 World Cup finals in the USA when he was playing alongside the totally brilliant Paul McGrath, a prince of a centre half, at the heart of the Irish defence.  McGrath was so good in those days that if Jackie Healy Rae was playing alongside him you’d swear that the Kerry born gombeen was the Kaiser himself, Franz Beckenbauer.

Likewise with Babb, who set a new transfer record for a defender when he left Coventry to sign for Liverpool for £3.8m in 1994, the Merseyside giant believing they’d were secured the service of the next Alan Hansen or Mark Lawrenson.  Instead, they got an accident waiting to happen, a cardiac-arrest-inducing member of the back four. He was shown the door a few seasons later with the Liverpool boss Gerard Houlier remarking that he lacked the concentration for football at that level.

Ronnie Whelan, John Aldridge, Mark Lawrenson, Phil Neal, Babb, Jason McAteer, Don Hutchinson, Michael Thomas, Jan Molby, Gary Gillespie and Bob Boulder will line out for the Merseysiders at Jackman Park, it has been confirmed.

Where will they be parking their cars outside the Carey’s Road venue?

I remember Bernard Manning, Tommy Tiernan’s hero, recalling that he parked his car outside Anfield once.

“Do you want me to take care of you car for a tenner Mister,” asked a Scouse scumbag.

“No, fuck off,” said Manning. “I’ve an Alsatian in the back of the car anyway.”

“Mister,” the scumbag persisted. “Can your Alsatian put out fires”?

Meanwhile, I’m convinced this is Bob Bolder the goalkeeper, who incidentally signed for Liverpool in 1983 and didn’t make one first team appearance in his two year at the club.Greats? McAteer, Hutchinson, Molby? To paraphrase the Chief rabbi of Tel Aviv; “I don’t fucking think so, like.”

Another “legend” yeah?

Whelan, Lawrenson, Neal and Aldridge would be considered Liverpool greats, Thomas, at a stretch. But McAteer, Hutchinson, Molby. To paraphrase the Chief rabbi of Tel Aviv; “I don’t fucking think so, like.”

Maybe the organisers should call the Merseysiders Some Liverpool Legends and Others Who Happened to be Employed at Anfield Briefly En Route to the Conference League.

Match tickets cost €25 (seated), €20 (Adult standing)/€10 (U16 standing). There will also be a special family area, with family tickets (2 Adults + 2 U16s) €40.

There will also be a post-match dinner at the Strand Hotel. Tickets for the dinner cost €50.

Tickets are now on sale and are available from Limerick FC, and from all Ticketmaster outlets.

For ticket information phone 061-324563 or 085-1079319 or email

7 thoughts on “Limerick FC vs Liverpool

  1. I’d have to disagree on Molby. He’s still much loved on Merseyside and regarded by Liverpool supporters as one of the most skilful mid-fielders ever to put on a red shirt. 12 years at the club and he still holds the record for penalties scored. They loved him enough to make him an honorary scouser a few years ago. The only red to come near him for sheer football vision and passing in recent years is probably Xabi Alonso (and how we miss him!). I saw one of the legends’ outings and a 40 yard lofted pass from Molby to Dalgleish who then tapped it in was worth the price of admission. Incidentally, Jason MacAteer went to the same primary school as me. Him, me and Patricia Routledge are officially the only famous people the school ever produced (And my fame is more a kind of notoriety, truth be told:-))

  2. Yeah, a quick search of Wikipedia reveals that Bob Bolder spent two years at Anfield from 1983 to 1985 and that he didn’t make a single first team appearance for the club during his stay. However, he warmed the bench at the 1984 European Cup final and has a winners medal for his troubles. Of course, it begs the question that if Bob is the first choice, then who the hell is his understudy? Obviously, the number of Liverpool legends who didn’t wear gloves during mild weather far outweighs the number that appeared between the sticks. There are numerous options to draw on for each outfield position, but I can only come up with the names of a handful of netminders that have played for Liverpool over the last few decades. I’m sure that Grobbelaar and Dudek have more important things to be doing, but wasn’t there a guy called Mike Hooper who played in goal for the ‘Pool at some stage? Surely, he could have been persuaded to give it a go.

  3. Yes. But there was no epiphany, mind you. When the children arrived there was no room in the cracks, packed full of Leeds supporters they were. The out laws though, all turning up their collars a la Eric, so what the fuck !
    So yes again , but I’ve seen them play.

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