Dublin Diocese Clerical Sex Abuse Report Leaked

Facts to come out at last on rapist priests


The report has been published here.


The Dublin Diocese inquiry findings will probably be published on Thursday next, 26th November, but they have already been leaked to the press.

If reports are correct, the inquiry will say that the four Archbishops who controlled the diocese before Diarmuid Martin cared little or nothing for the suffering of children raped by their priests.  The archbishops’ main concern was to protect the privilege, power and status of their church, and to achieve this, they prevented complaints being made to the police and suppressed information about violent sexual crimes carried out by priests in their employ. Even though the four bishops knew that their priests were abusing children wholsale, not one of them informed the Gardai until 1995.

These men were Desmond Connell, and before him Kevin MacNamara, preceded by Dermot Ryan and before him again, John Charles McQuaid, the man who virtually dictated the constitution of this State.

Martin, an affable but shrewd operator, attracts praise for his openness and willingness to confront the problem directly.

You might remember as recently as last year, the former archbishop, Desmond Connell,  took a high court action in an effort to prevent his successor,  Martin, from releasing diocesan files on sexual abuse claims to the church’s own commission of investigation.

The Gardai won’t come well out of the inquiry either.   A culture of deference to the church authorities existed within the force and perhaps even a culture of collusion to ensure that no priest had to face prosecution.  It seems that many Gardai believed the same thing as the clergy themselves: in Ireland the Catholic church was not only above the law, but might actually have been the law.

The inquiry report, which only covers a sample of 46 abusing priests, will expose deep-rooted corruption, callousness, selfishness and indifference to wrongdoing among the deeply Christian hierarchy of the Catholic church. A number of chapters will be omitted from the report because they refer to people against whom charges have been brought, including one individual who was only charged last week when it became common knowledge that the chapter referring to him was also extremely critical of an Garda Síochána.  A relative of one victim has suggested that this is too much of a coincidence.

As soon as the report becomes available, I hope to summarise its principal findings.


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10 thoughts on “Dublin Diocese Clerical Sex Abuse Report Leaked

  1. It is only now that I’m getting my mind round the Ryan Report. It is like peeling a laminate for once you get below one layer. Give it a few days and one will certainly find another.
    This new report will be similar I suspect, and as horrible as the base document will be, beyond and below will be far worse.
    On the Ryan Report, if one takes the Judiciary. There has never been in Law an ability to install children by the District Courts except for Contempt and even then this ruling is open to appeal. But how many kids ended up with a criminal record because of some very very moody decisions made by a man placed by a combo of Bishops and the local political machine.

  2. This is an historic opportunity to put the church out of business in Ireland. We can turn it into a minority hobby for old, brainwashed people; the lawn bowls of social institutions. I am serious – we must grab this moment and destroy the tacit authority the church still wields over ordinary Irish people. The Ryan Report was commendably forthright in its condemnation, but it seems to have mainly damaged the reputation of the Christian Brotherfuckers and the Sisters of No Mercy, sideline cults comprised of those who were too stupid or too penis-less to qualify for the main event.

    Despite all the condemnation; all the horrific exposure of pure, banal evil; all the words that have been written in shocked response; all the soul searching; all the righteous indignation; despite all of this, every weekend still sees millions of obedient Irish sheep trotting off down to the church, dragging their brainwashed little lambs behind, to hear another simplistic, boring, intellectually-barren morality tale from a two thousand year-old, goat-infested wasteland. And then the poor little offspring are routinely trussed up in their finery, stray strands of hair slapped back into place with a gob of fatherly spittle, and processed through the conveyor belt of First Holy Communion, First Confession and Confirmation. For what? For fuck sake, for what possible purpose in a 21st century country with much bigger problems to worry about?

