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NAMA’s operations are more extensive than I realised.

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May I make some observations about NAMA etc.
1. I have never heard any discussion about the price it cost to set up NAMA
2. What are the qualifications of the people who are going to set in train the procedures to be adopted in
getting value back from clients for their outstanding debts and interest or is there a Policy being adopted
for write offs.
3. We have not heard the Salaries of the’ Heads’ of NAMA. (Ihappened to be in the Dail the day that Brian Lenihan was asked this question.He did not know himself but there were two Officials there from NTMA
who Mr Lenihan referred to about this. The answer came back that they weren’t allowed to say what the salaries would be. Is this fair – ‘poor’ Mr. O’Doherty and ‘poor’ Mr. Sheehy and indeed all the Banks have been declared. Personally I think NAMA should not have been set up at enormous expence . The money that has been floated by the Tax Payer via the government to NAMA should have been paid directly to the Banks. They already have in place a structure for Bad Debts. Banks might not have to shed too many Staff
in this scenario and it would save the Tax Payer a fortune. Of course Fianna Fail always have their own agenda for their pals.
3.I find this point very irritating – both the Bank of Ireland and the AIB, sold assetts last year and before for millions (namely Head Offices and Bank Branches.) Its no wonder the Balance Sheets have depleted
and NAMA have now

Nama is a mechanism to Fianna Fail to save face, bail out their friends and temporarily protect the banks so that their wealthy pals can squirrell their funds into large foreign banks. The cost will be borne by future generations. Maybe these generations deserve to pay for the sins of their fathers-voting for crooks and fast buck merchants. If the British did this to the economy there would be revolution. What a pity that the Irish are so stupid that they cannot see in front of the noses. Perhaps their noses are so far up the local FF’s rearend that they can’ t see anything at all.

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