World Cup Play-offs. Ireland vs France

Who knows? Maybe we can beat les Bleus and go to the World Cup finals instead of them. And maybe Ireland will be the first country to invent cold fusion, and send a manned probe to Andromeda.

It’s going to go right down to the wire now. We’ve drawn France home and away in the World Cup play offs.

Ireland will meet the French in Dublin on November 14 and in Paris on November 18 with a place in the 2010 World Cup finals in South Africa up for grabs.

One of the consolations we can take from today’s draw is that French coach Raymond Domenech is stark, raving mad and capable of anything.  He’s straight out of central casting for One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, as loony as an, er, bag of frogs.

Meanwhile, no sooner was today’s draw made than Paddy Power expressed complete confidence in our chances of qualifying by shoving us out to  11/5.

They’ve priced Les Frogs at 1/3 on – such patriotism.

Speaking after the draw in Zurich Irish boss Giovanni Trapattoni meant to say: Fuck !

It beats Argentina manager Diego Maradona’s reaction to last week’s 1-0 win over U-are-gay – a result that booked his team’s ticket for South Africa.  Maradona invited the assembled media to wrap their laughing gear around his dick after that result.  Charming.

Ireland were hoping to draw Greece or Portugal.  Everyone was trying to avoid Russia, mainly because no one wants to go to Moscow in winter looking for a result —  just ask Napoleon and Hitler.

The Russians also play on an artificial pitch at the Luzhniki Stadium.

Today’s draw was manipulated by FIFA.  Two weeks ago they announced that they were introducing a seeding format for the draw as opposed to the open draw which was the original proposal. That decision was condemned from pillar to post.

However, FIFA couldn’t give a rattling fuck. Soccer’s governing body are more or less running a dictatorship in Zurich. They do what they like and don’t answer to anyone.

Ireland and France last met in the World Cup qualifiers in 2006.  The sides drew 0-0 in Paris – where John O’Shea missed a sitter – but a bolt from le bleu courtesy of Thierry Henry earned France a 1-0 win in Dublin, a result which more or less qualified the French for the World Cup finals in Germany where they lost to Italy in the final.

I reckon Ireland have a great chance of beating the French. After all, if the Frogs are as good as everyone is now saying they are, then how come they didn’t top their group and qualify outright?

However, it’s imperative that we keep Les Bastards scoreless before the return leg in Paris. The away goal rules apply. It’s all to play for.


17 thoughts on “World Cup Play-offs. Ireland vs France

  1. I reckon the French will collapse just like in 1940. Their away record in this tournament was awful. They beat Lithuania and the Faroes one nil (in all Brian Kerness). They lost against Serbia and Austria. We can definitely do them in croker.

  2. Do you reckon? Maybe they’ll send out Zidane to hand a coupe de boule to Robbie Keane. Take that, ya knacker fuck! Pity it won’t be Stephen Ireland on the receiving end.

  3. Bring back Stephen so ZZ can nobble the fucker. There may be a bit of a piebald in Robbie now that you mention it.

  4. For ted

    guy learn the truth

    We lost in qualification just 1 match : The first vs Austria in Austria (French team was in “rodage” and not prepared in Austria)

    We don’t lost vs Serbia any matches (i point of you that Serbia is for 85% the old Yougoslavia, one of best team in Europe and same in the World, and know me this team will be hard to beat in WC 2010)
    In France : France 2 Serbia 1
    In Serbia : Serbia 1 France 1 & France team played 2/3 of match time to 10 vs 11 after the unjust red card for our goalkeeper in the beginning (Serbia scored on the penalty). Despite of that & 10 vs 11 France dominated the match and scored for the final 1 to 1

    On our 2 last matches we scored 8 goals and take just 1…

    The power of France team increase match after match like usually and it will be more difficult for your good but not strong enough to compare with France team which increase in power and force day after day

    the only thing right in what I read in the top is that Domenech is sometimes an idiot who remains on his errors, that is true !!! ^^
    But he will not make errors in these 2 matches, don’t forget that we were in Final of WC 2006 with him

    But like must say a fair play man “good luck to you”

  5. I hope a team in 4-4-2 for us because it’s an organisation where France team score much more than in 4-2-3-1

    i hope

    Goalkeeper : Loris (Lyon FC) or Mandanda (Marseille)

    Def : Sagna (Arsenal FC) / Abidal (Barcelona FC) / Gallas (Arsenal FC) / Evra (Manchester United FC)

    Middle def : Lassana-Diarra (Real Madrid) / Toulalan (Lyon FC)

    Middle attack : Malouda (Chelsea) or Gourcuff (Bordeaux) / Ribery (Bayern Munich)

    Attack : Benzema (Real Madrid) or Gignac (Toulouse FC) / Henry (Barcelona FC)

  6. Bonjure, whatever KK, one more K in that name and you could devolop issues with Henry.
    Anyway, KK, that’s all very well but can the French team knock out a few bars of the Wild Colonial Boy after
    14 pints of Guinness? 2-0 to Ireland in Dublin and Lee to KO the French southpaw at UL later the same evening.

