Virgin Mary Apparitions and the Rise of the Idiot Classes

Mini-skirts, fake tan, fairies, pixies, leprechauns and blessed virgins.

Here come the half-wits.

There was a magnificent eccentric in this town a few years ago, though sadly now departed, and we’re all the poorer for his passing.

Michael Bartley was nuts and he knew it.  Mad as a bag of spanners.

He once walked into a night-club wearing a woman’s fur coat backwards and a WWI German helmet with a spike on top.

Give me a gin and tonic, my good man.

He knew he was crazy, and when his bipolar sweep approached its zenith, he would routinely sign himself into the local psychiatric unit for a few weeks to decompress.

During one of Bartley’s stays, they happened to be opening an extension to the  unit, and they just happened to have the Taoiseach, Albert Reynolds, to cut the  tape.  They needed a patient for the photo-op.  Preferably one without recently-chewed food on his clothes.

What about Bartley?  He speaks well.  He dresses well.  He’s back down from his high.

The very man!

And so it came to pass on the appointed day that Albert Reynolds strode down the corridor with the hospital manager and the ward manager and the psychiatric consultant and a horde of waddling county councillors.

Taoiseach, this is Michael, one of our residents.

The Taoiseach thrust his hand out to Bartley.  Hello there.  I’m Albert Reynolds, the Taoiseach.

Bartley returned his gaze with a kindly smile.  The Taoiseach, you say?  I wouldn’t worry about that one bit.  When I came in here I was Napoleon.


Of course, delusions only happen to people who should know better.

That’s why Bartley and some of his buddies were in the laughing academy —  they should have known they weren’t Napoleon, they should have known Reynolds wasn’t a prime minister in any real sense of the expression, and they should have known that all psychiatrists are frauds.  They had the means and the opportunity to know better.  They were deluded.

We don’t say children are deluded because they believe in the Tooth Fairy, or Santa Claus, or free education.  We say they’re children.  How could they know any different?

And that’s why I don’t think the thousands of spray-tanned mini-skirted buckskin-booted gobshites who turned up at Knock expecting to see the Virgin Mary were deluded either.   They’re just idiots who’d believe any old crap as long as it’s wrapped up in something shiny.  It is a pity, however, that they left the toilets of the shrine covered in shit, and the field littered with their nappies and their burger-cartons.

They were just idiots, and as idiots, were fully entitled to a fool’s pardon, because idiots have no access to the facts.

Likewise, I don’t think Joe Coleman or his trusty sidekick, Keith “Bling” Henderson, are deluded.  I think they’re just a pair of Ballyfermot wide-boys on the lookout for a fast buck.  Good luck to them if they can get away with it, especially with the connivance of fellow wide-boy, skanger and general-purpose cynic Joe Duffy, who granted his old neighbour an hour’s free advertising courtesy of your licence money, without asking him a single hard question.

Coleman’s mask slipped badly when the caretaker of the shrine came on the radio.  The gentle visionary disappeared, replaced by an aggressive old gurrier. I’ll bleedin have yiz!

He threatened this guy with the Virgin Mary.

Now look.  Anyone who reads this site will know what I think of religion.   I think it’s bollocks, all of it, Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Judaism, the whole lot.  I think it’s insanity.  But most adherents that I know are well-meaning people, and fairly decent by their own lights.

Decent and well-meaning are not epithets I would apply to the man I heard on the radio today.  This Coleman character is a demagogue and a chancer, which I agree is a hell of a thing to say about a guy in Knock: the home of fakery.  I can think of no stronger way to put it.

So Knock was created by some magic-lantern trick and believed by ignorant peasants.

Well and good.  Catholicism is irrational and made-up.  It’s magic jiggery-pokery, but it’s moved on a bit from the days when it routinely silenced scientific inquiry.

Coleman is from a completely different gene-pool.  He comes from a tribe of know-nothings who would rule by superstition, fear and ignorance.  These are the people who reject the laws of physics and replace them with the demands of unthinking zealotry.  These are the same people who bellow drunken rebel ballads in the pubs on a Saturday night as a substitute for actual thinking.

It’s not the blind leading the blind any more.

It’s the ignorant leading the stupid, and they’ve moved from politics to religion.


