Women Golfers Lose Court Claim To Full Membership at Portmarnock

Equality appeal rejected by Supreme Court

You’d need to have a heart of stone not to laugh – until you realise you’re paying for it.  A shower of upper middle class women had their appeal against  Portmarnock golf club turned down by the Supreme Court yesterday.  The Portmarnock club, the sexist swine, won’t allow them to become full-time members,  although they are allowed to be part-time members.

Yesterday’s case was taken by the Equality Authority (EA), a quango of middle class twats that wastes no opportunity to squander taxpayers’ money.  In light of the above ruling maybe the EA should have taken the advice of the great Jewish comedian Groucho Marx.  Groucho insisted that he’d never join a club that would accept a person like him as a member.

Four years ago the High Court overturned a District Court decision and ruled that Portmarnock was not a discriminating club because its principal purpose was to cater for the needs of a particular gender of swine.  This exemption is allowed under equal status legislation. Countless women’s clubs in this country operate as single gender clubs on this basis. It’s called freedom of association.

So will the EA be challenging these “sexist” women’s clubs? Put it another way. Will Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, a copy of the Torah under his arm, be seen strolling out of a Synagogue linking arms with Benjamin Netanyahu?

Meantime, instead of accepting the above decision by the High Court, the EA, at the behest of a coven of half crazed bats – with a blank cheque provided by the taxpayer to indulge M’Lud’s and our learned friends – ran to the Supreme Court.But they lost out on a 3-2 split decision. One of the judges that ruled against them was a woman.

Has anyone any idea what the final legal bill came too? I’d say it cost the taxpayer hundreds of thousands. If a person was a cynic, he’d, allegedly, believe, reckon, maybe believe, allegedly, that there’s an elaborate, alleged, scam going on, allegedly, here.

After all, the Portmarnock Golf club is one of the most exclusive clubs in the country. It counts judges, barrister, leading politicians and assorted bastards among its members.  Likewise, some of women pushing this case – using our money – could be married to, related to, rubbing shoulders with, the very barristers and judges who are hoovering our money ruling on it.

Following the decision by the Supreme Court, the EA – an organisation which is now firmly under the control of the authoritarian feminist movement in this country- why else won’t they challenge women’s clubs on the above basis ? – indicated that they may squander more taxpayers money – sure, why not? – and put the case before the Oireachtas – a shower that’s wasting taxpayers’ money by virtue of their very existence – so they can “examine” whether or not the equal status act needs to be amended.

With jaw-dropping predictability, a spokeswoman for the Equality Rights Alliance, another quango of middle class twats, said that yesterday’s decision by the highest court in the land was a bad day for equality and a bad day for women.What women would they be? How many women in this country want to join the Portmarnock golf club, or any golf club for that matter?

So hats off to the equality quangos as they go about their business of wasting taxpayers’ money in their gallant fight for freedom – the freedom of upper middle class women to waste your money trying to become full members of exclusive golf clubs that don’t want them and have a legal right to exclude them.

27 thoughts on “Women Golfers Lose Court Claim To Full Membership at Portmarnock

  1. When this budget to beat all budgets comes looming in the next few weeks, Brains Lenihan could earn a few kudos in putting these ridiculous quangos to the sword, not least the Equality Nazis.

    Jesus fucking wept, if these wagons want to waste their time engaging in that ludicrous pastime there must be a hundred or more other ruined parklands where they can play with a set of little white balls. Have they no homes to clean, is it too far beneath them to cook a fucking meal or bake a cake?. Although seeing as they’re so keen to make it into Royal Portmarnock, they’ve probably got some unfortunates from the Philippines keeping the mansion and the barrister in shape while they’re off practicing their swing.

    I suppose Mr/Ms/M/Herr Politically Correct of the EA will be back in Court shortly to challenge the refusal of the Irish Countrywomens Assocaition to refuse male applicants.

  2. Geez, you folks have all the fun. Why can’t we have these tax payers money wasting organisations in the States?

    Oh…wait…we do. Well, maybe not quite at that level of ludicrous but give us time to work on it. I’m sure we can do better.

  3. My God. I’m in my 30s and have lived all my life in this country. I have recognised for a good few years now that most ridiculous political situations in Ireland have corruption rather than just stupidity or incompetence at their root. And yet it never dawned on me that this ridiculous situation is probably down to a scam as well, as you have pointed out.

