Limerick Music – Live at Nancys

Jane fronts the Gonzos

Here’s Jane Fraser at Nancy Blake’s with the Gonzo Boogie Band.

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10 thoughts on “Limerick Music – Live at Nancys

  1. Nice photos.
    I particularly like the one of the Sax player.
    Havn’t watched the videos yet. Playing in background while I read the blog.

    Brilliant band.

  2. I was there Wednesday night for a while,My 1st time there in about 7yrs.

    Not a bad bar at all,We stayed in and had a few drinks around the fire,There was a live band playing outside.

  3. It’s an excellent establishment. I had a coffee there myself this morning after the market, bumped into a few friends, including Mr Sniffle of this parish, and batted the breeze for an hour or so. Did you venture out back to hear the band?

  4. Yeah for about 20 mins and headed away then.

    The band were amazing and well able to work the crowd.The barstaff were friendly and there was a great crowd time im out il be heading there.

  5. Good news boys and girls.
    The Gonzos are back in their old haunt – nancy’s.
    Spreading joy and happiness again.
    jane frazer, I’m told, is singing in London but should be back witht he Gonzos sometime.

    Well worth a visit.

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