Jesus Appears in Pub Toilet

The Lord appears in Limerick

I took this picture of a door in the toilet of a well-known Limerick hostelry.

You can clearly make out the features of Jesus in the wood grain, and in fact he has chosen to appear twice.

Sadly, some vandal has traced over the right-hand image with ball-point, but the image on the left is intact.

The first person to correctly identify the location of this miracle will receive a free Bock t-shirt.

Prove it isn’t just a wild guess by sending in a picture of your own.

jesus in the toilet 002

53 thoughts on “Jesus Appears in Pub Toilet

  1. …Ah! I see a money-making opportunity:
    soft-nibbed pencil, bog roll (conveniently supplied) and you’ve got a trace-your-own Turin-Shroud cottage industry!!
    The bar (being slightly stuck for customers at present) would probably flog them for us over-the-counter.

  2. Bock,

    May I hazard a guess and put forward my suggestion as to the name of the hostelry – ‘Flannery’s’?


  3. that can’t be right – surely that’s a family portrait of Chewbacca and his twin brother Alphonse?

  4. Right, that’s it. I’m off to take a picture of the Madonna & Child.
    (They appeared on the bath panel and have, I think, every intention of staying!
    It’s not too bad when you’re in the bath, but they are staring right at ya when you’re trying to have a dump!

  5. Jim — Don’t thank me. Thank the Lord.

    Pete – No.

    Shawn — Now you’re thinking.

    Grandad — You’ll have to guess better than that. Though, of course Jesus might have appeared as Gandalf.

    Kevin — The Lord is mysterious and multi-faceted.

    Keith — Nope.

    Seconds — Nope.

    Vincent — Who?

    Kae — The Bacca Brothers?

    Paulo1i — No. Not at all.

    Stew — Send it in.

    Savannah — I try.

    Gerrryo — And Transits. I’m sure the pub is looking forward to its new customers when I reveal full details.

    Mr Pagano — Picture taken with the Great White Mobile Phone?

    Unstranger — Grandad isn’t able to chew biscuits.

    Dazman — Your mission, should you decide to accept it …

    Ian — It’s the Door of Turin.

    Pat — Have a quiet word with Ian on the theology of this.

  6. Was thinking Tom Collins’.

    JC (assuming that’s him on the left sticking out his tongue and his twin brother Fonsie who seems to have a severe nasal drip) is probably appearing in the jax there since reports reached Neverland about the now deplorable standards of graffiti – once the best in town during The Knights of Malta era – to be found there.

    Mind you, it does look very………….clean!

  7. I am with Grandad on this one it is Gandalf ! Watch out for Saron . He will be after your ring. Especially in a public jacks.

  8. The Door of Turin?

    You mean someone got wrapped up in a door and came back to life in a Limerick jacks?

  9. Bock,

    Don’t reveal where it is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Buy the place (If you can find a bank that actually has money to lend).

    Then tell Joe Coleman about it!

    When you make your millions – send me the t-shirt!


  10. No correct answers so far. Sorry folks. Keep searching. Wild guesses won’t be accepted. Send in a picture to prove you found it.

  11. ALriiiiighty then,

    The site is not broken, it has been re-organised and this is fairly close to the final layout folks.
    Recent posts in the left hand column, category sections in the middle column and the right hand column will have varying uses in different parts of the site.
    All of the site can now be accessed from the front page.
    The Navigation bars on top get you everywhere in one click, just hover over them to see and things should be droipping down in front of your eyes. This follows a careful analysis of computer usage, mouse movements statis…..
    Ah feckit, look we redesigned it in the pub last night so ure stuck with it…….. :-)

  12. Oi!,
    There is no evidence of any bearded influence upon the sanctity of this here layout, Drambuie and mescaline maybe, but definitely no toilet faces…

  13. If you find the location and its a pub you like to call home, beware the implications.

    We all saw what happened when The Holy Stump of Rathkeale revealed its potent power upon the gullible hordes.

    We witnessed entire tribes of knackers descend upon Knock-Knock in recent weeks turning it into a tip overnight as the Sun-God danced in merriment overhead at the behest of the Ballyfermot Wizard.

    How will your once friendly bar-keep regard your revelation (to Joe Duffy!) of the Constipated Christ on his wall? Especially if he has to clean up smalls mountain of shit, discarded tayto bags and rubbish, when his car park or outside door becomes a piebald horse depot and there are more scuffles to be broken up inside the premises than are seen on the Lebanese border on a bad month.

    When the faithful depart, having seen Jesus of the Jax and left their tribute, do you think that green item in your pint is his way of saying “have an early St. Patrick’s Day pint on me” ?

    Careful now…….as Fr. Dougal might say.

    P.S. Is it Tom & Jerry’s on Lower Glentworth St.?

  14. As I said, wild guesses won’t do. You have to find it and verify it by means of a picture.

    You have my assurance that it exists in a pub in Limerick.

  15. Limerick eh? Oh!

    There was a pub in Limerick
    But it’s not a pub any more
    They closed the pub
    And opened a shrine
    Because Jesus was stuck on the door

  16. The galling thing is I’ve seen it before and remarked quietly to myself. But where the fuck was it?? Pub crawl over the weekend so, not including The Locke.

  17. Weekend Pub crawl…..

    Well.If that’s how it has to be, so be it.

    We’re coming for you Jesus of the Jaxwall

  18. Funnily enough, there was a nice little pub in Little Catherine street that is now The Knock Shrine Bureau!

    (Will send on the pics of ‘Madonna & Child Of The Holy Bathroom’ as soon as I find the cord thingymajig wot connects the camera to the ‘puter!)

  19. Deep down you really are searching for Jesus. We all are. I hope you find him some day. Not on a door, but in your soul.

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