    Anyway, its been a good day for freedom of association. I’d forgive Cowen a wee bit now if he had the balls to abolish the EA, and repeal the legislation that established them. Let people associate freely with whoever they like, let publicans golf clubs and everyone else have the say in who they allow on their own property, before the EA start imposing gender and ethnic quotas on house parties. In fairness to FF I doubt they would have passed the legislation in the first place.

  4. I did find it strange to listen to the argument that this isn’t about golf but about allowing women to break through some corporate glass ceiling or other as the lads out in Portmarnock aren’t really playing golf at all but wheeling and dealing. Now they might well be engaging in all sort of furtive plots but what would allowing women to be full members of the club do to alter that. Where the women were able to get in there, those lads would simply push off somewhere else and do their wheeling and dealing against a backdrop of ocean fishing or something.

    Now just you wait for the old blokes to start suing the ICA to get into knitting circles so they can learn their secret recipes.

  5. Golf is ok, it’s golfers that are the pain in the arse. Describing every last shot of the 329 it took to complete the 18 holes, “Pin high off the green, using a gentle 5 iron, I lipped the hole” Speak fucking english. However, I am delighted that m’luds saw sense, I’m just not interested in membership. Perhaps the Equality hags should repay the legal costs to the exchequer, they may think twice about taking similar actions.

  6. Far from paying back any money they’re now running off to the eeeee-rock-tus – if they can find someone that’s actually alive in there – to get the law changed. It’s all great gas, no risk to them because they don’t have to pay a bob. Even one of the judges remarked that it was “extraordinary” that the taxpayer was being exposed to this litigation. And yet we have asshole journalists backing them up over the last few days.
    Roll on the budget and get rid of these clowns.

  7. To top it, apparently they want the political parties to have gender quotas. Now, if we were to start down that road of quotas I would suggest that we start by instead capping the numbers of teachers, small town solicitors, auctioneers and publicans that we have in the place for a start and see where that gets us.

  8. Gender quotas – they’ll be drinking in bars next. Like a man, an innocent, hard working, God fearing man, falling asleep during Match of the Day one night only to wake up to this strange sound emanating from the telly. He couldn’t figure it out at first. There was Arsenal, stuffing Spurs, as they do, going forward. But something was amiss, something unnatural that he couldn’t quite put his finger on. And then it dawned on him, seconds after his dog, who was lying in front of the telly with his paws cupped over his ears, his eyes full of terror and dread copped it. There was a woman commentating on the match – and no warning on the TV Guide. And the woman mentioned that one of the Goooners had got married recently. It’s only a matter of time before she starts describing the brides dress – and where they’ll be heading on their honeymoon – and oh, yes, Arsenal have just gone one up. The horror, the horror tha man sighed. It was the end of his world as he knew it.

  9. The golf club is not exclusively for men, but it is a club that denies women full membership and the benefits/advantages that come with having full membership. That is discriminatory. The women are allowed to play golf at the club and spend their money as long as they don’t want a stake in running the place.

    The women are not forced to join a golf club that doesn’t grant them full membership rights. Anyone joining this gold club does so feely and it would be wrong for the court to overturn the rules people accept on their free will. Here’s a thought: Why not join a golf club that grants women full membership rights and privileges.

    Personally, I just wouldn’t waste my time or money on old-fashioned, behind-the-times old Irish boys clubs and its male members with their antiquated values and attitudes, hiding behind laws, religion and hierarchy to justify their twisted life principles, opinions and behaviors.

  10. This reminds me of women who marry men & then complain when the men are exactly as they were before marriage. Then they set about trying to change them. My friend is a real culprit of that.

    These lady golfers joined this club knowing the rules etc and now want to change things.

    If you don’t like the man/club don’t marry/join him/it.

    Choose a man for who he is and a club membership for what it is.

    Obviously worst of all, is the cost to the taxpayer in this case. But it just made me think is this is a common trait peculiar to women or do men do this sort of thing too?

  11. Your comments are ridiculous! I am not interested in golf at all, but some women are, they are all different ages and come from different backgrounds. There is absolutely no justified reason for denying these women the right to become members and if your going to judge this matter based on them spending their earned money or your dislike for golf then that is ridiculous.

    As for the taxpayers money.. Your right, it shouldn’t be spent on issues like this, because this shouldn’t be allowed to begin with. These women shouldn’t of had to make an appeal and their right as an equal human shouldn’t of allowed this to happen.

