I’m Betting on a White Christmas

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Paddy Power are being snowed under with bets on a white Christmas.

The Irish betting chain have dropped their odds from 5/1 to 9/4 as meteorologists at Metcheck (they’re looking out the window) predict that the present cold snap could result in a snowfall on Christmas Day.

However, it requires more than a solitary snowflake on your window sill on Christmas morn for bets to be settled.

The bookies are using official weather station data from Dublin Airport.  If 1mm of snow falls between 00.00 and 23.59 on December 25 then you claim enough  money to be in a permanent state of rat-facedness all the way up to New Year’s eve and beyond.

Paddy the Grinch is not dreaming of a white Christmas and could lose up to $100,000 if snows on the 25th.  Our hearts will be broken.

They dropped fifty grand on the day in question in 2004 when Ireland woke up under a blanket of the white stuff – devastating news.

Power’s are also offering odds on which words the Pope will say in English first in his Christmas Urbi et Orbi address from the Vatican next Friday.

God is at 3/1, Holy 4/1 and Saviour 5-1 – the French soccer team are cheating bastards is out at 1000/1 for some reason.

You can also have a flutter on who will sponsor Tiger Woods next. Psssssst, the smart money is on Viagra.

You can also bet on which sponsor will drop him next. Gillette, who also sponsor hand of frog cheat Thierry Henry, are at 9-4 and falling as the RTE1 weather man says so splendidly when referring to weather conditions in Belmullet.

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    You could just be right about the viagra!


    i thought they had already paid out on a white christmas ? maybe not paddy powers, but heard one bookmaker had.


    Fuck Paddy Power and all the rest.If I can build a snowman/person on Christmas morning with my nephew
    I’ll call it a result.Happy Christmas to you and yours Seconds.


    I’ll drink to that Mr Mule, and many happy returns to you and yours.


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    Er, Shaoun, this is about a White X-Mass – so did you but down a few bob with Paddy Power or what?


    It’s a spammer. They normally get blocked by the spam filter.

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