Sensation! Jaywalkers to Play Milford Hospice Fundraiser Sober!!

Support a great local charity and have a good night out at the same time.

The Jaywalkers play their annual reunion gig in Dolan’s Warehouse on Friday December 4th, but with a couple of new twists.

First, all proceeds go to Milford Hospice, which continues to do wonderful work in Limerick.  But here’s something truly astounding.  They intend to play the gig sober.

If this happens, it will be another first.  Go along to Dolans and see something truly unique –  a sober Jaywalkers gig.  This is bigger than Munster beating the All Blacks.  You can tell your grandchildren you were there when it happened.

Admission is €5, which you must admit is pretty damn cheap, and remember, it all goes to Milford Hospice.

Come in at about 9:25 pm and go away again about three hours later.

Support on the night will be provided by David Simms, a fine player and singer in his own right.  David will definitely be sober.

4 thoughts on “Sensation! Jaywalkers to Play Milford Hospice Fundraiser Sober!!

  1. Did I commit to that the other night? How about kinda sober? No, we will be in fine fettle. Robbie Jaywalker has been honing his non-drinking skills and is almost capable of going an hour without a pint. I myself haven’t done that well but I continue to strive and, with the help and support of Pablo and Paul Jaywalker, I believe I’ll get through a two hour set without a pint.
    Keep a couple on the boil just in case though.

    Thanks for the post, Bock. If you have a t-shirt in extra large, I’ll wear it at the gig.

  2. What time is kick-off Bock?

    ….its hardly the late gig if they’re expected to stay sober, wouldn’t do that to anyone…….even Tom O’Hawk.

  3. Bock – apologies for getting onto this thread, but I am trying to find out about my uncle Jock Hunter, and the only mention I can find of someone who might be him is on your site. Would you be able to email me separately at the address I have given so that we can have an email conversation about him?

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