Thierry Henry, You Cheating Fuck

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Nov 192009

Udate Nov 23rd 2009

Acording to this  Reuters report, FIFA is to hold an extraordinary meeting before next month’s World Cup draw to discuss Thierry Henry’s handball in the qualifiers and the discovery of a match-fixing ring by German police.

Match-fixing ring, eh?  Would that be anything like a conspiracy, do you reckon?


What a proud day for France, beating Ireland by playing basketball.

FIFA_Fair_PlayAnd what a clever move to keep us thinking we were playing a game with different rules.

Damn! There’s our guys thinking you can’t touch the ball, but M. Henry knows better. He knows that no matter what happens, France will be brought into the World Cup. If he should happen to gently nudge the ball with his hand, no referee will notice, and if Ireland should manage to equalise, the referee will somehow contrive a penalty for France before the final whistle.

He knows this because he has been told it before the game kicked off. Thierry Henry knew his team would be going to South Africa before they played one second of the first leg in Dublin.


Because we now know clearly that soccer has no credibility whatever. We can see now that soccer is a profoundly corrupt activity, with no purpose except to make money for people like Thierry Henry and his masters.

It’s a fix, and anyone who doubted it before now would need to have another hard look at the facts. Any sport that is unable to correct blatant cheating, caught on camera for the entire world to see, doesn’t deserve to be called a sport.

It deserves to be called a scam, and that’s exactly what the World Cup is. A fraud.

In an office somewhere, or perhaps on a laptop, if you knew where to look, you’d find details of next year’s World Cup winners, and probably the final score.

Tonight, soccer lost whatever little credibility it had left. It’s over. It’s dead.

It’s bullshit.
Don’t take my word for it.



Second Out adds …

SHAMED Frog captain captain Thierry Henry believes that Ireland should have a replay. The cheese-eating Barcelona striker said in a statement today that Ireland deserve to be in South Africa. But the Renault driving ex Arsenal star failed to give an explanation as to why advancing German forces overran his country in a weekend back in 41. The Toad skipper stunned the Irish nation after handling the ball twice to set up William Gallas’ equalising goal in Paris on Wednesday night. But the Swedish referee, who was later, allegedly, seen leaving the Stadium strapped to a guide dog, failed to spot the incident. His assistants, who also hail from a country whose only notable contribution to civilisation is long, drawn out porn movies, also saw fuck all. That extra time strike secured a 2-1 aggregate win for the hopping amphibians over a gallant and virtuous Irish side – who donate all their money to charity – and booked their ticket for the 2010 World Cup finals in South Africa. The croissant munchers, who don’t donate any cash to worthy causes, and who speak in a nasally foreign tone, have so far refused to admit that they are cheating bastards. But Henry, who also drives a noisy Citron, went some way toward redeeming his compatriots today. However, speaking exclusively to Bock the Robber a chain smoking Parasian remained unrepentant: Fuck you, fuck your parents, we fart in your general direction, he said, today. Bastard!

Full Frog Statement from Henry

I have said at the time and I will say again that yes I handled the ball. I am not a cheat and never have been.

It was an instinctive reaction to a ball that was coming extremely fast in a crowded penalty area.

As a footballer you do not have the luxury of the television to slow the pace of the ball down 100 times to be able to make a conscious decision.

People are viewing a slow motion version of what happened and not what I or any other footballer faces in the game.

If people look at it in full speed you will see that it was an instinctive reaction.

It is impossible to be anything other than that. I have never denied that the ball was controlled with my hand. I told the Irish players, the referee and the media this after the game.

Naturally I feel embarrassed at the way that we won and feel extremely sorry for the Irish who definitely deserve to be in South Africa.

Of course the fairest solution would be to replay the game but it is not in my control.

There is little more I can do apart from admit that the ball had contact with my hand leading up to our equalising goal and I feel very sorry for the Irish.

Today’s FAI Statement.

Following this afternoon’s meeting of its Board of Management, the Football Association of Ireland has called on the French Football Federation, as one of the world’s largest Football Associations, to join with it and the captains of both the French and Irish teams, Thierry Henry and Robbie Keane, to request a replay from FIFA that would protect the integrity of the game worldwide and the pride of the French national team.

The Board of Management noted the FFF’s statement that it will comply with whatever FIFA decides and welcomed the French team captain’s statement that a replay would be the fairest solution. Lastly, the FAI’s Board of management noted FIFA’s earlier response on the issue and has sent a separate reply to that body.

