Religious Orders Fail to Meet Responsibilities to Abuse Survivors

Who could have guessed that the people who ran our industrial schools would go back on their word?

Who for one second could have imagined that the religious orders who operated a system of slavery, torture, sexual abuse and financial rapacity would also turn out to be two-faced liars?

I’m stunned.

You remember the uproar six months ago when the Ryan report was published.  The entire country was outraged that Ahern’s government had given €1.28 billion of public money to pay for the redress board while the priests and brothers and nuns had given almost nothing, even though they were responsible for the rapes and beatings and the destruction of children’s lives.

You remember how, after fighting the inquiry in the courts and denying everything for years, the religious congregations finally prostrated themselves in shame and remorse, and promised to contribute to a fund for the survivors of their abuse.  You recall how this sincere promise was made to our splendid leader after he was forced to threaten them with sequestration of their assets.

Well guess what. It looks like business as usual. It looks like they’ve fallen back on a tried and tested method of bamboozling the government and the Irish people: lie low until the heat dies down.

According to this report, some of the 18 abusing orders have failed to respond to three separate queries from the government about their proposed contributions to a fund for their victims.

Now let me ask you this. Why is the government inviting these peple to make suggestions?  Why isn’t it kicking their doors down and taking everything they possess?

Plus ca change.


One in Four statement.


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I forget the name, but there was a TV investigation in OZ, which I feel opened all of this. There was something about the WW2 evacuee humping stone, and some being entombed when someone fell in to a shutter of concrete.

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