    I consider myself to be proudly Irish, for reasons that are harder and harder to articulate as this country continues to embarrass itself. But the one thing that makes me want to disown my country is this pathetic, feeble-minded deference to the church and the incomprehensible lack of self-awareness among those who are too cowardly to risk the slightest social disapproval by being honest about their actual beliefs. I read an article in the Irish Times last week about the supposedly growing CountMeOut movement of defectors from the catholic church (all of 72 defections so far, fucking A); anyway, one of the people interviewed declined to identify himself because he didn’t want his mammy to know. I nearly ended my misery right there – here is a person who has figured out that he doesn’t want to belong to this evil institution that so damages lives, and yet he’s afraid to tell his mammy. I think he has completely missed the point, the cowardly little shit.

    Let’s make sure that the Dublin Archdiocese Report is published widely, that we ram it down the throats of every simpering little moral midget who files into church each week, that we force everyone in this country to face up to the consequences of their appeasement of this vast conspiracy, and that we harness the outrage to redefine what it means to be Irish, no less. If we let this opportunity slip, we’re doomed. I mean, what else would the church have to be found guilty of to warrant its dismantling as a foundation plank of the State? Maybe if it starting killing people? How many, a few hundred, a few thousand? Where’s the point at which the moral midgets will finally give it up? I say we have arrived at that point and the midgets need to be confronted with that reality now.

    My friends, let’s take this opportunity to reshape our country’s history for the good.

  3. What more harm does the Roman Church have to do to Ireland and its children before the Irish people make a stand.?. When is enough? Could the Roman Church possibly do more damage to the people of Ireland?. Was the whole struggle through out the centuries in vain?. Is not protecting children one of the fundemental fellings of all humans?. How wrong can a country become when it allows its children to be savaged by anyone?.

  4. I dont see the Irish ever giving up the Catholic Church no matter what it does.The root of the madness is self interest,What the church promises the fools…eternal existance!!.And with that carrot dangling they are prepared to turn a blind eye to everything.After they are already living in a state of denial.The denial of Death!.I wonder if there was a god but no heaven how many of them would bother going to church.Religons tell the stupid what they want to hear that they are special, loved by a mighty power and will live forever.Beats the reality that they are nothing will die and rot and be forgotten forever I guess.

  5. I’ve spent the day googling and hunting for some glimmer of rage on this. I moved here 17 years ago and have raised kids here and I can’t understand the horrific silence and lack of fightback over what has been done to your children. Two days after Ferns every child in this small town on the west coast went into holy communion without a word of protest,not one person stood outside and refused to hand their child over and that is what breaks my heart, the complicity of people in this. Tomorrow another report and I would love to think it will spur the irish people into acting to protect their children from these monsters but I fear there’ll just be silence and cars lined up around the church on sunday.

  6. Bock, the Irish people have a capacity for anger and self-pitying indignation beyond most. Just look at what happens when a French man touches a football with his hand.

    The problem is that the Irish people lack courage. They are afraid to challenge authority and are happier in a conservative social status quo. Hence their simpering deference to the State (witness the deafening silence when the State removed people’s right to express their personal views about the existence of gods) and their grovelling subjugation to the church.

    The Irish people are wimps; if they don’t get outraged when the country’s children are being raped by priests and the church engages in a vast conspiracy to prevent criminal due process, when will they ever? The contrast with the outrage over a stolen football match just serves to highlight how pathetic the Irish people are in this regard. It’s a national embarrassment that will haunt future generations.

    And if you ever wondered how the Nazis surreptitiously grew to power in Germany, now you know.

  7. Joe..you make some good points.I would just add that in Ireland there is an admiration for corruption and dishonesty amongst the ordinary population that I have never seen elsewhere.An example of this was the last general election when allegations of corruption were being made against Fianna Fail,the result was that their support increased!!.I remember another example here when a Garda whose name in the locality was a byword for corruption would go to the local pub when off duty,there would be no end of arselickers falling over themselves to buy him drink.However honest people never seemed to be that popular in this country.

  8. William; you are right, of course. I wonder if this admiration of corruption is not a reflection of the same fear of challenging authority. When some cute hoor manages to cheat the system without getting caught, he’s a hero. Because he got one over on the ‘authority’ figure – whether it’s the law or the State or a bank or whatever. But inevitably the hero lacks the courage to challenge authority openly.

    But this is nothing to do with clerical sex abuse. Those bastards just cheated helpless children out their innocence.

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