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    Go to to register your anger.


    Go to to register your anger OFFICIALLY


    I did.


    My feelings on this”sport” are already well professed on this site….. just a pity that a proud display by a very proud team(on this particular night)came to mean nowt by its authorities and the ill educated of its corruptive hierarchy and those of its following in this country…….here’s hoping the IRB has more of an understanding of the meaning of the term SPORT to nurse Rugby through its professional infancy than what FIFA has managed to sodomize this evening. Shame on you FIFA!,you shifted the proverbial goalposts one time too often tonight in serving your so called “World game”,if the boot was on the other foot it would mean European anarchy,but it’s ok,Ireland will have nothing to do with your corporate bullshit slogan FAIR PLAY in south africa. If you ask me,we’re better off without it after that international farce tonight.


    Le Cheese eating Irish bird ridin surrender monkey Cunt. had this to say afterwards….”If they had got through it wouldn’t have been robbery (lucky). We have a lot of respect for this team,” Henry said. “We knew they play long and like a physical battle. You saw tonight that they are a very good team. I played eight years in ENGLAND and I can tell you they are.”


    Saying I heard year’s ago,………… “If ya can bet on it…’s fixed” … (may not apply, but, who knows these things?)


    It’s more than just resentment I feel in the cold light of day, but what good will it do me to vent my anger this late in the game? I’ll still eat French cheese and pish in the patisserie doorway on the way home of a night.

    Nothing changes, cheated again, only this time by those wearing a different colour uniform.


    What a shame!
    I wonder if the FIFA-gentlemen will (at least) suspend Monsieur Henry for the tournament.

  9. com/watch?v=bFYHN2Lw zfI

    anyone else remember this bullshit. I hate this, he is a disgrace to the game


    I’m finished with professional sport. corrupt corrupt. Not so much f**k Henry, f**k FIFA!!


    What Henri did was even a foul in basketball, volleyball…….nuff said!


    I don’t know what to laugh at first.
    So soccer is bollox, a shite sport run dually to occupy the minds of the prolitariat and fleece them coming and going on tickets, jerseys etc. Scoop!

    As well as being a shite sport, there may e the possibility (which takes no stretch of the imagination on my part anyway) that it’s a corrupt sport and that in this multimillion euro ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY, fair play and sporting morality may not come firsst and matches may indeed be fixed as necessary. Scoop!

    Even though France won and qualified, their victory was completly over shadowed by the qualification of Algeria. Algerians in France went mental last night, causing damage to property and clashing with riot police, as well as making a god almighty racket. Those French who aren’t soccer fans may not know as of yet that their country has qualified for the World Cup, but they sure as shit know Algeria did.
    Now substitue the word “Irish” instead of “Algerian”, and “English” instead of “French” and you will have a good idea of the context involved.

    So, a football team who share a name with our country, full of players with tenuous links to that country (links that generaly do not extend to playing football or paying tax in said country) lost to a team with similarily tenuoous links to another country.Ha!


    grrrr…garlic munching blouson wearing musket dropping two faced cheating cunt! They can stick their beautiful game up their hole. Bring on the 6 nations!


    Unacceptable behaviour already done by Henry! This is shameful for both Henry&FIFA.
    It’s really great article to expalin main point. Football isn’t a kind of professional sport. It’s all about living&money!
    Sorry for Ireland. You did so well. Hope you’ll can get much better through european cup 2012.


    Its all good blaming Henry for this but I can guarantee you that Keane or even the God-like figure of O’shea would have done the excact same thing. It was that baldy scandinavian retard of a ref, and (probably bald) slimeball of a linesman, who had a clear view of a) the offside from squillachi who knocked the ball to Henry, and b) who had a clear view of the handball, that we should vent our frustration. But a lot has to be said for how happy Messrs Blatter and Platini are with each other. Their scam of seeding the big teams for the qualifiers worked. Seeding teams in what is a seriously flawed system of ranking teams in international football. A system that has Croatia, a team marginally better than Ireland, as the 8th best team, a system that has Norn Iron, 3 places above ourselves, a system that has Switzerland, a country thats more useless than Anne Frank’s drum kit, as the 13th best team in the world. We knew that before the tie was even made that we were gonna be hard done by at some stage, but its the circumstances that it was done. Henry could be a replacement for Tommy Walsh with that performance.

