Christmas Day

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Dec 252009

There’s far too much disrespect going around, and I won’t stand for any more of it.

Christmas is one of the most significant festivals of Christianity, along with Easter, St Patrick’s Day, the FA Cup Final and the Eurovision Song Contest.

This day, the 25th December, is the 2009th anniversary of the day that Santa Claus died on the cross to save us from our sins and it only seems right to suspend our disbelief for a few hours.  Come on!  It’s not like you’re being asked to believe things forever.

So without more ado, let’s all raise a glass to the mythical  hero in red who gave it all to drag our sorry asses out of a hole in the ground.

Well done, Santa, and down with  the excessively- sensible Germans for crucifying him in the first place.

Hurray! and Boo!


Christmass message 2008

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    Awaa! Now Bock it’s Christmas. May I suggest a rum and butter toddy? It has to be dark rum ( capt’s Morgan’s or better if you can find it. Cuban is very good) melt some butter ,preferably unsalted in a pan and add to the rum. Enjoy! Merry Christmas you grinch.


    couldn’t wait until morning to open y’alls christmas presents, sugar? cheers! oxoxoxox


    hear hear bock, way too much disrepect going on this time of year. people have lost the true meaning of christmas. i blame that fecker jesus for all of it. dropping down our chimneys with gifts for us. well he better beware, we have laws now that allow us to shoot unwanted intruders! when i think of poor santa on the cross, his white uniform dyed red from his own blood. makes my blood boil! i’m gonna break open my homemade beetroot wine and drink to the memory of that jolly old guy, whilst at the same time cursing that time travelling incestuous zombie. happy christmas and new year to you!


    (I’ll raise a glass to anything me!)


    Santa only wears red because of Coca Cola. Before they dressed him in red for their own advertising purposes, it was mostly green.

    I’m only awake because the kids keep talking at me. Ye’d think this would be the one day of the year that I’d be free to lie in because they’re distracted. But no, they can’t just be excited and quiet at the same time.

    I guess I’m going to have to nip down to the shop and buy something for the wife as well. Otherwise she’ll be a bit disappointed.

    Here’s to yet another year of humdrum.



    oh how apt. herself got me a bag of humbugs!


    These so-called “Christian” politicians (and one “observant” Jew) have done everything humanly possible to see to it that the lives of the American people will be held hostage by the big insurance and pharmaceutical companies forever – or until a revolution comes along. Not much is going to change in the meantime – and it will be a very mean time, I assure you. We will continue to die two years younger than they do in Europe. We will continue to have one of the highest infant mortality rates in the industrialized world. Have yourselves a merry little Christmas.

    We celebrate the birth of the Prince of Peace while waging two senseless wars at such a safe distance from our shores, most of us don’t even bother to pay attention to them. We will continue to piss away our national treasure on the military industrial complex while the well being of our children is gambled away in the plutocracy’s crap game. We are a nation addicted to weapons of war. Let’s face it, that’s never going to change. If tomorrow our armaments industry ceased to be, the entire American economy would implode before sundown. So much hypocrisy. So little space. Santa Claus is coming to town.

    “Blessed are the peacemakers.
    for they shall be called sons of God.”

    Jesus of Nazareth

    Oh, and did I mention that I hate Santa Claus? I really do, you know. I say this without any fear of coal in my stocking. You see, I haven’t received a thing from the hideous old bastard since 1966. That was the year I spiked his hot cocoa with a generous portion of Old Granddad. Santa, although a rather large person, doesn’t hold his alcohol too well. I found this out the hard way. After leaving our presents under the tree, he took off from the roof or our home and crashed into the Finkle house across the street. Two reindeer were killed. Horrible carnage.

    To boil it down to the unpleasant essentials, although I love the story of the nativity and the true meaning of Christmas, I’m beginning to despise the Christmas holiday – but that’s just me. This year I am afflicted with Grinch Syndrome. Or might you call it, “Scrooge Disorder”? The problem is that I am – and always have been – at heart, an angry person. I try to cover up that rage with a facade of silliness, but that’s basically who I am. As Frank Sinatra once sang in the very last recording he made for Columbia Records in 1952, “Don’t try to change me now.”

    Happy Christmas, everyone.

    Tom Degan


    Does that make Santa a zombie now?

    You know we have names for churchmen who obsessively watch kids during the year. Then separate them into naughty and nice groups and try to buy their silence and cooperation with gifts.


    Nothing wrong in that post BOCK, nothing at all!


    Well look at that cunt Brady and where he is here…they have some fuckin neck

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