Since the cretins were so impressed by a few rays of sunlight, I wonder what they’d make of true majesty.

Here are some shots of the cosmos from Hubble.

[scrollGallery id=12]


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32 thoughts on “Virgin Mary Apparitions and the Rise of the Idiot Classes

  1. Wow, Fantastic hubble pics Bock.
    Never been to Knock and no plans to. Unless Eyeofaneedle Airlines go more mainstream with their flights i suppose.

  2. Good on ya, Bock.

    By the way, I made a fortune down in Knock. The Immaculate Contraception condoms went down a bomb, with the mini-skirted little slappers buying them up by the bucket load. It wasn’t just shite on them toilets, if you catch my drift. But I feel I did my bit for the human race – by preventing any misconceptions among the assembled imbeciles, I temporarily halted the race to the bottom of the gene pool. No doubt, the little skanks will find a way to reproduce themselves soon and the country’s IQ will continue dropping faster then the AIB share price.

    But seriously, there may be a market solution to all this stupidity. The imbeciles must eventually run out of cash to fund their deluded sprees to Knock. Our job is to hasten that day by selling them even more shite then our friend Joe Coleman can. If they want to believe, who are we to stop them? It’s a free country…well, you know, except for the blasphemy laws.

    Speaking of which, I have a question: Are these fuckwits stupid because they are catholics, or are they catholics because they are stupid? Are they are stupid, catholic fuckwits first and catholic, stupid fuckwits second? Or vice versa? Or are the post hoc and the proctor hoc just two sides of the same ignorant coin? I mean how exactly does somebody get to be this dim? Do you have to practice; every Sunday morning at 11 o’clock for example? Or do you just bumble along with your unthinking life until that fateful day that you find yourself in a wet field in Mayo staring at a weak sun, surrounded by 50,000 similarly feeble-minded souls, and you have your epiphany: “I am a total failure”?

  3. They’re not Catholics at all. The ironic thing is, this is a profoundly anti-Catholic movement we’re witnessing.

  4. Lovely picks. I particularly like # 4 “The Cat’s Eye Nebula.

    “Stardust Factory Solves 25-year-old Mystery of Impossible Dust”

    Is Hubble not the true virgin. An untouched innocent in space. Not making judgements. Just reporting back on the thing created.

  5. “They’re not Catholics at all.”

    What are Catholics Bock?

    I was raised as own. I disown that filthy grubby religion.

    What are they Bock?

    Child raping, idol worshiping, money grabbing, always lying, adulterous spawn of the Roman Empire.

    Maybe they are Catholic, with their dancing Sun and the miracle of a blind tinker boy seeing.

    Is that not the entire purpose of the Roman Catholic Church? Tricks and visions?

    They are not Christian.

    Has knowledge caught up with the Vatican? They know they can’t spread this filth anymore.

    The Vatican State has to admit that it must deal with the Federal State that is the European Union.

    No room for visions there Bock except the global vision.

    All hail Gaia.

    Pay carbon tax to your New God.

    And that God also comes from Rome.

  6. Whatever about religious superstition, at least a priest, rabbi, or whatever will attempt to answer questions if you ask. At least their beliefs are based on thousands of years of study. Not like this Joe Coleman and others like him with their secret messages.

  7. @ Doubting Thomas

    “at least a priest, rabbi, or whatever will attempt to answer questions if you ask.”

    So tell me how that shit works Doubting?

    They (the priest, rabbi, “or whatever”) already know what they believe. How is it possible for anyone that ignorant to “answer questions if you ask”?

    Don’t you think there might be a small problem with this? They already “believe”. There is no point in asking any question. Rabbi and Priest and Imam are by “belief” ignorant of answers. By “belief” they do not question.

    Do you understand that?

    “At least their beliefs are based on thousands of years of study.”

    Do you know any Priest, Rabbi, Imam who is thousands of years old?

    “Not like this Joe Coleman and others like him with their secret messages.”

    Has he, not matter what he is, not got as much validity as Pope, Rabbi, Imam?

    Who of the thousands years told you that he was not a messenger?