    But the real losers of this are the South African pubs. They are gonna be sickened there is nobody to drink properly down there. Auld Pierre will be getting his wine and water, but it wont be the same, for as we all know Kumala just isnt the same as a godd 2005 Chablis……………..the wankers

    There is injustice, and something seriously askew in football, but as long as the suits are happy, then we should aswell, right?

    All Hail Glorious Sepp!!!!!


    Strongly worded emails about the suitabilty of Henry as a product sponsor should be sent to

    Gillette :
    Renault :

    Fifa – not so sure, but try


    It’s fairly clear that Michel Platini called his Swiss fuck buddy, Herr Blatter, and told him to sort out a win for France, because otherwise little Michel would not get to prance around SA, while lobbying for his appointment as Blatter’s successor. Blatter told him “Do not worry, my little French friend; I will ask the referee to look away when your guys cheat. It is no problem, we do this stuff all the time”.

    Forget La Coupe du Monde – it’s now Le Coup de Main. And France are the champions.


    The Sport of Cheats delivers yet again!!

    No wonder they won’t introduce video technology, isn’t that a 21st century concept, unlike FIFA’s 19th century “fair play” scruples. That much-hyped slogan a hollow joke this morning.

    Going through a few comment pages on the site, and the vast majority of posts express shame, disgust and disappointment at the manner in which this “French team” won. Just think rugby has gained quite a few converts overnight. And even though I despise golf and all its works, it’s difficult to imagine Tiger Woods using such underhand (pun intended) methods to cheat his way to victory.

    With all the Diving, Gymnastics and now Handball taking such a prominent role in this game, I have the inkling Blatter & Cohorts are attempting to market Sawker as an all-in-one Olympics.


    Oh dear. Everyone needs to calm down and get some perspective..

    Here`s something much more important that poxy Ireland getting bummed



    Let me decide what my posts are about. Ok?

    Link removed.


    The refs should be publicly flogged for that missed call—but I think it was missed on purpose because statements made to the ref from Henry could give way to a larger conspiracy. This type of handball is considered a ‘red card’ offense in any other game in the world. Henry says it hit his hand, “he practically was going in for a basketball layup without the hoop.


    henry is a cheating fuck, Les francais sont CHEATS. IRELAND WERE MUCH BETTER, but lets let the big teams through and Joseph S. (Sepp) Blatter do nothing and you are a disgrace to F.I.F.A and to FOOTBALL


    See Bock, “Conspiracy theories”. Instantly dismissable as preposterous rubbish. If I were you I’d make a point of letting people know that your Hypothesis of Co-operative Wrong Doing has nothing to do with nutty conspiracy theories.


    Surely this game has to be replayed, there is too much at stake for it just to be brushed off.

    FAX number for FIFA! +41-43-222 7878

    But I would like to point out that anyone that can read French will see that respect to the French people for their reaction of disgust to Henry’s actions, so for the people that France I hope that they go on to do well in the World Cup! I had a look at this link below that has some good football related Facebook Statuses for the World Cup in its Facebook Status Generator:

    Fair Play must shine through and FIFA have got a big message to send out now by banning Henry from the World Cup


    Now you know how the English feel about Maradona !! Le main de Dieu !!


    Le main de Dieu !!


    Did you know there was never a conspiracy, even once, in the whole history of mankind? That’s why all conspiracy theories can be instantly dismissed.


    Of course. But if you will insist on seeing what’s actually there then you are obviously crazy. Go and watch the TV for a while and you’ll be alright.

    Two or more people conspiring to do something wrong,… imagine that. To think that almost a hundred years after the IRB met secretly to plan a rebelion, that people in Ireland would still think conspiracies exist baffles te mind.


    Let me decide what my posts are about. Ok?
    Link removed”

    Do you try and control the conversation at ‘your’ table in the pub as well?


    No, but then again, I don’t own, operate and pay for the fucking pub.

    This is a website, not a pub and spammers like Daryl don’t get to set the agenda. Figure it out.


    Couldn’t agree more (with the article,the comments are getting a bit too weird for me)….platini and co will always have their way,no matter what it takes…..the whole thing is rotten to the core and like everything else the public are coughing up for the elite to swan around the place laughing at us….GRRRRRRR!! Fuck FIFA and all it stands for…..




    Ireland played like wankers in the pool stages, missed atruck full of chances last night, no one to blame but themselves.


    Bock, This is the Gillette take on Thierry Henry. They are apparently happy to have a self confessed cheat representing their brand. What does this say about them? This is a paste and copy of what they sent me:

    Hello and thanks for your email.

