Radovan Karadzic Boycotts War-Crimes Tribunal

Bosnian Serb Supreme Commander plays games to avoid trial

Sarajevo will be a black cauldron where Muslims will die. They will disappear, that people will disappear from the face of the earth.

Radovan Karadzic Boycotts War-Crimes Tribunal

These were the words of Radovan Karadzic in 1991, explaining to his followers how he intended to take control in Bosnia and eliminate the Bosnian muslims.  He went on to say that he had personally odered the attacks on Zepa, Gorazde and Srebrenica, where Ratko Mladic’s army murdered 10,000 men and boys.

Now, it seems that Karadzic, the fantasist who controlled  the Bosnian Serb murder machine still inhabits a netherworld of half-truth and make-believe.  He  has decided not to attend the hearings but the presiding judge has warned that the trial will go ahead and a lawyer will be appointed to defend him in his absence if he doesn’t turn up.

Karadzic claims that he needs more time to prepare his defence.  This is exactly thekind of time-wasting and evasion that he, his military commander Mladic, and their puppet-master Milosevic engaged in during the conflict, creating space to murder countless thousands of innocent civilians in the cause of Karadzic’s other insane fantasy: Republika Srpska.

We saw in the early 1990s that Karadjic was a pathological liar and it seems nothing has changed, except that this time he seems to be doing it for fun, since there’s no Serb army on the rampage, no Mladic, and no civilians to be murdered.


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7 replies on “Radovan Karadzic Boycotts War-Crimes Tribunal”

Puppets they all were Bock, and punished for their crimes they should be. But the real puppetmasters – who will never spend a day in court – were the leaders of the United States, Britain, and their cronies who whispered the message of hatred throughout that wonderful sovereign, socialist state called Yugoslavia. And their agenda was sinister.

cest la craic…yes Germany armed the Croats.This enabled them to launch operation storm in the Krajina in August 1995.This brilliant military operation (the largest european land offensive since WW2) in 4 weeks broke the back of the Bosnian Serb army.Without it Karadzic may well have realised his dreams.Well done Croatia and well done Germany.

True. But in the process they also ethnically cleansed the Krajina, and three Croat generals are on trial at the War Crimes tribunal for this.

Yes but the Serbs ethnically cleansed were given permission to return later as I understand.I do not know how many took up the offer.And there is an expectation that the Croat generals will be found not guilty.We will wait and see.But who really should be in the dock in the Hague also are the Dutch troops who were at Srebrenica for their role in disarming the population before the Serb advance there and their cowardly behaviour once the Serbs arrived.Their actions contributed to the slaughter there.

The role of the Dutch soldiers is a separate issue which should be discussed in its own place.

The Croatian Serbs were responsible for all manner of atrocities, but the civilians who were thrown out of their homes in the Krajina didn’t do these things.

Likewise, the Bosniak civilians attacked by the Serb forces of Republika Srpska were innocent.

I really am tired of hearing people justifying assaults on civilians by quoting military atrocities.

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