  7. Brilliant once again Seconds Out !

    I disagree with having to keep the French out from scoring in Dublin , simply because Ireland can’t defend. The only way to keep the French from scoring is to attack when we do get the ball, If Trapattoni set’s up the squad to defend the home match the French will distroy Ireland.

    We will have to fight fire with fire as Ireland did when playing Italy through the group stages but over 180 minutes in 4 days who do you think will last longer ? the French of course and not forgetting some of Irelands key players are all on Yellow cards and could likely miss the second match in Paris …

    Ireland need to play out of there skins not like they did last week when they were playing Macedonia, Ireland need to put at least 2 if not 3 goals behind France in Dublin without reply to have any chance heading to Paris for the second leg !

    And Finaly thanks Stephen Ireland for continuing to be a big shit in a dirty nappy ! its now that we realy need you in midfield and show us how good you realy are on the world stage ! but its not to be !

    Ireland Vs France in Dublin
    France Vs Ireland in Paris

    Ireland go to south Africa, France can Fucking stay at home !

  8. You could be right Mr F, attack could be the best form of defence. I think the French will also be suspect under set pieces, which is one thing we excell at.. KK has named an impressive French team above, on paper that is. But the game won’t be played on paper, and, as said, if the French were that good they would have qualified outright.

  9. Mais Non Monsieur Out et Madame kumkum,

    Le bon goal keeper avec les shiney dents and le nice smile, Shay Le Given, will be le Star dans les penalties après les deux tres boring and losing le will to vivre, scoreless draws en Paris et Dublin. Le other premier draw was le very corrupt as you le said, FIFA merde !

    Allez le smiley goalkeeper et Richard Dunne, practise votre penalty shoots.

  10. Fine post there Seconds. Well said Fennell, agree with you 100%.
    There seems to be a bit of a pattern there with the Irish and their ability to only raise their game when up against a Superior team. Opponents with the same potential or less, and We flounder like fuck. So, if my reckoning is right, we should be in for an exciting couple of matches. IF its not, No doubt we’ll flay the useless bastards alive and maybe throw them into Thomond Park with Munster and a compromise game of Gaelic Football.
    But, I’m optimistic.

  11. Hey everyone, greetings from a Frenchman who decided to come crash your party ! :p

    So here are the keys to success for you guys:
    –position yourselves as the underdogs….France often plays poorly when they see themselves as the “overdogs” (is there such a word??). So use the time in the media until 14 Nov to lower expectations
    –then compound it with the other psychological that nails french coffins: start very fast, dont let the french settle in……they’ll get frustrated
    –your perennial fighting spirit….this is HUGE ! One of the greatest things about Irish football
    –On the pitch, take the unexpected shots from 25 yards out….They often kill the french fighting spirit and can in one fell swoop reverse the course of matches which, most likely, will be dominated by french possession
    –practice, practice, practice, practice, practice, practice…. your set pieces

    Good luck, looking forward to 2 hugely entertaining matches

  12. Alternatively we could just kick the bollocks out of them. Kicking the bollocks out of someone as a legitimate tactic is very under-rated these days. You could say that the above has got a bad press in recent years. Cast our minds back to Ireland v Holland in 2001, the Dutch manager said that his side were far superior to the Irish. Overmars was fannying around with the ball inside the opening minute and “SPLAT” Roy Keane went through him for a short cut. The message was simple “Are ye up for this or what?” The Dutch weren’t up for it. They pointed out that the ref was a German and that’s why he didn’t book Keane. T’was a bad one alright, Keane took the two legs from under Overmars.Someone said that the ball was in the vicinity, although there was no objective proof of this. Alas, we have no Keane these days. But we can still make it. After all, wasn’t it the Dublin born Duke of Wellington that trounced the French at Waterloo?

    Nicholas, the best of luck over the two legs, although I don’t see much hope for a team that was beaten to top spot in their group by Serbia to tell the truth.

  13. Excellent advice there from the foreign devils. I hope pikey Tonyinatrap is paying attention.
    Love the idea of the unexpected 25-30yd shots. With 2 lads at it sporadically throughout the home game, it would be fairly unsettling.

  14. Seconds out wrote: “I don’t see much hope for a team that was beaten to top spot in their group by Serbia to tell the truth.”

    Be careful on how you set expectations……(lol, as if our comments could have any impact on the outcome of the game :p ): when they have their backs against the wall, the French can indeed collapse (WC 2002 against Denmark) but they can also be very solid (came back from 0-2 away in Romania and from 0-1 away in Serbia with 10 men). Don’t let the French believe they’re the underdogs, for that’s when they’ll beat you.

    Your absolute best bet is to score at 0-0 against the run of play with a 25-year screamer or a set piece….but not too early (a la Scotland-France and France-Scotland in the Euro 2008 qualifiers).

  15. Oh come on you irish lads. only a small “channel” separates us, and a big “cuisine” culture also but who cares right ?
    King Henry will be there, “little zizou” mister Gourcuff will be attending, and so will Anelka the mercenary. But good news for you guys, we do have Domenech, the little wanker.
    1st leg : Ireland 1 – France 2
    2nd : France 2 – Ireland 0

    And les frogs will go shine south africa. Car on garde la pêche nous.

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