    Gillette is aware of the HENRY handball incident in the France v Ireland World Cup qualifier. Thierry Henry has publicly acknowledged that it was a handball. It is not our place to comment on the refereeing in the match. This incident does not affect his relationship with us.

    Kind regards,


    Consumer Relations

    Procter & Gamble UK will collect and store your personal details and we, or our agents, may re-contact you for a period to ensure we provide the best follow up services and measures of our performance. The information we collect from you about our products may also be shared with other departments within Procter & Gamble Worldwide. We will not use this data for any other purpose without your consent. If you would like more information about Procter & Gamble’s Privacy Policy please let us know or alternatively log on to our website at:


    Again.. another reason to hate the ‘cowardly french’. It would just be nice to have Henry fess up for his actions. Everyone knows he handled the ball. He even lied to Richard Dunne’s to his face.

    Anyone want to buy a French gun?? “It’s never been shot and only dropped once!”


    fuckn scum henry. all there is to say robbed from goin to nexy year if this happened to
    france england spain brazil etc. meaning the so called bigger countries im sure there would be
    hell to pay nd more than likely get there reply but for us not even a hope of it well done lads ye did
    everyone of your irish fans very proud


    offsides handballs poxy goal in dublin be honest france never in a month of sundays should have beaten
    us and thats over two legs we got screwed when they seeded the draw nd now again we have been
    screwed again when is fifa gonna step up nd take action against these teams i think most countries would
    have be more than happpy seein IRELAND there instead of them CHEATS FRANCE


    ”No, but then again, I don’t own, operate and pay for the fucking pub”

    If you did own and operate the fucking pub?
    Sounds like you’d run a wonderful establishment. ‘Here’s your pint and an approved list of conversation topics”



    I’m not here to argue with you about what gets published on this site. It isn’t up for discussion and it isn’t your call. The end.


    “it’s a fix, and anyone who doubted it before now would need to have another hard look at the facts”

    I haven’t been able to find any “facts” that point to the result being a fix. Could you point me in the right direction


    Not such a beautifull game after all….where are the sporting heros now?….not on a football pitch i’d guess… Be under no illusion, Thierry Henry’s career on and off the pitch in his home country and abroard will suffer immeasurably for this behaviour…. We hav’nt forgotten the Cantona or Maradonna incidents…. And here was a man who was an inspiration to so many football loving school kids, what a message!… To wind up, I didnt see the match, but heard the Irish lads put up a good show, I sincerely hope you guys get a rematch, god knows you deserve it….


    I agree whatever credibility soccer had it is now gone down the drain after this disgrace….
    Thierry Henry should be burned at the stake, along with every other money seeking scum bag involved with FIFA or any other sporting organisation for that matter……….!
    Football = A lost cause


    Paul — You’ll have to try harder.. Come up with something better and maybe we’ll talk. Or maybe not. Read over what you wrote and double check that it all makes sense before you come back to me.




    Only way to defeat this behaviour is by fans acting collectively. How? Boycott Gillette products and write to their managment:




    Bock, I had a reply ready but re-reading your post I am not sure it is relevant to this discussion.

    So before I go on, are you suggesting that the failure on the part of FIFA to address the missed handball is proof of the fix, or that the failure on the part of the referee and his team to spot the infringement proves it?
    Or perhaps both???


    Has anyone seen the e-mail being circulated by Dara Calleary FF ? deliciously ironically about “FAIRPLAY” sorry folks but FAIRPLAY and FF !!


    Skott — I’m saying it indicates it. I’m saying you have to take all the facts into account, including the massaging of the play-offs to ensure that the major countries get to SA and FIFA’s inability to disqualify France for cheating.


    The massaging of the play-offs is without doubt proof of the fact that FIFA et al wanted France and Portugal (and perhaps Russia) there, and to my mind is far more scandalous than the inability to deal with the cheating French.

    But wouldn’t forcing a re-match create a very dangerous precedent for issues like this. Every incorrect decision could be appealed by the aggrieved party demanding a replay.

    And there is nothing in their rules to allow for the over-ruling of a decision made in error by the referee.


    I agree. There shouldn’t be a re-match. France should just forfeit the game.


