Bock’s 2009 Round-Up

It’s been a busy year at the Bockschloss.  Much change.  The site has a different structure, a different look and we’re not finished yet.  The categories have been rationalised into broad headings, and though I know that’s not always the most useful way to present posts, at least there are many different routes into the site and we’re constantly looking for new ways to help readers find material from the archives.  Nothing gets thrown away but our principles.

We have new contributors as well as some old friends who toss in the odd post when they have time.

Readership has continued to grow though at times you’d have to wonder about the sanity of people who visit.  Wouldn’t you be better off reading peaceful, relaxed stories about people’s pets and what the kids did at the seaside?  It would be better for your blood pressure.

It’s been a year of insanity, both nationally and across the world.  Apart from Tedfest, much of the time has been taken up with the lunatic developments of NAMA, and the Economy in general.

We escaped briefly but then we had to deal with  the ihe insanity of the Catholic clergy, with the Ryan report and the Murphy reports,  though  we managed to  cover some  live music as well, including the  sublime Leonard Cohen in Dublin,
and we even did  a spot of cooking.  We also expanded sports coverage a fair bit, thanks to the arrival of Mr Out.  Especially boxing.

This year  saw the arrival of Mr Sniffle with some interesting and thoughtful posts, offering a different perspectibve on things.  I look forward to much more of the same.

We had controversy over certain murder cases – the  Brian Kearney and  David Bourke convictions, but oddly enough there wasn’t a peep from the PC people about the Anne Burke case.

The Cowen nude pictures saga provided some welcome light relief.  The Virgin Mary was exceptionally busy pretending to be a tree-stump and blinding people in Knock,  while another apparition published his autobiography,  PS I  Screwed Ya!

I’d like to thank everyone who contributed, everyone who left a comment and everyone who dropped in quietly for a look.

I don’t know where we’ll all be this time next year but I hope we’ll be able to look back on another interesting twelve months.  Not too interesting though, with any luck.

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Thanks for a great year of reading and commenting Bock, Happy Christmas and I look forward to misinterpreting your point of view and going off topic in 2010 ;)

No, Bock, I did not know that.
I was always told that if you used X in Xmas that you were showing disrespect and disdain for baby Jesus, because you wouldn’t even use his name!
I believed it.
Thanks for sharing that one.

Hm. Here’s to let you know that I am slightly sure it was not the worst moment in 2009 in which I stumbled upon your blog.
It’s said that Joyce would have written like O’Brien, had he not been crackbrained. What does this tell about me?
Whatever ‘mas you and the yours are celebrating these days, Bock: Enjoy

Hey, 2009, shit year for EXTRA LARGE T-SHIRTS…..Jolly good year for social commentry. Have a very merry chi [ BOCK/10, ididnt know that..] mas and a happy new beer…’sorry, year….

Only discovered this site in the last few weeks.Great to realise I’m not the only one consumed with murderous rage regarding the way this country is run and the gobaloons we seem content to elect and reelect.Have a good Christmas.Here’s to 2010

Thanks Bock for a great year’s blogging – you seem able to put words on what I’m thinking but can’t articulate. Have a great holiday and maybe next year I’ll stop lurking and start commenting.

Happy Christmas, Bock, and thanks for the provoking posts and the excellent platform to keep in touch with and comment on Irish issues. And for the important illumination that good things can come out of Limerick too :-)

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