Foreign Agents Cover Up Child Abuse in Ireland

Facing up to facts about the Vatican’s relationship with Ireland.

The Commission of Investigation wrote to the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (CDF) in the Vatican asking for its help.  It needed information about concealment of a multiple crime by agents of the Vatican.  The CDF, formerly known as the Holy Inquisition, headed by Josef Ratzinger until he became Pope, ignored the letter.

The Commission also wrote to the Papal Nuncio, who is the Vatican’s ambassador to Ireland, seeking similar assistance.  He also ignored the request.

Subsequently, the Vatican complained to the Irish government that the Commission had breached protocol by not making the inquiries through diplomatic channels.

This is false.

The Commission is not a government body and has no business using governmental channels to pursue its inquiries.

What we can see clearly is that the Catholic church considers itself to be a foreign State for the purposes of inquiries into crime. It has said so explicitly in regard to the Commission’s requests for information.

We also know that the hierarchy’s first sworn allegiance is to their church.

We can deduce therefore that the Catholic hierarchy in Ireland are agents of a foreign State whose main loyalty is not to Ireland.

Therefore, we can say that many of our schools, hospitals and third level institutions are controlled by a foreign State.

We can also say categorically that these agents of a foreign State participated in the concealment of a widespread and long-lasting crime, not only in Dublin but throughout the country.

If these things had been done by representatives of any other foreign State, and if a judicial inquiry had been rebuffed in such a manner by that State, its diplomats would be expelled forthwith, and the government would immediately sever all diplomatic ties.

So why not the Vatican?



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14 thoughts on “Foreign Agents Cover Up Child Abuse in Ireland

  1. Your interpretation BOCK looks spot on to me. The government of course will not answer any of the queries you pose – they are after all beholding to that foreign state by their continuing perverted relationships with them.

  2. Very good point Bock.
    From what you say the people of Ireland could make a legal case for taking back all Church held land and property.

  3. So why not the Vatican?.. because we are a bunch of cowards who don’t have a backbone and are brought up to revere authority.

  4. So Bock, in fact Ireland has been occupied by two powers, The secular British and the theocratic Vatican. You sure carried out a long struggle against the less letal of these two. The fifth column in the form of agents of a foreign state have no intentions of releasing Ireland , it being a lucrative market for its activities, both monetary and criminal. Was thinking that if Arcbishop Martin who seems to be some what right in the head were to resign and leave those other Costa Nostra type bishops in the spendor of their palaces then maybe a light will be switched on in the heads of a dormant populace. Maybe that is to mutch to hope for from a country otherwise famous for never giving up. Tempratur minus 10 and falling.

  5. Bock, sorry for having to say it but the Republic is not master in it,s own house, others are, and speed the day when Ireland becomes a fully fledged Republic. I allways wonderd why I loved the French Revouloution, especially the chopping of the heads bit, I now have an understanding of the general merriment of the citizinery.

  6. While watching Cowen defend the actions of the Ambassador of the Vatican State (he was close to genuflecting each time he used the term “Holy See”) and given the serial abuse that the Vatican State has heaped upon Ireland I began to wonder which State Cowen owes allegiance to

    Least we forget it was Fianna Fail (Michael Woods) who saddled the Citizens with a bill for €1,000,000,000 for crimes committed by the agents of the Vatican.

  7. I cringed when your prime minister excused the arrogance of the Vatican Ambassador. I joke you not.

  8. Audrey, where were you in 1916? No more our ancient sireland shall harbour the despot OR the slave.

    But yes, Irish catholics are groomed to grovel. That’s why it’s so easy for the child sex abusers and their protectors and enablers. Catholic parents have accepted long ago that their babies are born dirty, and that they, the parents, aren’t fit to wash them. You must get a priest, a representative of the baby’s eternal father, to make your baby clean. Baptism is grooming. Until the catholic church stops baptising, it cannot be reformed and made healthy.

    We were so angry with the British, and rightly so, that we couldn’t accept that they could be right about anything. But they were right about Rome. And the Unionists were right about Home rule is Rome rule. Still only our rivers run free.

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