    What about if it was Robbie Keane using his hand for Ireland, would it be the same story?
    Maradona done it and many other players done it already. It happens when there is a lot at stake !
    It is not fair and gives a bad image of sport, i do agree.
    Did anybody remember all the doping stories about Irish athletes at the olympic for exemple ? Is it not cheating ? What about the Roy Keane/Mc Carthy scandal few years ago leaving all Irish kids hopes down ?
    But lets not forget that Ireland is a bad football team with low skills and have to employ an Italian coach to try to show them how to play football !!!!
    Also any excuses for the Irish to pass Racist comments and act as Racists.
    Vive la France and lets go to South Africa!!!!!!


    Since the person who illegally palmed the ball was not Robbie Keane but Thierry Henry, your question is purely speculative.


    Yes, and today now Thierry Henry is also saying a replay should be done. Fifa is in hiding, but they don’t realize this won’t go away.


    anyone see the recreation done by itv news last night? the presenter stood where henri was, and the camera was located where the ref was. the 4 players between ref and ball where also represented. it was practically impossible to see presenter/henri. i’m not excusing the ref, he should have consulted the linesmen. the real problem were the 2 players offside as free kick was taken. how on earth was that missed when everyone was practically at a standstill?


    Vanderhoff wrote:

    today now Thierry Henry is also saying a replay should be done

    I’d be a bit sceptical about Henry’s sudden sense of fair play. It is probably no co-incidence that he made this declaration of support for a replay after FIFA categorically stated that no replay could take place.


    Bock – 20Maj’s pissed at your attitude to this, it seems.



    All right guys – time to let this one go now. FIFA have spoken, Henry is desperately trying to claw back some respect, Roy Keane is using it to pick away at old scabs; but the world has moved on. The relentless news cycle has cycled.

    The reaction here and elsewhere in the Irish media exposes a sad dimension to our national character – the tired old victim mentality, the hard-done-by loser, the innocents who cannot win our own fights. I suppose it’s a reflection of the extreme loss of national self-confidence over the past year or so, but I find it embarrassing. As a nation, we’ve got to stop whinging and get on with the hard grind of rebuilding the country one company, one job at a time. Forget football – we’re crap anyway. There are more important things to apply your energy to, and there’s no chance of a replay if we fuck them up.


    I agree completely with you about the state of modern football. FIFA disgust me.

    However, saying stuff like;
    ” He knows that no matter what happens, France will be brought into the World Cup. If he should happen to gently nudge the ball with his hand, no referee will notice, and if Ireland should manage to equalise, the referee will somehow contrive a penalty for France before the final whistle.

    He knows this because he has been told it before the game kicked off. Thierry Henry knew his team would be going to South Africa before they played one second of the first leg in Dublin.” is ridiculous.

    I’d like to see the facts that show the result of the tie was a foregone conclusion.


    From Mexico. Henry eres un tramposo, pero puedo decirte que el fútbol te lo cobrará y entonces te darás cuenta de la magnitud de tu error y de la oportunidad que dejate ir para dejar huella en el fútbol.


    Fair play to you Juan, well said Senor. Er, what are you saying? We’re mostly gringo’s in here. But whatever your saying it looks good. It also feels good looking at it knowing that it looks good. Conrara and entonces and tramposs, those are great fucking words. You just have to be reading the Frogs. Fair play to you. Your one of our own amigo.