  8. Fuckin’ Hell!!! ….what next???….FFS….. (in relation to orig. post.)….still goin’ then, are they???

  9. I don’t agree that it’s anti-Catholic. These are people that have been thoroughly brainwashed by the Catholic church and holy Catholic Ireland, and now they’ll believe anything that reinforces the set of beliefs they have invested in. The Catholic church brought them to this point – it’s completely absurd of the church to now say that it doesn’t approve of them believing in the latest nonsense, just because it’s embarrassing to the church. It’s entirely disingenous of the church to disclaim a verifiably false apparation, while holding fast to ancient stories of resurrection, miracles and other gobbledegook simply because nobody can disprove them in real time.

    Saying it’s anti-Catholic is like saying that priests molesting little boys is anti-Catholic. Sure, the vatican will issue a press release to deny and condemn, but the substance of the issue is that clerical sex abuse is a Catholic phenomenon, because the structures and politics of the Church create the conditions that allow the buggers to carry on unmolested, as it were.. Buggering alter boys is as Catholic as a decade of the rosary.

    While I’m on the topic, did you notice the statement a few weeks back from the Vatican that Catholic priests were not the only ones guilty of sex abuse? They claimed that Protestants and Jews were also at it, and possibly enjoyed it even more. If anyone has any lingering doubts about how cynical an organisation the church is, do yourself a favour and google that statement. It is truly a staggering statement – essentially trying to deflect the blame by claiming that the others were at it too. What are we, five years old?

  10. I think its good to see people bypassing the middleman anyway – I’m getting a kick out of the Church’s reaction, its like “Excuse me, WE will tell you when to congregate to celebrate a miracle”. I wonder how many people just went for the day out?

  11. It isn’t a question of their disagreement with the local bishop or priests.

    Since these people don’t accept Catholic dogma they are, by definition, not Catholics. One commenter has described Mary as a goddess and others on the radio have spoken of adoration of the Virgin. Both of these things are fundamentally in conflict with Roman Catholic teaching.

    Now look. I’m hardly the person to be talking about Catholic teaching, since I consider it all to be nonsense, but let’s be consistent within the crazy rules of the church. In my experience, most people who claim to be Catholics don’t even know what their most basic teachings are.

    These people are not Catholics. They are a competing religion, though whether that’s a good thing or not I don’t know.

    However, I do know they’re all nuts.

  12. I thought adoration of the virgin was an essential part of Catholic life, especially for priests. Until they have deflowered the unfortunate young one, at least.

    To your point, you are right that most Catholics don’t even know what their own church teaches. They are so blinded by their brainwashing and so invested in the dogma, that they would go along with almost anything.

    The Knock crazies may not be ‘respectable’ catholics, but they are still catholics. Plenty of catholics engage in pre-marital sex, use contraception, don’t go to confession, support abortion and divorce, are (openly) homosexual, and have affairs. But you’d still call them catholics. Hell, some catholics don’t even follow the church’s instruction to bugger little boys on a regular basis, but they don’t get excommunicated for it.

    What’s a little apparition-worship in comparison?

  13. No end to it BOCK,

    But Hubble does it for me, every time.
    Can’t say I ever came across Bartley but I have met similar, they’re still about too. I did come across Reynolds one day in Cruises street but I couldn’t get a punch in, he was so well surrounded by those sycophantic waddling councillors as they rushed by and waved; absolute scum. It was shortly after that that the letter sent by the same Reynolds for the sneering evil pedophile Smith brought down the house of Reynolds.

    As for the idiots, I’m afraid there are a lot more about than was evidenced by the turn out up in Knock, so referring to them as the Idiot Classes may well be quite accurate.
    God help Ireland.

  14. @ Cynical Joe. Just for factual clarification, the Catholic teaching is that only God can be adored. Therefore Jesus, who is God, should be adored. Therefore, various weird aspects of Jesus may/should also be adored, such as Old Firechest (aka Sacred Heart) or the Toddler with the Ball (aka Infant of Prague). For this reason, when the Consecrated Host is taken out of the Shiny Box and put into the Golden Hedgehog on the Altar (officially known as Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament – not a crime, even in front of small children – aka letting Jesus out for a bit of fresh air) it may/should be adored and worshipped.

    Mary and the saints are venerated, not adored. Adoring/worshipping Mary would be making her into a Godess and thus remove this worshipper, by definition, from the set of units defined as Christian (including, obviously, the subset of this group, known as Catholic) since he/she would no longer accept that there is only one God, a basic Christian (as subset of the group Abrahamic/Monotheistic religions) teaching.

