Jedi Virgin Mary Appears In Limerick And Becomes a Protestant

More BVM apparitions!

You have to love this stuff.  You really do.

Here’s the latest in the travels of the BVM,  fresh from blinding people in Knock having previously lived for a while in a tree stump in Rathkeale.

The strange thing about this one is the fact that St Mary’s is an Anglican cathedral, and normally they don’t do apparitions.  I can only guess that the poor girl is so pissed off with the RC bishops, she decided to join the Church of Ireland.  If you look  closely, you’ll notice she also became a Jedi knight, thus combining two great traditions.


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13 thoughts on “Jedi Virgin Mary Appears In Limerick And Becomes a Protestant

  1. Bock sorry about this but this is pure and undulated shite. Crap notion and crap video. My cat could have done better and I do not have a cat.

  2. Bock point taken. Knuckles well rapped. But as a piece of film, this is not Spielberg. Now is it? As always open to correction.

  3. Why oh why do these things not happen here in the cold north?. What is wrong with us ?. Not one lousy apparition these last 500 years. Bock, do you think Ireland could export a few of these apparitions or could the tourist board lure tourists there with a campaign like “Virgin Apparition Tour” I mean the market is immense.

  4. Charles they are not too difficult to make all you need is a little imagination. Now if this one had appeared over King John’s Castle and had it been sold as the shade of King John it would not have been possible to find a room in any hotel or bed and breakfast in all of the west of Ireland for years. The Americans do not know anything about the virgin Mary but they would love the notion of the ghost of King John floating around his Castle .

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