    Football is a profoundly corrupt game as correctly pointed out above. Corruption is endemic. It seeps down from the top, from FIFA, who as pointed out here weeks ago, – – rigged the play offs in favour of the bigger nations. They, FIFA, invoked the world seedings at the tail end of a qualifying campaign because of fears thatFrance, Germany and Portugal would get dragged into the play offs, which France and Portugal did.
    Hence, France, who are sponsored by Addidas, who are one of FIFAs three main sponsors for the World Cup,were in the top seeds – and Ireland in the bottom seeds – when the draw was made for the play offs.So far so good as far as FIFA was concerned. The deck was stacked and France couldn’t be drawn against the Portugal and the sybarite Ronaldo, big sigh of relief from the various sponsors, who keep FIFA in the style they are accustomed too. Meanwhile, Ireland come out of the hat first in the play off draw,meaning that they had to play at home first.France would have home advantage for the second leg. Another advantage to France.Every team wants home advantage for the second leg because the second leg is always the decider. It’s the leg where you know exactly what you have to do – at home. Meanwhile,
    Ireland get 90 minutes in Dublin, and France gets 120 minutes in Paris. The French got 30 minutes extra at home in a so called “two legged” tie. How was this allowed? Surely, in the interest of fair play they game should have gone to penalties after 90 minutes in Paris?. Either that or Ireland should have been allowed 30 minutes extra time to try and find an equaliser in Dublin? Bock is correct. The French knew, or to be more exact, assumed they were going to qualify. This is why they had their World Cup kit ready for launch the day after after they “beat” Ireland. Those World Cup kits were already produced in other words –
    at massive cost. The only part of the equation that FIFA could not control was Ireland. But surely Paddy could be relied upon to do the decent thing and lose. Unfortunately, Paddy didn’t read the script. The fucker upped and played France off the field in Paris. This is why Henry resorted to cheating. Having been facilitated by FIFA, and assuming that the Paris game was a fait accompli, France viewed the second leg as a mere formality too a triumphant march down the Champs Elessey en route to South Africa. But FIFA and France couldn’t control Ireland. Hence, the cheating. Minutes before Henry cheated, Anelka went down in the area. The Chelsea striker having lost the run of the ball took a dive, leaving his left leg trailing in the vain hope that it would make contact with Irish keeper Shay Given.But Given, an experienced net minder, knew that Anelka had over run the ball and didn’t fully commit himself to the challenge because he knew that Anelka’s only hope of salvaging something from a lost cause was to win a spot kick. And fair play to the ref for spotting it. However, why wasn’t Anelka booked for diving? Meanwhile, there were actually FOUR offences in the lead up to the illegal goal. Two French attackers strayed offside when the free kick was played in and Henry handled the ball twice. How can a linesman not spot two players offside from a dead ball situation when a defence is holding a strict line directly across his line of vision? And how can the ref and the linesman not spot two deliberate handballs? Meanwhile, as correctly pointed out by Bock, France will travel to South Africa without honour. Maybe they should heed to words of one of their most famous adopted sons, Albert Camus, who won a Nobel prize for Literature. Camus, who played in goals for Algeria said: “All that I know surely about morality and the obligations of man, I owe to football.” Finally, Henry went some way toward redeeming himself yesterday when he said that Ireland deserved a replay. However, FIFA will never grant thisbecause it would create a precedent that could see every game replayed if a ref makes a mistake. However, French football chiefs could agree to a replayand FIFA would be off the hook because this would be a “gentleman’s” agreement between two nations. .However, there are few gentlemen within the French Football Federation it seems. FFF will basically ride out this storm. The will ignore the wishes of their captain and the wishes of the vast majority of French football fans,who are ashamed of the way their nation has qualified.They, as Bock pointed out, are perpared to travel to South Africa with dishonour.


    Your admission and attempt at a belated apology is hollow.
    You are and always have been a brilliant soccer player.
    You never needed to cheat.
    However, this is not the first time that you have, and may not be the last.

    For me, you lost all credibility as a person and professional sportsman on Wednesday night.

    And here’s why:
    You try to excuse the incident as instinctive – maybe it was.
    However, you had ample time from the moment it happened, through the scoring of the goal right up to the restart of the game to point out to the referee that you had cheated – but you didn’t.

    It’s your problem, your issue and you will have to live with it for the rest of your life.

    It’s not something I would like to have to live with.

    The best of luck with it.



    That says it better than I ever could.


    has anyone come out to try to explain what exactly the fucking lines man who had a clear view was doing?staring straight accross the line missing 2 offsides and 2 handballs in 5 seconds. these officials were so obviously bought out its rediculas. and anelka diving to try get a penalty? france knew a decision was coming thier way


    FUCK IRELAND. We are having a good laugh in France as WE FUCKED YOUR FUCKING IRISH FOOTBALL TEAM. Vive la France. God save England. Ireland: money suckers, drunkards, dirt, mud, rain, unfriendly and ill mannered people. Even in Canada and Australia they got fed up about the micks. Anyway Patrick was a welsh monk, unfortunately shipwrecked in Ireland.


    Harvey — The French people will be proud of you. Va foudre.


    When i saw what that garlic eating,onion smelling,war losing,prick done,i did not believe it,and then he did not have the guts to say he was a cheating bastard.
    What do you call 200,000 french men with their hand in the air “the army”


    Henry est un con tricherie. J’espère qu’il se écrasé par une Renault Clio


    “Henry est un con de tricheur. J’espère qu’il se fait écrasé par une Renault Clio”

    Sorry Stevy, couldn’t resist, though i don’t think the likes of Henry would let himself be run over by anything less than a Bentley :)


    henry is god ! he can do anything !

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