    Just for general information, like. One of the characteristics of delusional psychotic disorders is (for those who suffer from them) their internal consistency. The belief-systems of the half-wits flocking to Knock don’t even approach the level of psychosis – that wuld be too intellectually sophisticated for most of them.

    The Proddies, of course, have always claimed that the Catholics are dangerously soft on this issues and have therefore basically got rid of Mary and the saints entirely.

  15. Ireland, although being ultra Catholic, was never really converted to Christianity. The old pagan festivals got Christian names but the practices and beliefs remained pagan. Superstition and not religion was behind all the fuss in Knock.

  16. That monv838 pic from Hubble is some apparition (now on my screensaver), fantastic pics. thanks Bock. Better than a single sundance over Knac…….Knock any day.

    I hear Joe the mongrel has decided following consultations with his lady that the next appearance takes place in December and he will hold no further interviews with the media as he is in his own words “completely knackered”, how fitting!

    In any case why compete with the Autumn Internationals and the World Cup play-offs. December is an ideal time to look skyward, perchance to at long last see that vision of a heavenly body that has eluded us since childhood at long last appear in the skies, pouring forth with gifts and reminders to praise its creator.Coca-Cola. Yes, Joe is on another winner with the promise of Santa’s arrival at the Basilica. All ticket gig.

  17. Jesus lads, ye’r all a big bunch of Blasphemers. Off to Hades with youall. Or at least find a Knock shop.
    By the way, Is it a Knock shop in Knock, or, a Knock in shop in Knock?

  18. @ frantheman: Thanks man, I appreciate the cathecism lesson. It brings back deeply repressed memories of a stuffy classroom on dreary November mornings and the musty smell of rain-soaked jerseys on old wooden desks. And the primary school teacher, standing up there, rambling on about this stuff that made absolutely no sense to my 8 year-old ears, but that we were supposed to absorb in glorious awe. I can still feel my head wanting to explode, not so much with the improbability of the story, which I could live with, but with complete incomprehension as to how so many adults and other kids could apparently just believe this stuff without realising how stupid it all was. The only consolation in the memory is the thought that I backed myself on this from a young age and I was right all along.

    But you are right of course; there is only one god. Except that there are three gods. But to avoid the mathematical issues, the three gods are really one god. Three for the price of one; a bargain to appeal to the Jewish market, perhaps? One of the gods is the father of the other one, which may mean that he had to fuck himself, since there was nobody else around at the time. Oh, except for the mysterious third god, the ghostly one. Maybe the ghostly god took one up the shitter from the father god; which might explain why he has been sidelined, ghost-written out of the script for the most part. Maybe he’s the gay brother that we never speak about; luckily he’s invisible, so he’s easy to ignore. But apparently he still inspires priests and brothers around the world, which may explain a few chapters in the Ryan report.

    Ah, the comfort of delusion. Nothing ever has to make any sense; just listen and repeat, and all the uncertainty of the world is magiced away. You can understand the appeal perhaps, but the psychological price for foregoing reason and clarity is high. And we saw the results on rude display in a field in Mayo last weekend.

  19. In Ireland, isn’t the established religion the ‘Roman Catholic’ church, as opposed to the Catholic church?

    I think it’s a big difference.

  20. I think Phil Chevron wrote this one. Seems, somehow, to be an apposite comment on the whole thing:

  21. dear Bock,

    Have you heard Dara O’brian and Ryan Tubridy are to be criminally investigated for blasphemy on live tv by the Gardai under irish Blasphemy Laws and face fines of up to 25,000 not to mention ruined careers if found guilty. They laughed at Knock visions and the Tree Stump in rathkeale and it was all done on Live TV, Broadcasting authority are already inundated with complaints of blasphemy. go to and set the interview to about 13 minutes thats when OBrian and Tubridy start talking. There is no denying it. It was last Fridays Late Late 6th November

  22. That’s because the Knock visions and the Rathkeale tree stump are bullshit and deserve to be laughed at.

    Furthermore, the ridiculous blasphemy law doesn’t cover taking the piss out of this nonsense. You’ll have to work harder on your homework if you want to frighten people like that.

    Are you 12?

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