Limerick City Gallery of Art – Noughties Exhibition

Quick. Get my revolver.

Here’s a clever and witty piece in Limerick City Gallery of Art.


Pity about this pretentious piece of nonsense that goes with it.


15 thoughts on “Limerick City Gallery of Art – Noughties Exhibition

  1. The bit of Art works, the justification less so.
    Police Transit, Culture and the external Society. And even this is a word or three to long.

  2. Initially all I could see in the above was a clown playing lego with cardboard boxes. But then after inspecting it closely I began to experience a temporal relationships with place and a concrete relationships with the external society.

    I mentioned this to Paddy Joe outside on the halting site and he said that Mickey John’s piebald pony, which he had left tied up outside the RDS when he was at a recent Leinster game,
    had experienced the same thing after observing Postman Pats transit van above.

    That’s an amazing conincidence PJ, I said.

    It is an all Mr Out, replied PJ. It is an all.

    Meantime, is there a grant in this lark?

  3. Clever? I suppose I shall have to grant it that but “art”? I am reminded of what’s his name’s half shark or the pile of brick’s a few years ago. Better yet the unmade bed! I am an artist myself and did not know.

  4. Roosta — I don’t know. You’d have to ask the person who wrote it .

    Thaiman — How true

    Yann — The spammer, sadly, is known to this site. He’s drunk on a beach in Thailand the bastard.

    Vincnt — I agree. Exactly. Spot on.

    Mr Out – Ah come on.the thing is well made and it’s funny. The blurb however, is neither.

  5. It really says what he thinks of the An Garda Siochana. That gibberish below indicated more clearly so- a load of crap!

  6. I want it to be known that although I too an drunk in Thailand the spammer wasn’t me. Although I have a sneaky suspicion as to who it might be.
    Beautiful artwork by the way makes me almost want to go home..what a load of self serving shite in the summation.

  7. Exactly.

    A lot of conceptual art that rehashes work done 20, 30 or even 80 years ago is worth a wry smile or even a chuckle. It’s the sheer weight of asinine verbiage that accompanies it makes a sickbag compulsory when trawling the galleries.

    The problem is that for every practising artist there are two or three academics, administrators and journos, who have to say their piece to get paid.

    However I guess it’s ‘mostly harmless’ – they could be in ‘financial services’, I suppose.

  8. just the usual verbose conceptual mumbo jumbo that art colleges drum into otherwise coherent young people. nice piece though. was that in the same show as some of Shinnor’s crows?

  9. The greatest sculpture since The Thinker by Rodin, and the prose accompaniment is the most elevating since Churchill’s wartime speech We will fight on the beaches…We art lovers shall never surrender.

    Will Seamus Nolan be elected a member of Aosdana?

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