Nov 182009

So far, nobody has been able to identify the location of this uncanny image that appeared on a toilet door in a Limerick pub.  The Face of Jesus.

Next Friday, 20th November, I will reveal its location  and the first five people to come back with a photograph of it will receive a prize.  (And maybe a few more people too, if you speak to me nicely).

jesus in the toilet 002

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    Naw, been through most of the jacks now, still can’t find Hisself!

    (Just sent the pics of Herself and the Youngfella!)


    I have a keen interest in this one.


    It could be my lousy eyesight, but I see to faces. Could it be Janus instead of Jesus?
    Sould have gone to Spec…never mind!


    The Lord appears twice to remind us that there are two sides to every story.

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