    Regardless of what the membership is for, It is a step back for womens equality. If the membership was for a particular healthcare plan, a football club, or a diners club and they allowed only men to become members there would less ignorance on the matter. Or if this was directed at black people or gay people, would this be allowed? And who cares if there are other clubs these women could join, why should they? Maybe this clubs suits them or they prefer this course? What difference would it make for a women to join and be a members? Its a step back for womens equality because they are being denied membership to something on the grounds that she has a vagina.. Whats equal about that?

  12. When a woman is angry she’s hysterical is it? And when you’re angry you’re just angry?
    Second out – start them off? Who’s them?

  13. Sisters, I want to learn how to make jam, to bake, to knit yet I am barred from the ICA because I don’t have a vagina, what’s equal about that? My wife pays less for car insurance than I do, despite me never having an accident, what’s equal about that? Women can join the women business network, why can’t I? Imagine the bra burning if there was a mens business network. I see nothing wrong in men and women wanting to socialise in same sex associations, who said we have to be together 24/7. I love a few pints with my male friends, my wife loves her womens only book club. The sexes are equal but different, viva la differance.

  14. Audrey, I’m all for women in golf clubs – sure who else is going to do the hoovering or clean out the ashtrays?

  15. ye’re hilarious.. ha ha ha Yea you could be right there second out, a lot of men can be lazy bastards. Maybe the women could carry their balls for them too. might be heavy for the poor men.

  16. No 8.. or whoever you are, you pay more for your insurance because Men every year cause more damage than women.. Unfortunately women do cause a greater amount of little accidents, Men come out on top for the most horrific and costly every year and when it is all counted up, the cost accounts for the difference… If that ever changes, so will the cost of your insurance, Your insurance also comes down to your age, your car, your job, your health, the area you live in..Ir is statistics, and not down to being Male or Female.
    There is no issue with Men having a male’s only club, But this is a Golf club, its purpose is to play golf, Not for men to socialize and network and talk about all of there “mens” issues. It is not a same same sex association and thats what the issue is. Just because there are women in the bar it doesn’t mean you have to socialize with them if thats what your worried about! Which is quite stupid! Your wifes book club doesnt allow men to come along once a month for a particular time only, or only allowed you to read half a book because you are male which is exactly what the golf club is doing. And I’m sure if you really wanted to read the latest Cecilia Ahern, they’d let you join in the female, burning bra fun!!
    If you really would have issues with women socializing in a bar when your having a night out with your lads then you’ll obviously find yourself much more comfortable in a gay bar. But then, even male gay bars wouldn’t deny straight males and females. If you believe the only issue is that the members of this club want to be able to have a drink without women present then it is unequal and ridiculous.
    And Audrey, if these men are fretting over the idea of women having a drink in the same bar as they are, then they have no balls at all.

  17. Maybe Tiger needs to join the Portmarnock golf club – so he won’t be in the presence of women. But then again maybe he should stay away from the birdies altogether.

    A hard dawg to keep on the porch is our Tiger. Who would have thought it, with his squeaky clean image – all breeds of slapper are coming out saying they are on familiar terms with his nine iron.

    One of the above is a porn star. She was in that Swedish classic, oh, nevermind, nevermind….

  18. Nine iron indeed, I believe Tiger has done nothing wrong! He is a brilliant sportsman and unlike the situation with the catholic church at the moment ,child abuse is not a issue. However i dont agree with infidelity. But Tiger is a fit,trained,muscular male who may be prone to a little hole in one the odd time.
    Its like your granny getting a F1 car to go to mass, he needs to be handlad properly(and often) Like a caged lion he needs a tamer, Ah poor tiger.

  19. Claire I’ve only just seen your reply. I have nothing against women being in the bar when I am socialising (z is very American). I quite like women and have no wish to see them alienated from society or marginalised. Neither do I have any problems with gay bars, so please don’t try to appear all inclusive and right on. However I do think that men and women deserve some time apart and cannot see why women get in such a state about mens clubs, is it jealousy? Using your logic rugby clubs could exclude women as members because their purpose is to play rugby, which is not something that women generally do. Ditto if women were to form pole dancing clubs.

    Men have more driving accidents because there are more male drivers, rocket science I know.

    My wife usually prefers a book with a bit more substance than PS I Love you, still if that is you level who am I to comment.

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