A long busy day of horror, rugby and carousing.

With a stroll around town and a read of the paper.

Last night was the feast of Saint Halloween, patron saint of feral children.

This is the day, every year, when urchins gather by the roadside to practise the traditional art of flinging eggs at cars, and when their parents stand around a huge bonfire drinking Dutch Gold and freeing the spirit of the god, Dioxin.


Once a year, on this day, even hardened atheists pray: for rain, and our prayers were answered last night when it started to rain heavily at about 11 o’clock, sending thousand of disappointed pyjama people home, too sober and too early, their celebrations in ruins, a heap of half-melted wheelie-bins and smouldering mattresses.

Our prayer wasn’t answered too early though.  The day started bright, crisp and sunny.  Just the thing for a walk by the river, followed by a browse around the market004

People-watching and nibbling little treats before wandering off for a coffee and a read of the paper.009

This is the last time we’ll see the market  in its present form, open to the elements.  It closes for six months while they put  a giant umbrella over it.


Traders have mixed views about this, and I have misgivings myself but we’ll have to give it a chance.


Time for a coffee in Nancy’s and a chat.

The world’s funniest German is in good form.  He kills us with his latest joke: Hello.  Can I help you?


Things are looking grim here too.  A harsh disciplinary regime means that cheeky customers can expect no mercy:


It’s a busy day.  We’re off to Thomond Park to meet Ulster in a Magners League match.  Bullet and myself got lucky and secured stand tickets through a kind friend.



Ulster are tough opposition, but Munster grind out a good victory, securing a bonus point for four tries and winning 24-10.  How bad?


After that, what else can you do only get down to some serious partying?  Saint Halloween delivered, bless him, providing rain, music and drink.

What more could one ask from the patron saint of feral children?


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16 thoughts on “Halloween

  1. Your man Elvis here… he’s looking decidedly thin these days Bock. Is there someone who can show him where the nibble stall is situated beneath the new giant umbrella of the auld market place?

    He has the look about him of a hangdog rather than a hound dog since the hamburger stall closed.

  2. Evening BOCK,

    Was out myself; but a little more subdued than usual after nearly eight days on the trot so to speak! From what I saw of the throngs about though, there has to be some question mark over whether there really is a recession here at all? I mean there were people everywhere drinking for hours on end, everywhere I was at any rate. While the rain settled into a real steady downpour I left and made ready for today’s work, just as well; I’m bollixed all day from needing to sit back for a bit.

    Good win for Munster too!

  3. I saw hordes of Canadian med-students whose parents are paying the University of Limerick 60 grand a year to make them into doctors.

    There’s no recession in Canada, so maybe that would account for it.

  4. Jesus Bock, was the bike still chained up when ye got back from the game? I kept me eye on it as long as I could! Ya know yerself! Great feckin’ game!

    BTW; Herself was major impressed at meeting a celeb like yerself yesterday!

    “That’s BOCK?, Jesus isn’t he a handsome cunt all the same”!

  5. quick example of Ze Germans humour…Meself and a drunken shower of bandeleros rolled in one evening after a feed of pints and proceeded to seal the deal with another large portion of sauce..The conversation was it usual standard (lower than a caterpillars bollocks) and one of our group started slagging Ze German about the Concentration Camps..Ze German replies ‘How dare you..My Uncle died in a concentration camp!’…stunned silence..’Re-Really?’..’Yes,..he was drunk and fell off a watchtower.’

  6. Is the market closing completely for six months or will the stalls be moving elsewhere? Life without the market for six whole months won’t be as good:-(

  7. That would be our Seb. Big fan of the Specials is our Germanic friend. Funny haha conversations with him about playing Medal of Honour war games.
    The traders are been moved to Ellen St market. If its the old market at the back of the now defunct Quinns pub, it’ll be fairly pokey, so maybe they’ll close off Ellen St itself.
    As for Capt Marvel/Flash’s conversation with Elvis: i think the Capt is saying “Nah Elvis, where you Fucked yourself was listening to the eejits that told you wearing full leathers is naff”

  8. Since when did Desperate Dan started dressing up as the Flash? I mean look at the size of that chin, it has to be Desperate Dan.

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