Big Girls Blues Band at the Speakeasy

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Nov 032009

This just in from Speakeasy Central:

crown011This Thursday, 5th November, we have the pleasure of inviting The Big Girls Blues Band all the way from London to our beautiful Rowing Club.

Not only are these the Funkiest, Bluesiest, Soul-fullest cats around the London scene, but also, their front woman may look familiar to you. Jane Fraser, a local girl with a huge voice has been making waves around the Jazz clubs in London for some time now and is coming home in style to funk up your winter.004




The Big Girls Blues Band

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    Fantastic. Thankfully there are still a few people around who appreciate live music instead of the brain dead night club scene. Good post Bock.


    Brilliant! I’ve seen them twice in Brighton and loved every minute. Thanks x


    You guys really rock. Keep up the good work,


    What a wonderfull sound. I love it

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